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  1. It gets complicated, I guess. They are probably all Listeners as mentioned above but at the moment that name is most associated with Eshonai and her group. Not much of that group will have survived the Battle of Narak though. I suppose we could call the Listeners from the Shattered Plains "The Last Legion" since they are decendants of seemingly the only group to escape from their gods and being enslaved. I think once we know what is going on after the Everstorm we will understand more about Listeners as a race and the different groups within that race.
  2. I think that Taravangian's plan is getting so many people killed unnecessarily. If he can keep following the Diagram to completion, it seems like it is the easiest (not easy but easiest) way to bring the world together but he doesn't care about how many people survive just that there is a seed left to regrow humanity. It also doesn't seem like his plan involves actually fighting back yet. I think Dalinar would be better at leading the actual war and not the bringing people together before it. He does seem like he needs someone else to bring everyone else together but I'm not sure that Taravangian would be the one to do that. If he even wanted to work together, I am not sure that he could follow the Diagram still and I don't think he would have the same ability to get people to follow him without it.
  3. It depends on how broken a Radiant has to be. I don't think it is in him to really be broken very much. Maybe him being devastated by the apparent loss of his sons would be enough but not much seems to hold him down.
  4. Well, it is probably going to be one of the last holdouts of humanity if things start going poorly. Wouldn't really be that great if the Radiants spent most of their time living in a giant, safe tower while the people they are supposed to save are down in the danger.
  5. Yeah. Plus we haven't actually seen any visions where Dalinar can really tell what the Radiants are doing or where he is knowledgeable enough about their powers to look for it.
  6. theory

    I think Sel is scewed up because of the mixing of shards. It may be that since Honor alone was splintered, it isn't as bad. I think some of the investiture also went towards increasing the number of spren but I'm not sure where I read that.
  7. theory

    Yeah. The Stormfather definitely existed. Syl says he is broken now (I think she believes it is because he survived being bonded during the Recreance) but merging with the cognitive shadow could have been a factor as well. We still really don't know how he changed.
  8. It is certainly possible; it would cause no end of problems and panic for people to lose the slaves that have been integrated so deeply into the economy and home life of many. The only problem is that I think the disappearance of parshmen would be enough of a problem that people would begin to believe Dalinar. The places that sent then out before the storm might be angry and think that the threat wasn't real but otherwise there will be some evidence that the parshmen purposefully escaped and disappeared. And why would that happen if Dalinar was wrong? If nothing amounted of their disappearance for a long time then that plan might work but I'm not sure I see Odium as someone who waits patiently (I'm not sure the wait until this current desolation was his plan) and giving too much time will help people recover from the changes it causes and allow them to prepare for an attack.
  9. I doubt that Kaladin is so petty that he would be sad that he has a sister who can do what he did not. I think Lurin just took a new apprentice after Kaladin left. Obviously there is some secret that Hessina almost said ("And there’s something else you need to know about.") but I don't think it is that.
  10. Yeah. There were a lot of quotes about it being an old design that kind of make me think of Elantris.
  11. I thiink he obviously is but I have to guess that some are still around causing destruction. It would be a huge missed opportunity for the sneak attack of the everstorm to go unused. Perhaps in areas that were prepared, the voidbringers were sent to regroup. It kind of seems like Hearthstone didn't even see them and to me that could mean they are still a threat.
  12. Hmm. So I wonder if there was a split with the Sons of Honor. Gavilar's behavior during this chapter certainly seems in line with Amaram but I can't see Taravangian holding those beliefs. Perhaps the reveal of the visions changed his mind.
  13. The Listeners fit much more readily into the natural ecosystem of Roshar and I think we can assume that Aimians are similar Their whole betrayal by the spren also seems to hint that humans came later. It is possible that they were altered by the appearance of Shards but I do think they were created by Adonalsium. Vibrant is interesting because it can also mean vibrating and there is sort of a connection to rhythm there. The problem is that while Gavilar knows more than us, he does not seem to know everything about the Listeners (such as them rebelling against their gods). I'm not sure how much he respects them because if his plan works then he wants to kill them all.
  14. Yeah. I assumed that Taravangian was there in secret and not necessarily to attend the event. I'm still not sure if he was one of the Sons of Honor or if there was something else going on. Do we know if him going to the Nightwatcher was after the assasination? Otherwise, I cannot really wrap my head around the different ideologies of the Sons and the Diagram; one way millions of people will die for no reason but power and the other is apparently to ensure that people survive. He could have been using the Sons but he seems proud that he is doing what he believes Gavilar wanted. Meanwhile Gavilar seems more focused on returning the Radiants than he is about survival.
  15. Yeah. I still haven't done a reread since that was first mentioned.