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  1. Gotta say this: Lirin needs to appreciate his son for who he is now.
  2. I’m watching ‘Nature’. This guy is keeping an Octopus in his living room. I want one. I want 10. Octopuses are amazing.
  3. SkekMal is performed by Kevin Clash, arguably the best puppeteer currently working. He didn't voice any character because they would sound like Elmo (and... some other reasons).
  4. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  5. Hrm. Kal thinks Axe-hound puppies are itchy and annoying, like beards. Hoid and his etymology musings... I suppose he does have exhaustive knowledge of every species in every environ on every world and the derivation of their current appelation in every spoken and dead language. He is Hoid.
  6. Are there dogs in Shinovar? Kaladin needs a puppy. A real puppy, none of this axe-hound things.
  7. Season 6 of Voltron. This show just keeps getting better.
  8. Ooh, I have’nt made this connection. In WOK, Adolin and Dalinar are annoyed with El for not trusting them. As a reader, we think he is a whiney idiot. By the end of OB we learn that if Dalinar had not been “pruned” by Cultivation, he would have eventually killed Elhokar and gone on a mad conquest spree. El is old enough to remember The Blackthorn before the change. In retrospect, Maybe he was just properly paranoid. Poor Elhokar.
  9. Here’s a thought: there are 3 shards influencing Roshar. Is each persona more in tune with one of the three? I can see “radiant” leaning towards honor, and nature-scholar “shallan” beaing cultivative. With Veil... it kinda breaks down.
  10. Well, if Gavilar had not been assasinated, the Alethi would not have fought the war of vengeance on the shattered plains, and the Parshendi would not have resorted to stormform. We need to make the timelines align more. Seems like Odium’s spren agents have been working on both Gavilar and the Parshendi leadership to set up the war. In the interlude to OB, when Gavilar explains his plans to Eshonai, he sounds like he has been fed information from some source, information tailored to cause him to say exactly the wrong thing and make the Parshendi panic. Maybe that’s just my impression. Eshonai explicitly mentions ‘voices’ leading her people to acquire and make use Szeth. If Gavilar had survived that night, Odium would have needed a new plan to expedite the desolation.
  11. Nvmnd. Please delete.
  12. ... after the end of Oathbringer, when Shallan got married and Jasnah became queen? Does anyone know? I would have really appreciated an on-page sorting out of their working relationship.
  13. heralds

    Are you calling it a silly meta argument? Naladin? Jezeredin? Isharidin? Talanidin? Come on now! None of those work!
  14. heralds

    Might have something to do with him sharing a name with the main protagonist. Which other heralds could it have been? 1. Taln. Back in damnation, so out. 2. Jesrien. The leader, also, the designated source of exposition in this scene. Out. 3. Nale. Shows up first in interludes as an antagonist. Better not give him a sympathetic view point before that. 4. Ishar. In the main story he styles himself “god king” and generally behaves like a mad primmadonna. He is also out. The other 5 are the female heralds, and it would be strange for a man in genderist Alethkar to be mamed after a female herald (Seriously, the other boys of Hearthstone would have teased him about this endlessly).
  15. I don’t really want to see a roantic relationship develop between Kaladin and Syl, but if such a thing is to happen, I do not think Syl will become fleshy. Rather, Kaladin will become less corporeal and more “cognitive”. Maybe he can take over her dad’s ‘business’.