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  1. So i basically reread the part of WoR where Shallan finds the Stormwardenss script, and i realized how much it was like l33t speak. Then i kept on reading, and Shallen was just so perplexed by it, and the situation became one hundred times more funny.
  2. So not much to say here, I just think it would be hilarious if Hannah ended up meeting either kaladin or shallen and them massively overpowering her
  3. So at the end what becomes of the hoed, I mean they went crazy with grief and pain, most of them for years! That doesn't seam like it can be fixed easily
  4. So how are the lights eyes not suffering from serious inbreeding? Society practically forces them to only marry those who have the same phenotypes as themselves. Even if it is only eye color, and hair on the side, the inbreeding should be enough over all these years to make some serious issues
  5. When you actually live in the mountains so you call others airsick lowlanders
  6. You know your a sanderfan when your going on a long trip and you pack all your cosmere books "just in case"
  7. So I have this friend who got me into cosmere. I read warbreaker the 1st mistborn pantries before I asked her why the name hoid was everywhere. I jokingly said "is he the same character?" She then just smiled at me and my world was blown.
  8. I think the sword idea would be better against other people than in Nebrask. It seams as if it would be a fairly easy weapon to make hide and store. My main worry is that it would be mostly a defensive weapon. The way they were described reminds me of punishing two magnets together, and while that kind of wall may be good for a surprise it would take a strong swing to make it an effective short rang weapon. An idea I find fascinating is making a quick cube out of lines of forbearance. While the measurements would have to be precise but it could be used for containment and possible suffocation
  9. Spoilers for Wor Can we talk for a moment just how scary nightblood and Szeth togethr is? I mean I always found nightblood kinda creepy, but I liked him because basher was able to keep him under wraps, like an adorable flesh eating monster on a chain. What we have seen is the equivalent of giving a gun to a emotionaly damaged teenager and pointed him at the nearest school with a list of what bullies have done to him over the years taped to the side. Finally nightblood has someone who will listen to him when he asks to kill people. THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!
  10. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now that we know what Shardblades are basically dead spren, will they be allowed on the battle field? If so that could give humans a slight advantage. But it seams that using a hardheaded is basically torture to the spren. Is it ethical?
  11. Minor spoilers for work. Okay so we know that when a knight breaks their oath it can lead to killing their spren. Easy to sea with honor spren, and in shallen's case it can easily be seen how pattern suffered. But pattern said that all cryptics from before are gone. Did all the knights suppress memories? If so what could be so horrible that all the knights lost their spren?
  13. Is it the black gem the king gave that sveth
  14. I think the correct term is obsessive proto-stalkers
  15. OOOOOH and there could be candies based of the allomantic metals