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  1. Looks like Kalin will have his work cut out for him. Patar, I'm about to read your message. Also can we get a description of Ventrus cuz I just pictured Vader inadvertently but it felt wrong.
  2. I like it. PM me and we'll talk deets
  3. *throws obscene horse gesture at crew before jumping into stormy waters after a flippin apple*
  4. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. My giy is making his way south towards Riften so my next post will be of him on the southern side of the mountains, in the Rift.
  5. BB, do you want one of the other Mandos to find you and help you? Also, I think we should start a Mandalorian clan on the Shard
  6. I'm comfused... What do you mean what kind of questions?
  7. I agree whole heartedly. I love both those stations but can't stand the morning shows. The country station used to have a pretty decent show but I don't know anymore.
  8. Skallgrim has a discussion about how his favorite fantasy weapon is a Shardblade. And he's like crazy critical of weapons.
  9. Starting Revenge of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz....NOW! Bye guys
  10. I understand. Even when I was heavily smoking I hated the smell on other people even on myself. If I smoke I wash my hands vigorously and try to air out my clothes.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't do it in an elevator anyways... Unless I was alone so I could walk out like a rockstar with a portable fog machine. I prefer to be a BreathTaker in a different sense. If I'm smoking I'm way away from people. If I'm walking around smoking and a kid walks by I hold my breath and put the cigarette way up high so the smoke doesn't hit him.
  12. Meep... In my defense... I only use it out doors or in my own house. I smoke and "vape" (I hate that term its so storming pretentious) but if I'm inside a public place I believe it's rude. Even out doors I still try to avoid doing it when I'm in a group. On the other hand, if I walk away politely to get my nicotene fix, for the love of God don't walk near me and start bitching. I walked away to not be around people so I don't bother them so don't bother me. I know it's unhealthy I know there's probably some unknown form of badness it'll give me but please... Let me do my own thing. When I was only smoking I was smoking at least a pack a day, now I almost soley use my ecig and smoke when I'm drinking. I don't stink anymore, my vapor smells like dragonfruit and pomegranate instead of smoke and I'm a generally pleasant person to be around when I have obscene amounts of caffein and nicotene in my system... Not so much when I dont. /end defensive rant. I get what you guys are saying though, the chulls that do it when theres a lot of people around for the sole purpose of bothering them need punched in the squibblies. I love the huge clouds, I feel like a fog machine but please, take it outside.
  13. I own the MAG but no one to play it in Tucson. I've extensively played Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind and Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 basically if Bethesda releases it I'll give it a go. I just finished the Automatron story last night, it's about three hours of game time but the additions to the game are amazing. Right now my main has almost 20 sets of Power Armor. Is lvl 64/5 and he's basically unstoppable in his X-01 mk.3 jet packed shark painted armor. Out of it... Well he's a smidge squishy. Oh yeah and I play WoW
  14. I like it. I won't up vote but I like it
  15. Amon Amarth radio on raphsody.