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  1. Hugs from a koloss?! Run away!!! Anyway, what is really irksome about Lirin is his smug air of moral superiority. He seems really sure that he knows better than everyone else what is right and what is wrong.
  2. Ok, so if you are reading the threads in this sub forum, you probably read all of ROW. Spoilers and such follow. Now that Navani is bonded to the sibling, can she ever move any physical distance away from Urithiru? Is she stuck in the tower for life? Can the sibling itself move at all? How far outside Urithiru does its influence extend?
  3. Yeah. I totally agree. Navani and Kaladin would have worked. Come on.
  4. I must be very stupid and weird. My takeaway from hearing “ Renarin most likely has a crush on Rlain” is to wonder how come he doesn’t instead crush on Kaladin. The dude is epic and gorgeous and has charisma oozing from every pore, not to mention his mad habit of rescuing Ren’s closest family members from desperate dangers. Come on, ye who delight in all speculative shipping ( I know you’re out there, I can hear you typing), explain this one to my dense, Stormblessed-loving self. Also... Rlain is currently in Warfom. He’s not male he’s malen. As in his current sexuality is “Not right now, please. Ask me again after the next highstorm”. Alone amongst humans, I can see many reasons why he would be hesitant to change into the much more emotionally and physically vulnerable mateform. Not to mention the whole war thing that is still going on (for 10 days, at least). Mebbe being a radiant makes a difference? How does parsh romance work anyway? So many questions the last book didn’t answer about that.
  5. Yup. Between boon and curse, The Nightwatcher (or Mommy Cultivation) could have all kinds of fun with Vyre. I think we need to see someone go to her on-screen in ‘real-time’, not a flashback.
  6. Wasn’t Szeth’s book intended to be “Stones Unhallowed”? So, KoW might still be specifically a Sninovar book, in-world. Um, Keepers of Weapons? (As in Honor-blades) Killer of Worlds? (History of Braise)
  7. He might go to the Nightwatcher and ask her to give him sight again. That’s where I would take this character. It would open up possibilities.
  8. I’m watching Neverwhere. Havenae seen it in nigh 20 years. The marquise The Carabas is still incredible, and Hunter is awesome. The Doctor... is an angel. edit: legend has it that Lenny Henry asked Neil Gaiman to write a show sympathetic to the homeless of London, and this was the result. I can dig it.
  9. “El” does mean ‘God’ in many semitic languages, Hebrew being one, natch. Originally, it was the name of a specific Canaanite god, later it became a word that means god. Incidentally, Rabon is a word for king or ruler in Hebrew. Raboniel literally means ‘my ruler is El/God’ (or ‘God is my ruler’).
  10. I was going to mention that, ^, but then I remembered what the Lopen learned about the Reshi King in the beginning of Dawnshard. If Leshwi, despite being Fused, can bond a spren and become Radiant (in 10 days or fewer), anything’s possible.
  11. Oh, he will not flip at all now. and the 10 day limit was imposed by Odium after the resolutions at Urithiru. My money is on Szeth for ToD’s champion. Wanna start a pool?
  12. At the climax of the last book, Odium agreed to a contest of Champions. And then, his chosen champion slipped out of his fingers. What he now needed was a new champion. Someone Dalinar will find hard to fight. Having Dalinar have to fight this specific person should by itself be a breaking challenge. A major part of Rhythm of War was Odium’s attempt to Reach and Bind this new champion. Almost worked, but Dalinar (via the Stormfather) managed to get to him at the last moment (being able to “stop time” is a genius cheat for last-minute saves). The way Kal ripped The Defeated One apart at the end... he was right where Odium wanted him to be.
  13. Finished the book last night. Still can’t with coherent thoughts and sense of them making. *mind blown* loved the “Die Hard: Urithiru” sections. Kal continues to be my favorite. Ooohh Teft! I’m not crying. so storming much. Raboniel and Navani, Dabbid finally getting his moment. Ishar a mad unhinged bondsmith surgeon genius experimenting on and killing corporeal spren. I for one can’t wait for the next book: Szeth and Kal off to Shinovar. One’s a moody-awesome superhero with pstd, one’s and unhinged soul-shattered maniac with a god eating sword. Together they fight crime reform Heralds. Will that final battle in 10 days be a third final contest between these two?
  14. Has anyone made a stormlight tarot deck? Besides All the pretty heralds as major arcana, we can also have Dalinar as The Tower, Wit/Hold as (naturally), The Fool, and Ol’ Kaladin Stormblest as The Hanged Man.
  15. But Oathbringer set him up to be chief mink-cub cuddler.