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  1. Wow, there's an echo in here.
  2. Easy there tiger. Some animals are sexually dimorphic, others, at least from a human perspective, not so much (I suspect other gerbils manage yo tell male and females apart, but the species continues, so they probably do). Humans are, generally, sexually dimorphic*. Parsh are human. Sort of. They're also not human. They're a fantasy construct 'human' that diverge from earth biology as we currently strive to understand it. I suppose I under-estimated the difference. Honest question: Do they get physically taller and shorter when they change forms? Between individuals (regardless of sex) How much variation in body shape, facial features, do they show? That is, how easy are they to tell apart from each other? Does one do so mostly by the color patterns (the way some old-fashioned farmers could tell their holsteins apart)? I get that to the average Alethi "they all look alike". Kaladin has always taken care to notice people as individuals. Maybe he's just seen Leshwi in so many different [dead parsh people] bodies over the past year, it's not remarkable anymore. I wonder if he would have noticed if she changed outfits (and how often would she need her swanky new outfits re-tailored? no wonder she wants members of her household trained in sewing). In WOK, Dalinar is partially blinded by his cultural assumptions: In Alethy society only men go to active battle. Women do not walk around without proper torso (left arm!) covering. He assumes a parshendi he is seeing on the battlefield wearing only a skirt is male. Frankly, if that is the very first time it occurred to him to question that assumption, he has shown a remarkable lack of intellectual curiosity. Also, I got the impression that until Rlain returns to Bridge 4 in Warform, the Alethi did not realize that the Listeners had the ability to switch between forms. To clarify: Men,on average, tend to be physically bigger that women, have squarer jaws, grow beards, etc. Of course there is also a great variety in size and face-shape between members of the same sex, so, of course, some women are taller than some men. Compared to members of most species, humans are very individually distinct.
  3. Possibly. Maybe his view have evolved from the beginning of OB when he bluntly assumed Lyn just wanted to be a scribe and had some qualms about being brutal with a 'girl' spear. Maybe he has internalized some lessons from Rlain about the norms of Listener society.
  4. But... but that implies Leshwi had a bit of a stubble when she fought Kaladin. He had no problems, (none are mentioned in his chapters) telling malen and femalen singers apart when he was hanging out with the runaway slaves in the beginning of Oathbringer. And he had to notice enough detail to recognize Leshwi as Leshwi in whatever body she was inhabiting.
  5. Whoa, did that come from a WOB? Is she the younger sister then? Because if she isn't, the math really doesn't add up: Do we know how old Eshonai was during the OB prologue (when Gavilar tells her his secret plans).
  6. I can't get over this Leshwi being in a male-en body in this incarnation. How did Kaladin not notice? Is my boy gender-blind or just uber-mad "woke"? He can recognize Leshwi, no matter what new body she takes, but he doesn't notice anything about the specific body.
  7. Speaking of heroic story formulas, where is Hoid when you really need him? shouldn’t the universe tell him to head to Urithiru stat and ply some of his patented parabolic prose therapy at a perpetually petulant Protagonist? sorry for letting the alliteration run away with me.
  8. Kaladin remembers that he had talked to Mash (and Rock and Teft) about Tien And about his fears and “failures”. I really wanted to see that conversation Happen “on-screen”. Is anyone else imagining a Bridge Four “Discuss all the ways you are broken meeting / honor-spren try outs”? Come as you are. Excellent stew. Also, Renarin for president. KillS thunderclasts and chases away Emotionally abusive cretins With Truth.
  9. This shipping of Kaladin and Leshwi is very strange to me. Honorable she may act on the field of battle, but is she not, in essence, an undead abomination who kills parshendi women to take over their bodies? If her next “incarnation” was one of the women Kal befriended in the beginning of the last book, I do not think he would find that cute.
  10. Happy Birthday! 

  11. Gotta say this: Lirin needs to appreciate his son for who he is now.
  12. I’m watching ‘Nature’. This guy is keeping an Octopus in his living room. I want one. I want 10. Octopuses are amazing.
  13. SkekMal is performed by Kevin Clash, arguably the best puppeteer currently working. He didn't voice any character because they would sound like Elmo (and... some other reasons).
  14. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  15. Hrm. Kal thinks Axe-hound puppies are itchy and annoying, like beards. Hoid and his etymology musings... I suppose he does have exhaustive knowledge of every species in every environ on every world and the derivation of their current appelation in every spoken and dead language. He is Hoid.