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  1. There's also this quote about Vivenna from the chapter 37 Warbreaker annotations: Given the various WoB's, I'd be extremely surprised if Sanderson used rape to give Jasnah a tragic backstory.
  2. This is a side note from the main discussion, but I've often wondered if Honor gave the Heralds something like the Kandra Blessing of Presence when he turned them into cognitive shadows. No idea how that would work, but we know it's possible to magically give someone increased mental fortitude and resistance to madness. Otherwise I agree, I don't see how anyone, no matter how noble, could withstand centuries of torture. And maybe the Heralds abandoning the Oathpact or Honor's death has caused the effect to go haywire which could be related to their collective madness.
  3. Well part of the issue is that as Mr. T grows in intellect his ability to empathize decreases correspondingly (as I understand it). I agree it is a really neat contrast though to see the difference between pure intellect, if you can call it that, and intelligence tempered with empathy. Plus Jasnah can be pretty cold too. She was willing to assassinate Aesudan, and assuming Renarin's predictions are usually correct she probably came pretty close to killing him!
  4. In addition to Nightblood, I think the scene where Syl kills the spren that's tormenting Gavinor at the end of the Kholinar sequence is forshadowing shardblades somehow being able to kill Fused. I'm guessing becoming a Fused is like becoming a Regal except with the soul/cognitive shadow of one of the old singers inhabiting the gemheart instead of a voidspren. If Syl can "kill" a spren (whatever that means), she should be able to kill the Fused soul. The question of course is what happens to the Fused soul after the gemheart is broken? They don't return to Braize, but do they go to the Everstorm? The cognitive realm? I think if you could find one outside of a gemheart, Syl or other blades (maybe only live ones?) could kill them. The KR will need something that can keep them dead eventually, as Nightblood is only one sword.
  5. Actually the plague in the Purelake is just the common cold, which was brought over by the three worldhoppers in the interlude. I am interested to learn more about the magic fish though!
  6. There's also some precedent for this with accessing the surges too. Kaladin is able to use both Gravitation and Adhesion pretty consistently after saying his second oath, and Lift is able to use both the Edgedancer surges after saying her second oath. Nale tells Szeth however that Skybreakers only get access to Division after their third oath. I assume Skybreakers also get their sword after the third oath, but I can't remember if that's mentioned explicitly or not.
  7. Also on Nalthis the Returned have some sort of foresight related to their interpretations of the paintings. Warbreaker spoiler's below.
  8. Well Roshar's gravity is 0.7G, but I don't think we know anything close to that specific about Ashyn or Braize. It's probably not worth reading into too much, but the star chart for the Rosharan system shows the three planets as approximately the same size. In the charts for the other systems there's some variation in planet size apparent, so I would think that if there were a dramatic difference Isaac would have drawn it that way.
  9. I believe there's a comment in Kaza's interlude that people used to go to the Aimians on Akinah to get soulcasters. Perhaps there's still a large store of them there. I don't know if that's simply because they had access to lots of gemhearts from greatshells going there to die or if there are other reasons. My pet theory is that perhaps there used to be some sort of artifabrian university or center of knowledge at Akinah. Clearly it was important enough to be given an oathgate, and I think if you gave a bunch of nearly immortal bug people a steady supply of large gemhearts they could come up with some pretty advanced technology. Assuming Aimians were never knights radiant like the parshendi, it would make sense for them to explore other means of accessing the surges.
  10. I don’t know if I agree with that. I thought maybe the same thing, but surely after the Urithiru contingent got the message about Kholinar falling Jasnah or someone with the Jezrien’s honorblade would have tried to get to Kholinar just to see. Plus, doesn’t it mention in part five that Taravangian and his crew get on boats and sail back to Kharbranth just before the battle? I’m assuming that Malata is with him when they leave Thaylen City.
  11. This is a little bit of a necro, but I just finished my re-read, and I’m still confused by this. How did Malata et al get to Kholinar so quickly? It would make more sense to me if they used the Kharbranth oathgate to get to Urithiru, but would they be able to get a bunch of singers into the city without drawing the attention of the local people?
  12. I agree this sounds like it's from the perspective of the KR, but I've wondered if it might refer to Ash's response to the death of Jezrien: The "shard of my soul" would then be talking about the connection between the souls of the heralds being severed. This might also hold as I'm guessing more heralds will be killed off in future books, so it might be a response to the death of a herald that we haven't seen yet.
  13. Great first post! Anyway, since aluminum can be soulcast I suspect Roshar will have easier and earlier access to it than other worlds with respect to their effective technological level, especially once Lightweavers/Elsecallers become more common. The five scholars could probably have acquired aluminum on Roshar without too much difficulty, although it's not clear that Rosharans had much use for aluminum in the past. That doesn't answer how the scholars knew about aluminum's strange interactions with investiture/magic systems. To my knowledge we haven't seen any interaction between aluminum and awakening other than Nightblood's sheath.
  14. heralds

    It does seem fitting that the patron herald of the order noted as being erratic, capricious, frustrating, and unreliable would be late to a meeting
  15. I like the idea of one of the oathgate spren being some sort of supercharged Inkspren, as they are one of the spren that grant transportation. One of the oathgate spren is described as being black and oil-slicky, which sounds just like how Ivory is described. The problem I have with the other spren being a Willshaper spren, which would make sense from the transportation surge perspective, is that it's heavily implied (I don't think confirmed though) that the lightspren/reachers are the Willshaper spren. They look like copper statues, and the second (non-corrupted) oathgate spren is described as being white and kind of pearlescent I think.