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  1. My username is from a combination of two things. I always pictured Rainspren as the cutest spren and the image of one flying through the sky was pleasing to me. Also its similar in layout to the username name I use for non-17shard stuff (SentientBowtie). Notice the same Adjective followed by noun layout.
  2. That sucks. My parents used to be like that until I convinced them that their idea that everyone online is a not actually a serial killer.
  3. Welcome to the forums. What Brandon Sanderson books have you read. (Also just some advice avoid any baked goods that come your way until you pass them through a metal detector) Have fun!
  4. Anyone here know how annoying it is to organize Voice actors. Because if you have to in the future I'll give you a tip: Pack patience and ice-cream (Patience is required and the ice cream is to soothe the emotional damage.). Also I'm proud of you Kobold we all know Bacon science is better than Baloney science!
  5. I think Jasnah would be an Owl. Smart but deadly
  6. Not so fun fun fact: During WW1 British pilots were not allowed to fly with parachutes because command feared it would lower morale.
  7. Can I sign up as a Smedry spy undercover in the Hushlands? (edit: thanks WayneSpren)
  8. You know you're a sanderfan when you prefer "...would be better with Chasmfiends" over "...would be better with Dragons".
  9. If your plan doesn't include said Dinosaurs playing bass guitars with head mounted lasers I will be very disappointed.
  10. BioChromatic breath may not be able to improve your personal fashion sense but it would definitely make you appreciate others more. No one wants to see someone wearing a pink and green color scheme, especial not those who've surpassed the first heightening.
  11. A PSA from the board of safe sharders (B.O.S.S) Poke responsibly, poking people can be a safe way to start conversation flow and reveal information. But 1 in 12 poke votes result in casualties. Don't become a statistic, always check the person doesn't have any previous votes. Happy poking!
  12. Stick! there's no other option. Would you rather fight a chasmfiend with a shard blade or a Kollos with a butter knife. But you can burn pewter.