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  1. Ok so I was just checking out the Mistborn topic related to this one and noticed a lot of people mentioning Warbreaker (including myself) so I figured what the Storm, let's do it. Warbreaker seems to me like a much more manageable movie than Mistborn for the simple fact that there's no Allomancy. So lets get started (Semi-joke list) Director: Joss Whedon Lightsong: Nathan Fillion Scoot: Alan Tudyk (Hoid needs to played by the same guy in every movie or HBO sereies) Vivenna: Morena Baccarin Siri: Jewel Staite (because I love her) Bluefingers: Ron Glass Adam Baldwin: Vasher Andrew Bryniarsky (Crow): Tonk Fah Gina Torres : The Nurse I cant think of anyone else from the show to be anyone else, there are a lot of Characters missing but it's been a while since I've read Warbreaker. After I'm done with AoL I'm reading it again. But for now, Your thoughts to mine.
  2. I left Newcago, maybe in a bout of my famously hot head, but what's done is done. My powers of Ice are no more but then again they were never truly mine. My compatriots believed me to be a drunkard and more kindhearted than I really am... well... they might be right on the first part a smidge. I returned to my homeland after a time, the yellow sun beating upon the top of my head. It's old familiar burn greeted me like the embrace of an old friend. I wandered in to the uninhabited reaches of the endless sands. Many people believe this land to be devoid of life but that is the farthest thing from the truth. As I take my walk I see squat trees with muted green foliage and animal life unlike many places on this planet. Lizards with bright colors, some moving quickly, other less so. Snakes slithering through the sand, big and ferocious, Diamond Backs, Sidewinders, Racers and a plethora of others. The birds here are beautiful; Hawks, watching me through dark eyes. Their smaller cousin the falcon, circling above and letting out small screeches that identify them. The I see them, my brethren. Giant, some the size of a large hawk, black winged beasts sitting in a tall Palo Verde. They recognize me as one of their own, a herald of death and the end. Just then my true name came back to me in a rush, Brandon, the Little Raven, the Prince, The Sword, not so little now after my absence. These old friends welcome me home with a simple squawk. Finally, I am home. I have found a place to build my throne. I welcome back The Old Powers I once knew and a fire erupts inside me. Bowing my head I throw off my black cloak, revealing my silver and black full plate armor with my faithful Reaver strapped to my back. This is the place, the place where I was destined to raise the ancient Throne of Ravens. As I stand there in the middle of the sand, concentrating on the song of the desert the ground begins to shake. Slowly, painfully so, a spire rises from the sand followed by the rest of the massive silver castle. Huge, with soaring buttresses; tall statues carved from obsidian in the form of black cloaked men, painted human skulls in place of carved faces keep a silent vigil over my new kingdom. After a time I gather my strength and walk through the massive, black, ironwood doors in to the throne room and there it is. In all its Obsidian and Silver Glory, El Trono del Cuervo: The Raven Throne. The throne is in the form of a giant raven who's eyes of ruby seem dead, it's wings are closed, concealing the seat of kings long dead. I approached the terrifying bird and shed my armor, revealing my plain black shirt and pants. Upon the closed wings are to hand shaped indentations placed there for the purpose of awakening the guardian of throne. Only one worthy may do this deed. I place my hands in the indentations and Breath, "Awaken, throne of my ancestors and allow me to rule this desolation." Fire erupts from my body and the eyes of the Guardian burst alight with a living fire. I stand back and witness the giant black wings come to life and open, revealing my new throne. Outside a city begins to rise from the sand, and ancient city built before written memory. Although it looks foreboding, any traveler passing by feels welcome; for now, a new king rules these lands. Welcome, to the Kingdom of the Silver Raven, where drinks runs freely and the sun shines upon your face. I am BreathTaker, King of these lands. I welcome all who wish to join me with open arms and full mugs of beer. Please, join me.
  3. Looks like Kalin will have his work cut out for him. Patar, I'm about to read your message. Also can we get a description of Ventrus cuz I just pictured Vader inadvertently but it felt wrong.
