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  1. If the Elantrians can somehow pull the seons more fully into the physical realm like spren and create shardblades, maybe it could also end the geographical limitations to their magic. It might not allow them full range of ability, but perhaps something akin to surges but with aons.
  2. In response to the original post, I don't have a real answer. However I think there would be a decent chance, as a shardblade only severs the spiritual connection on the first pass, not the physical or cognitive. The limp arm still has oxygenated, nutrient filled blood flowing through it which is obviously better than ichor alcohol, and if it has a cognitive identity separate from the main body would still think of itself as the person's arm, and would want to function.
  3. I doubt that the entire vorin church will turn against the kholins. Most world leaders have recognized that they are in another desolation, and thusly their ardents would probably be disinclined to join the enemies' side. It's a fairly delineated conflict: parshendi versus humans, and the parshendi have the fused, who probably seem like the vorin equivalent of demons. For the ardentia to take the side of Odium there would need to be a significant cognitive disconnect or a lot of weird literary shenanigans on Sanderson's part. I do however agree with you on the insight regarding dalinar and the kholins.
  4. I think there is definitely more to the story, I doubt Chaser was fleeing due to cowardice. However, there's been some context clues suggesting that the setting is actually the world of Firstborn, despite there being no aliens in the story. I'm not sure either way as I'm not quite familiar with Defending Elysium.
  5. The slug will definitely be pertinent to the story, and it being a synthetic lifeform or AI is a good guess, I like it. For some reason as I was reading the chapters I couldn't help but feel that it had something to do with the Krell though. Like that was what the Krell actually looked like and the "wicked armor" referenced in other chapters was an exoskeletal suit they operate. Probably not the case, because I also feel like the Krell might be other humans.
  6. I think that the Krell being humans or human constructs has definite merit, but the whole world being a convoluted training simulation in which people are actually killed seems like a stretch. Then again it's been done before. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out that way.
  7. I agree that something is fishy about there only ever being "wicked armor" left over and no actual bodies. It leaves a lot of options open for Sanderson as to the real identity of the enemies coming from space, and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up being other humans. Justifying a multigenerational war in which your side makes no real attempt to end the conflict is easier when the other side are aliens bent on your destruction. Perhaps there was some sort of civil war or rebellious faction and they were chased into space, eventually crashing in Detritus. All speculation of course.
  8. I think it's a nice nod to Pern. If I recall correctly in that world people had come to the planet on spaceships anyways.
  9. Treledees could have been a modern version of VaraTreledees in the Pahn Kahl culture. Maybe it was a common name.
  10. @Kidpen Evidence: they are after Hoid, who appears to be assembling his own Frankenstein shard. Theory: Reassembling Adonalsium will not be a good thing, and if it is Hoid's goal then he will end up as the primary antagonist of the series. Sorry if formatting is bad, am on mobile.
  11. Since being spiked alters your sdna would the child of a male and female inquisitor have the potential to inherit all ofntheur stolen alloamntic/feruchemical abilities?
  12. To answer the original question, the old phrase 'it takes a village' is appropriate here. In a lot of labor intensive communities in real life adults would switch off watching all the kids at once. One of the reasons why communities used to be more tight knit.
  13. "Be." Attempting to control what it does seems like a good idea on the surface and it would be cool to have a badass fiery/lightning/thunder/death sword but it probably wouldn't work, as we have seen. Endowing sentience doesn't imply the ability to reason, only to feel and experience subjectively. You could try "think" or "use reason" but that honestly might make something even scarier due to its intelligence. The problem with nightblood is it is trying to understand its command even though it doesn't really have the ability to. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
  14. Those seem like such tacked on little additions, as if Brandon felt he needed to justify the immediate bonding and slipped them in at the last minute.
  15. If sazed purposefully weakened allomancers after his ascension he could have also fixed their power levels at that point, halting the degradation of power brought on by recombination of DNA. Also keep in mind though that it was at least a thousand years after TLR introduced allomancy on a greater scale that one could perceive real notable differences in power levels, i.e. Vin vs. Elend. Rate of technological advancement is exponential after an industrial revolution, not linear, so it would potentially only take maybe 200 years after AoL to achieve space travel, especially with the metallic arts helping you. So even if sazed didn't fix the power levels, allomancers wouldn't be a lot less powerful then than those we see in AoL. Lastly, does feruchemical ability degrade over generations?