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  1. So, when one has to read from about fifteen different books (and eventually more), it becomes difficult to figure out a storyline. So, I'm gonna sum up what I think I've picked up from all of these stories as best I can, and Ya'll tell me what I've got wrong. So, there's this dude (God) called Adonalsium, who's killed by sixteen other dudes & chicks, who are conveniently named after emotions and qualities. These deified Dudes and Chicks go to certain planets and reside. And one of the Dudes called Odium (aka hatred?) keeps killing off all of the other Dudes and Chicks, and none of the living Dudes and Chicks do anything about it. But, the only people who seem to be aware of the situation are the Scholar Chick in White Sand (who has a name that I don't remember) who writes all the Ars Arcanum stuffs, and Hoid, who somehow doesn't ever die, and also finds a way to travel everywhere all the time, and still show up as a main character in the Stormlight Archive. And when the Dudes or Chicks die, it's called Splintering, which means something. The thing is, when Odium causes a Dude or a Chick to Splinter, he doesn't ever actually take their power, he just leaves it lying around to cause surgebinding or something similar that will harm him. Another question: is one of the Sixteen Shards named Stupidity? or Ignorance? That would amuse me.
  2. if girls dont think rationally, why dont they like me?

  3. what if girls spoke rationally?

  4. my talent would be to make terrible music.
  5. I bugged brandon via email, and he said that the book was planned to be released in fall 2015.
  6. Use a shardblade to shave--dont cut yourself. lash a dart to the bullsey use (what's the opposite of Bendalloy?) to play video games for longer. use a tensor to sharpen your pencil use electrum to avoid tripping. steelpush to type steelheart's energy blasts to silence your alarm clock
  7. If you were a stick, what kind would it be? And welcome, fellow nerd.
  8. I know that this may seem obvious to some, because Hulk isnt afraid of anything, but if he were, who do you think would win?
  9. In answer to the first post, I have read, like, all of Brandon's books. many times. because they are awesome. in answer to the second post, just for fun. in reply to the third post, nice call. in reply to the fourth post, no.
  10. I read WOR in like, 28 hours. let it be known I had to write two history papers and do a book report, as well as go to school in between. this isn't really related, but every time I look at my rating, I hear the guy from kung-fu panda. "there is now a level zero"
  11. I thought it was more like the shardblades were spren. so, if szeth had a shardblade, he would have a spren. I guess he just started off farther in the "bonding" between spren and knight radiant. the one that confuses me is how shallan ended up with her shardblade. did she just have him earlier, and end up coincidentally with the same spren? I don't know.
  12. he can put together a bookshelf from ikea, without the directions!
  13. hello all, i am now a new member of the online brandon sanderson nerd site! i feel fulfilled.