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  1. Brandon! Hey, it's the evil twin of the A-team. Okay, so I've been asking this around for quite a while and since you have a couple of your own, I figure you can give me a decent, enlightening answer. Keep in mind, this is to satisfy my own personal curiosity and (hopefully) answer one of the great mysteries of the universe. Every time I've tried asking I asking, I either get a vague answer or get told to ask when I'm older. Well, I'm older now so maybe you can tell me, where exactly do babies come from?
  2. If, by Alloy of Law, Hoid had reunited all the shards of Adonalsium, every world in the cosmere would be drastically different. The biggest change? Every magic (allomancy, breath, stormrunning, etc.) Would disappear unless Adonalsium was on the right world. The magic only works because of the shard that's present. We know Hoid does a fair bit of world-hopping, but Brandon has hinted that said hopping takes more time than you might expect. He's also said that he plans to do 3 trilogies in the world of Mistborn: the series we already have, a series in modern times, and a series in space. Given that, I doubt Hoid gained the Shard between Hero of Ages and Alloy of Law.
  3. Folks, I have an incredible book for you to read. If you. Love pop culture (especially 80's era pop culture) this novel is a must read. It's called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I don't want to give anything away, so if you want more info, look it up on Amazon. I'll tell you this tho. I just finished reading it and my first instinct afterward was to start it again.
  4. I think there are a few things that we need to discuss before making decisions on anything here. Zombie as a spiritual disease is a big one. Also, allomancy would require higher levels of thought process. I don't think the living dead would be capable of this unless it was an affliction of the spirit. Another thing I think is worth taking into account is this: can zombies be influenced by emotional allomancy? Normally, I would say that since they're essentially creatures of compulsion that it would have little to no effect. The flaw with that is the Koloss. They're incredibly similar (on certain levels anyway) so it's entirely possible that being a strong Soother or Rioter would allow you to control them in a similar fashion. Given all that, if I could control reanimated corpses by being a powerful soother, that's what I'd choose.
  5. Also, I'm an incredibly determined sleeper. In most cases it takes two separate alarm clocks and possibly someone physically shaking to get me up. Ask Nehex and Possibly Rubix and they will attest to the depth of my sleep. Lastly, when I'm reading a good book, I can tune out litterally everything. The only thing that can break me out of my reverie is hearing my name (or my brother's oddly enough) or noticing that it's been ages since I ate.
  6. I'm a fan of every genre I've come across unless it resembles Twilight.
  7. I have now granted you with an unknown super hero ability. Describe it to me (ij detail)n
  8. Rubix? Your wife is awesome. Don't ever forget that.
  9. My introduction was a book by Diane Duane called So You Want To Be A Wizard. It follows to young teens in New York who discover wizardy and team up to fight against the Lone Power, who essentially wants to bring about the end of the world.
  10. You being alive has a 90% chance of being a good thing.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing the results of your study. If you'd care to post them.... *hint hint*
  12. If I'm not mistaken, all of these are a part of portal
  13. My username comes from a combination of "swift" and "talon". So it's Swiff like swift and talon. Simple enough, I suppose.
  14. Here's another long-ish on for you. A theif, citing canine rights as his motivation, had a head-on collision with a police car during an attempt to escape after robbing a local curio shop. So, in essence, it was a knickknack paddy whack who gave a dog a bone.
  15. I am constantly reading. If I don't have a book/kindle in my hands then it might be misinterperated as a sign of the apocolypse. However, one of the major problems I run into is finding new fiction to read. I hereby dedicate this thread to broadening the knowledge of all of my fellow fantasy addicts and providing us with new material to read. I'll start by listing one of my favorite fantasy novels (which is probably fairly popular but still worth citing) as a suggestion to my commrades in literature. It's a book by the name of Feed by Mira Grant. It's about a world that's learned to thrive after a massive zombie apocolypse. While there are quite a few altercations with said zombies, they aren't the focus of the story. It follows the fraternal beother/sister pair Shawn and Georgia Mason and their colleauge Georgette "Buffy" Meissoner as they follow a presidential candidate's campaign. There's plenty of intrigue as we follow their escapades and for any fan of sci-fi/fantasy, is well worth your time to pick this up and give it a read. If you have any suggestions, please for the love of god, share them. I (if not the other subscribers of this site) will owe you a debt of gratitude for any story you can share. Thanks everyone, and don't forget your reading