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  1. I starting writing the next part to my story last night. Sorry for being a bit late but I was out of town over the last week and now, thanks to traveling, I currently I have a cold. Regardless it won't be that long until I can churn it out
  2. Are we capping ourselves at 3,000 words a week? for review purposes? How much of hand slap am I going to get if I go over? I like abuse! (and by that I mean going over but also pushing the limits...EEK!)[evil-grin]
  3. Uploaded a copy of my first file Let me know if it needs to be altered to allow comments and/or editing.
  4. I'm off work now and no longer need the link. I will email it to my hotmail account which isn't blocked.
  5. My job blocks google gmail (but not docs????) so I can't access gmail to get the link. Would you mind posting it here again so I can click on it to open up the shared location Word count? I'm blah about it. When I can scrounge the time I can write but the hard part is finding the time. (Daddy Daddy! can you play with me?) Sure thing... just a minute. (Honey can you go to the store real quick and get me something completely random?) Sure thing, let me just- (Daddy! The cat is barfing on the bed cover again!) Time to head out to the laundromat again :/
  6. So I got about 800 words written on my light rail ride to work I have already watched the lesson one on youtube, a few weeks ago, but am left wondering if I should watch it again? So once I finish with my thousand where do I put it again?
  7. I never double posted? It looks like Rubix merged my post from yesterday with the one I made tonight Oh well
  8. Bingo and Thank you so... (was his name-o???)
  9. Hello and thanks. Now I just went to the front page and did a search for "Comments" (Control +F)but came up with nothing. Where is it?
  10. done It came to me in the shower. The story idea I mean... (shakes head in disgust) So here goes something.... This is the story of Doug. Doug is a good ol boy who works in the automotive department at the local wallsmart. He lives from paycheck to paycheck with a fiance that doesn’t appreciate him. Neither do the kids, some of which are even his own. The only thing that brings enjoyment to him is watching rastling, bashing liberals and their gimee attitudes, and reloading his guns. Then one night while out camping with his friends their site gets visited by aliens. He awakens as a captive only to discover they have him tied up and are performing numerous invasive experiments. They try to come up with a way of escaping as hilarity ensues. Its a prototype of a story. Very basic. I am shooting for comedy "get-r-dun" type stuff.
  11. Now I know you are all biased towards Audible.com which is understandable, which I am a customer, no thanks to your show, but here is my question. When you mention that new/existing authors should absorb as much material as possible, in order to grow our skills, do you think that one method of absorption is better than another? For example I have been listening to what I deem more entertaining books off of audible but buy digital/print copies of books I want to use more as a reference/guide. Do you think that one way is truly better for assimilation or is that just my biased preferences?
  12. Hello, My name is Dave and I am love warm hugs! So... I was told you all have a writing group here? [looking over my shoulder for a sacrificial animal] So how do things work around here?
  13. I just finally got logged in and made my first post. Thanks
  14. My rituals are rather simple yet extremely difficult to obtain. Being a father of two young-ins and a wife who...shall we say... isn't very self sufficient, the only thing I need is time.