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  1. Hi guys, I'm here to facilitate the divorce of the individual from the Herd by refuting how the Herd defines friendship and love. Hit me up.
  2. I'm curious to hear how you ponies define friendship.
  3. I'm gonna go ahead and throw Newcago Court a freebie and defend them against the pony incursion. ...because the friendship those ponies represent is superficial and false!
  4. Laughing Fool walks directly to the center of the Courts of Chaos and poops on the floor, hoping to provoke a reaction.
  5. Needs moar upvotes.
  6. Did someone say ponies? Don't make me laugh.
  7. This seems more like the Lords of Complacency guild. Does anyone actually do anything here?
  8. You didn't believe hard enough.
  9. I have long been conflicted about the whole Eugenics thing. It does make a certain sort of intellectual sense - in any society there will be a percentage of the population who contributes nothing. They leech the resources of social programs intended to help people who need short term assistance. They commit crimes and are a stain on society. Why not get rid of these people? The biggest problem, I think, is that a person's value is derived from far more than their score on an intelligence test. Take myself, for example. I would be worried if such a mandate were passed where I live. If they set the bar high enough, I would be required to kill myself. But I am an outstanding citizen. I'm a veteran, active in my community; I'm a husband and a father. I contribute value to my community. How would I match up against a genius; a truly remarkably brilliant man, but one who has murdered twenty seven women and used their skin as upholstery? Or what about a woman who drowned her children, but who also had a doctorate in medicine and healed thousands of people? Who is more valuable to society; a man of moral character who eschewed higher education in favor of service in law enforcement or a woman who's research has led to sustainable energy, but who kidnaps children that remind her of her deceased baby? If there are going to be exterminations going on, it should at least be done on an individual basis.
  10. I've got something sweet for you guys in the works. I've found and walked the Logrus; I'm willing to lead anyone who wants to there so that they might walk it as well.
  11. I haven't finished reading it just yet... ...but the part where Bast convinces Kvothe to accept Crazy Martin's liquor as payment, and Bast says, "Ask for five or six boxes. It's getting cold at night. Winter's coming." And Kvothe responded with, "I'm sure Martin will be flattered." made me laugh out loud. There is no way that was a coincidence; it's clearly a nod to GRRM.
  12. I hate anthologies. I'm usually only interested in one or two of the stories, and I loathe paying like $40 for the one short story I'm interested in.
  13. Much appreciated, Breath.
  14. The Fool takes an enormous, gasping breath. "I concede. My contract called for a duel, not an assassination. I underestimated my opponent."
  15. Laughing Fool stares at BreathTaker pointedly and begins blinking a pattern.