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  1. Thank you! I had a most royally perfect party with pizza! I got my own Nespresso machine for my birthday as well as lots of Frozen merchandise!
  2. It's my birthday tomorrow! I'll be 20 years old!
  3. Elsa turned. "Fatebreaker, old friend! Wonderful to see you again! Thank you very much for your controbution to the party!"
  4. "Take your time. I started endorsing the DA long ago, so we have plenty."
  5. "Thank you. A first time for the cookie?"
  6. "Not a problem at all, Voidus. I'm just amazed at all the effort. Thank you!"
  7. "Cookies!" Elsa said with a delighted looked on her face. The DA had really delivered.
  8. The sound of icy heels clacked repeatedly against the icy floor. Icy breathing filled the court as at long last, Her Majesty herself stepped into the hall. No sickness nor ailment could hold her down, for she was strong, like steel encased in ice. (Thanks for being so patient!)
  9. Very glad to be out!
  10. Thank you! I appreciate the support. I threw up six times. I felt awful and totally sympathise with you. I was on a clear fluid diet for a bit and that was literally was a popsicle, vegetable broth and apple juice. I am never having vegetable broth ever again. All I wanted was scrambled eggs and I was starving too. The good news is that today after 13 days in hospital, I was discharged! I am finally back in real life and not just the hospital walls. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Still taking it easy even though its very very exciting!
  11. I don't know what I'm more thankful for, the noise canceling headphones or hugs. Thank you! *hugs*
  12. Okay so rant time. I've been in hospital for a week and it's literally been awful. Most of the staff have been lovely, but being in hospital so young sucks. I'm 19. Last week I was in a four bed room, and then another four bed room, now I'm in a single. Being in the second four bed room with 3 elderly ladies until I got a single room was awful. One lady was nice but the other one was awful. She: -got confused and took my phone while I was in the bathroom and my cousin stopped her. -went to my food tray and almost touched my lunch (I got very nervous because I don't know what's on her hands) -kept coming into my part of the bed cubicle when I was hinting 'I'm sick GO AWAY' (THE CURTAIN WAS DRAWN!!!) and was seconds from buzzing the nurse to tell the patient to go away. At least this week I have a bit more energy and I'm not as weak and not throwing up as much, not everyday. I'm so stressed and I've been having trouble walking. The doctors know this but I want my life back. I miss my job, I miss my best friend, I miss my karate lessons!! I miss my own bed! And as of now, 11pm, a man is yelling down the hall. shut. up.