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  1. It is shown in mistborn that some people burn the trace metals obtained through their diet and the water. Now, if a lurcher were to burn all of the iron in their that they had ingested, would that not lead to a chronic lack of dietary iron, as every last trace would be burnt, as is safe practice with consumed metals?
  2. Hi!

    Hello, so, what book, or series, was your favorite? And if you want a cookie you can have it.
  3. Redbird pulled a spike from his multi-pocketed pants,"This atium spike is charged with both for convenience." After handing Morzathoth the spike he continued."If you experience any unexpected side effects, such as sudden magnetism or the urge to gallop across the plains, tell me, because then I may have to make some changes to the source.
  4. It seems I was using the full version on mobile, in which pretty much any signature takes up a ton of space.
  5. Is that according to desktop or mobile versions? If mobile, I'm going to have to cut down on mine.
  6. Well, you seem to be significantly less ashy than some others, whom the DA claims no knowledge of.
  7. Excuse me winter, but could you stop trying to impede science? Plus that ostrich totally volunteered.
  8. I have achieved an interesting rank, and now, onto 1337!
  9. So Morzathoth, it seems you were looking into transferring animal abilities onto humans*. With that being similar to my area of expertise, perhaps I could assist you. *Or whatever it is that occupies these alleys.
  10. It's funny, you think there are non-spiked cookies.
  11. So it seems quizzacious is a word, and it was one of the least used in the English language. Was.
  12. Hello and Welcome! So Which book was your favorite? Would you like a cookie?
  13. If i'm not mistaken, Wayne uses it in AoL, so it might just be something people say.
  14. Except in civil war, cap was right. Also Percy Jackson> HOO.