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  1. I had my wisdom teeth in out in hospital on Wednesday. The pain is really frustrating and so is the nausea. The nausea is so bad and I've been passing out then sleeping for hours and sleepless nights. The pain relief makes me super drowsy and then its hard to focus. The pain relief helps but the pain drives me crazy. I want to eat normal foods again since I've only been able to eat soft food since the surgery. I was already super anxious about the surgery been when I arrived at the hospital and i'm still anxious about the pain. Gentle hugs please?
  2. Restrictions are lifting, life is slowing going back to normal. How are you?
  3. Greetings, dear subject! Hello Sir!
  4. (Anyone still here?)
  5. Thank you! I had a most royally perfect party with pizza! I got my own Nespresso machine for my birthday as well as lots of Frozen merchandise!
  6. It's my birthday tomorrow! I'll be 20 years old!
  7. Elsa turned. "Fatebreaker, old friend! Wonderful to see you again! Thank you very much for your controbution to the party!"
  8. "Take your time. I started endorsing the DA long ago, so we have plenty."
  9. "Thank you. A first time for the cookie?"
  10. "Not a problem at all, Voidus. I'm just amazed at all the effort. Thank you!"
  11. "Cookies!" Elsa said with a delighted looked on her face. The DA had really delivered.
  12. The sound of icy heels clacked repeatedly against the icy floor. Icy breathing filled the court as at long last, Her Majesty herself stepped into the hall. No sickness nor ailment could hold her down, for she was strong, like steel encased in ice. (Thanks for being so patient!)