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  1. So... I made this infographic on the all whole of the Wheel of Time series... and I would've placed it in the fan art section, but i cannot create a new thread, so here it stays. anyway to read it. One has to look at the color to see the representation of a certain character, and from there one can see what precentage that character was in which book. so for the dark blue which represents Moiraine, she is clearly the majority POV in the New Spring book which gives her first billings. The second thing to note is how New Spring is much smaller compared to the rest of the graph. The sizing of each section was reduced a certain percentage according to Lord of Chaos which is has the highest word count of any book, and therefore is considered 100%. I think thats all one needs to know to enjoy and analyse this graph. (also on Dragonmount) Cheers!