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  1. Probably with Taravangian seeing how they both were in on trying to bring back voidbringers
  2. My concern is not about the death of Kaladin, but of the potential death of Hoid. Of all the books in the cosmos he has played more of a role in this one then any others. It appears you might be hinting that Odium may be the dragon in the letters written by Hoid. I may be wrong, but if this is the case I find it very hard to believe. I would much sooner believe that Odium is Rayse. Which may be why Hoid says that Rayse has been captured and is a prisoner of the system he now inhibits. That system would be the world of Roshar in my opinion and Hoid was seeking help to bring him down.
  3. Spoiler Alert: I'll try to help out the best I can. The Parshendi asassinated Gavilar because he was going to bring their gods back. When Eshonai took Stormform she didn't realize that she would not be able to control it, but she does have a conversation with Venli regarding her knowledge about the form after many had already taken it and Venli does admit to knowing that it was of the gods. The Parshendi were trying to discover different forms that they had forgotten after they were last defeated by the Radiants, but were trying to stay away from any forms that were of their gods. The discovery of Stormform came at a time when their backs were up against the wall. Their numbers were waning and Venli was the best at discovering new forms (I believe she even discovered Nimbleform).
  4. A very good question in my opinion, especially considering the nature of the spren that bonded her. What kind of lies would have initially attracted pattern to her and what was she doing that caused her mother to realize that she was a "Radiant". Was it actually said that her bond to pattern was broken? I thought he was just sort of locked away in a box.
  5. I'm inclined to believe that The Letters may be between Hoid(1st) and Mraize(2nd). The end of the first letter where Hoid is asking Mraize to Join him in his oath of nonintervention kind of fits since Mraize's actions are not helping at all on Roshar. It may also be possible that the gemstone that is referenced is the one that Gavilar gave to Szeth. Perhaps, but it is absolutely possible that it does.
  6. Thanks for that explanation!
  7. The quote itself is taken from the Diagram and Androtagia thinks that it may be referencing Mraize. It makes more sense that it would be referencing Hoid instead. But who is the wanderer, the wild piece, the one who makes no sense? I glimpse at his implications, and the world opens to me. I shy back. Impossible. Is it?
  8. I just finished with the reread of both books and I am even more convinced that Adolin may have actually used stormlight without realizing it and is well on his way to becoming a Radiant. The Diagram had mentioned keeping the Raidants to be away from stressful situations. Adolin has been in a number of those since Sadeas betrayal. The loss of the thrill to me is a definite indicator and I may really be going out on a limb here, but I may be so bold as to say that he is on his way to becoming a skybreaker. That is why he kills Sadeas after he "snaps" even though he isn't following the law(as we know it), he does what makes logical sense to him. **Note** I know that Adolin's actions throughout the books do not line up with the skybreakers, but that is just how i feel.
  9. The below quote is from Pg. 408 of WoR where Adolin has been trying to throw his shardblade into a stone rock formation. "It sank up to its hilt into the stone of the rock formation. Adolin let out the breath he had been holding." I might be reading too much into this, but it strikes me that Adolin may have sucked in stormlight, before he threw the blade that final time.
  10. While rereading WoR, I came across the line from pg. 204, "You saw a warrior among the Alethi using ancient powers, and many others confirmed it to us. Surgebindings have returned to men. The spren again betray us." Could it be that the KR discovered the secret of the voidbringers bonding spren and realized that they could also become voidbringers or something worse?
  11. Perhaps Elhokar is responsible, or had a part in the death of Dalinar's wife. I cannot recall if her death is ever mentioned in the books.
  12. Help me out here cause I have seen the broken thing mentioned a lot on the forums. Is this a WoB thing or is it just speculation that they have to be broken to become radiants?
  13. Perhaps it is not so much the spren that will convince them that they need to, but instead the KR will have to because of the "taint" of the bond that will eventually lead them to killing humans. When the stormfather tells Kaladin he "begins it aready" may be in reference to either the "taint", or the fact that he is breaking the oaths of the windrunners. You are also correct regarding the spren breaking the oaths being mentioned by parshendi. That was actually a listener quote at the beginning of a chapter.
  14. This is what I was able to find, and it kind of still leaves the theory open in my opinion. WoR Pg. 887-888 - "It is Inevitable," Pattern said. "You will eventually betray your oaths, breaking my mind, leaving me dead-but opportunity is worth the cost." WoR Pg. 255 - "The knights killed their spren." "How? Why?" "Their oaths," Pattern said. "It is all I know." WoR Pg. 368 - The spren betrayed us, it's often felt. Our minds are too close to their realm That gives us our forms, but more is then Demanded by the smartest spren, We can't provide what the humans lend, though broth are we, their meat is men. Argument against theory: WoR Pg. 241 - "The knights," Syl said, growing quiet. "The knights changed." "So it's not that the weapons are abominations specifically." Kaladin said. "It's that the wrong people are carrying them." "There are no right people anymore," Syl whispered. "Maybe there never were...." WoR Pg. 370 - YOU WILL KILL HER. the voice, so deep, so powerful, sounded regretful. Mournful. YOU WILL MURDER MY CHILD AND LEAVE HER CORPSE TO WICKED MEN. "I will not!" Kaladin shouted. "YOU BEGIN IT ALREADY." What I find interesting is how Syl often closes up when Kaladin prompts her to talk about it, but pattern is more than willing. Being a cryptic I have to wonder if he tries to mislead Shallan.
  15. I'm going to offer another suggestion here, and after some careful thought it may be the only answer that makes sense. What if the spren eventually convince the radiants that they must kill them because of some sickness or mental issue that will eventually cause the radiants to turn on the humans? This thought makes a lot of sense when you consider how the recreance occurs in Davinar's vision. Maybe the bond has some taint to it that slowly causes mental corruption.