  4. I like it. PM me and we'll talk deets
  5. *throws obscene horse gesture at crew before jumping into stormy waters after a flippin apple*
  6. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. My giy is making his way south towards Riften so my next post will be of him on the southern side of the mountains, in the Rift.
  7. BB, do you want one of the other Mandos to find you and help you? Also, I think we should start a Mandalorian clan on the Shard
  8. Just curious if anyone on here does any crafting in real life. Blacksmithing, wood working, leather working and things of that nature, cosplayers too. Everyone is welcome to talk about what they do, future and current projects and even what the want to do. Myself, I want to start smithing as soon as I can. I have always thought that it was an awesome profession. As of now I'm waiting till my wife and I get our own house so I can get my katana blade out of storage to redress it. I am going to make a new sheath and handle for it as well as put a new tsuba and all the other furniture on it. It will be a heron mark blade when all is said an done.
  9. I'm comfused... What do you mean what kind of questions?
  10. I agree whole heartedly. I love both those stations but can't stand the morning shows. The country station used to have a pretty decent show but I don't know anymore.
  11. Skallgrim has a discussion about how his favorite fantasy weapon is a Shardblade. And he's like crazy critical of weapons.
  12. Starting Revenge of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz....NOW! Bye guys
  13. I understand. Even when I was heavily smoking I hated the smell on other people even on myself. If I smoke I wash my hands vigorously and try to air out my clothes.
  14. Yeah I wouldn't do it in an elevator anyways... Unless I was alone so I could walk out like a rockstar with a portable fog machine. I prefer to be a BreathTaker in a different sense. If I'm smoking I'm way away from people. If I'm walking around smoking and a kid walks by I hold my breath and put the cigarette way up high so the smoke doesn't hit him.
  15. Meep... In my defense... I only use it out doors or in my own house. I smoke and "vape" (I hate that term its so storming pretentious) but if I'm inside a public place I believe it's rude. Even out doors I still try to avoid doing it when I'm in a group. On the other hand, if I walk away politely to get my nicotene fix, for the love of God don't walk near me and start bitching. I walked away to not be around people so I don't bother them so don't bother me. I know it's unhealthy I know there's probably some unknown form of badness it'll give me but please... Let me do my own thing. When I was only smoking I was smoking at least a pack a day, now I almost soley use my ecig and smoke when I'm drinking. I don't stink anymore, my vapor smells like dragonfruit and pomegranate instead of smoke and I'm a generally pleasant person to be around when I have obscene amounts of caffein and nicotene in my system... Not so much when I dont. /end defensive rant. I get what you guys are saying though, the chulls that do it when theres a lot of people around for the sole purpose of bothering them need punched in the squibblies. I love the huge clouds, I feel like a fog machine but please, take it outside.
  16. I own the MAG but no one to play it in Tucson. I've extensively played Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind and Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 basically if Bethesda releases it I'll give it a go. I just finished the Automatron story last night, it's about three hours of game time but the additions to the game are amazing. Right now my main has almost 20 sets of Power Armor. Is lvl 64/5 and he's basically unstoppable in his X-01 mk.3 jet packed shark painted armor. Out of it... Well he's a smidge squishy. Oh yeah and I play WoW
  17. I like it. I won't up vote but I like it
  18. Amon Amarth radio on raphsody.
  19. In the middle of them instead of stepping away from them like a decent human right? I smoke but that annoys the hell out of me as well.
  20. So if they are responsible for coruscant do the ship destroy the atmosphere instead of just blowing up a planet? That would make more sense as well as ne WAY scarrier.
  21. Hey Patar. Do you want Kalin and Rook to know each other? Could you give some more info on his mandalorian-ness? I found a Mandalorian dictionary the other day and used that a lot in my character build. Also, is every one going to make a council member? And I would like someone to play as Joral's Sentinel Master when we have our "parent teacher conference"
  22. The Unfamous Paul by The Tossers
  23. Not having caffein. Thats the biggest pet oeeve because then everything turns into a pet peeve
  24. I hope not... I'm pretty evil as it is
  25. Utensil biting Mouth noises When I sign up for a website and BreathTaker is taken!!!!! Who keeps doing this?!?!?!?!