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    Teen Titans, Frozen, Tangled, Tangled the Series Steelheart, Brandon Sanderson, Hip Hop, Karate :)
  1. I am! I even cosplayed as 2nd dimension Candice and Doofenshmirtz YEARS ago!
  2. I am! I'm a Sydneysider! There's several Aussies on this site
  3. Thank you
  4. I just feel like I'll never amount to anything. I have too many medical issues thanks to post covid issues and I'm autistic and ADHD and burnt out.
  5. I used to love this show! I have all the albums and have cosplayed as 2nd dimension Candace before.
  6. I played a lot of chess back in the day. It was fun
  7. Sorry about the extremely late reply haha, I'm happy to join back in
  8. Queen Elsa Steelheart: Queen Elsa- I love the Frozen franchise and Frozen 2 is my favourite movie of all time. Steelheart-My favourite Sanderson book and one of the first ones I read
  9. Chocolate. Somewhat hilarious due to what my username is
  10. Oldest of three here, unless you count the cat haha, then it becomes four
  11. Absolutely addicted to Animal Crossing right now