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  1. I am fairly certain that they know the planet is round. The Ardentia/Stormwardens have been arguing if the Origin of Storms is a creator or recharger of Highstorms, but they don't argue about the capacity to circle the planet(something necessary to the recharging theory). And Hoid's "revelation" to Dalinar makes it seem like where Rosharan understanding fails is they don't run a heliocentric model. I have issues with that too. I truly feel that, no matter where we are on the PR of the planet, if you and me are 5-10 meters apart and enter the CR, that we should still be within 10 meters(non-thinking geometry willing). But as you say, these "edges" create the possibility of us being nowhere near each other, and I don't like that. Pretty much any projection/structure(like my toroid) we can draw out/elaborate on is gonna have "edges" where we don't loop around, but most any common sense rationale(like yours) will argue that we should be able to circle the "globe" in any direction. We've been going at this issue for... what 2? 3? years now, and we still haven't rectified this issue. I'm half tempted to say the CR is what would happen if reality went up a dimension or 2 without actually going up a dimension.
  2. While your point is valid(and I'll have to reread several scenes to refresh myself on things), it's worth noting that he technically hadn't left Scadrial. In the post I linked yesterday, I got corrected on my usage of toroidal, and looking back at that exchange has got me thinking again. Imagine if you will, that it only directly wraps one way. Cardinal points probably don't work in the CR, but we'll call it east-west for now. A toroid is functionally a donut, so the hole would always be east or west of you. If I cut out a small piece of the donut and called it Scadrial, there's still a direction one can travel that would wrap around without leaving the planet, ie: towards/away from the hole. Now imagine that each "slice" of donut is a planet's CR, and that Roshar's slice is right next to Scadrial. No matter where you are on Scadrial, going "north"(relative to the donut hole) will take you towards Roshar, and going south will take you towards a different planet. That sounds like it is functionally flat, no? In the long run, I guess this is less magical Intent and more physical intent. It'd be the direction you choose to travel in that determines where you go(much like the PR, come to think of it)
  3. I still think it has to do with perception and intent, even if I haven't put that vision into words. (Edit: There was an explanation, but the search function on this site has apparently gone kaput during my hiatus) Quoted from to these two posts.
  4. Granted. With his extra speed, he has now written so many books that you can't find SA4 either. I wish I was better at remembering useful things, as opposed to random facts.
  5. Vedel. Per Taln, Vedel would train surgeons before a Desolation.
  6. I've said it before and I'm sticking with it. I'll add a close 3rd to Awakening, because it also has massive potential for experimentation. It isn't as obviously useful in modern life compared to Feruchemy, but humans can come up with some pretty ingenious things if given the opportunity to try being clever.
  7. fixed, and thanks
  8. SA: Szeth, Taravangian EL: Hrathen WB: Lightsong MB: Rashek, Sazed, Ruin
  9. tinmind

    I have some references to it on the notepad of my iPod, so I think it's been theorized before. Whether that conversation went anywhere, I don't know. And nothing has become of the question I posted in the ultimate list, so we don't have a solid WoB on it yet. The closest WoBs we have are "more is possible," "storing A-Bronze sense is possible," and "platypus electric field Tinmind should work." Pain Sense is an actual thing though, so I wouldn't be surprised if it could be stored in the future once it's recognized as a sense on Scadrial.
  10. With regards to the complaints about the ending "feeling rushed," I think I understand why they would think that. Brandon's books are saturated with characters being wrong about their assumptions and having to refocus what they are doing once they realize their mistake. In most instances, this either happens early enough in the story(Dalinar's revelations in OB) that we can ponder and think for ages, or directly at the climax(like Sazed's Revelation in HoA) where we have to "read now, think later." This time, we as readers got hit with revelations and were given just enough time to start thinking about them, but not enough time to really understand them before the book hit the climax. The ending itself is perfectly fine, it's just the timing messes with our heads because humans are wired to work in certain ways. That's why I feel like people are having issues with this ending. Important things happen late enough in the story that we don't have enough time to process them, but far enough from the end that we start processing them, so most people either stop reading and think(which you wouldn't do that close to the end), or finish the book while still half-confused.
  11. The only thing that should be read "first" is Mistborn Era 1 before Era 2. Otherwise, the series are self-contained enough to be read in any order. The containment may change by the time Mistborn Era 3&4 rolls around, but until then, any order is fine. The only thing you'd be missing out on is the easter eggs/cameos, which you'd only notice on a reread anyway.
  12. If we're talking about a starting point for the Cosmere Cinematic Universe, I think it's useful to note that Marvel started with Iron Man, the first in what would become a trilogy. Tony was also a primary focal character in Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Infinity War. For the past 10 years, Tony has been the spine of the MCU, and the fans have loved it. The success of the MCU Format has become something to be emulated, a fact that DC is already demonstrating. Like it or not, the Cosmere Cinematic Universe is gonna walk in some of the same lanes as the MCU, and that "spine" is central to it. Consider what the spine of the Cosmere would be. Mistborn and Stormlight are the only contenders for that title right now. I personally think it'd be best to start the Cosmere with a story that can stand on its own and be expanded upon later if the movie takes off. Prime examples being Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Final Empire. Warbreaker would be the simplest of the three to do: Simple Story, Small Cast, Earth-like World, Awakening Circa 1940, Zombie effects/makeup is a dime a dozen, etc... Mistborn already has available sequels if the audience loves it(not to mention more popularity as a book), but it's likely the toughest of the three to do. Color-shifted sky and plant-life, the Mist, the least visual of the magics as Philomath points out, among other things. Elantris is kinda in the middle in most categories, like Story Complexity and Cast Size. Problem with "visual" magic is the special effects budget, and the added shadow detailing since Aons glow. In the end, I think Mistborn will win out due to preexisting popularity, but being the easiest on the budget is still a massive point in Warbreaker's favor.
  13. By definition, that would probably count.
  14. Any Metal that works in one of the systems will work in all three.
  15. Brandon's given us that history lesson. Given that Omi was used to represent God centuries before Domi became the word for God, I think you have it backwards(unless I misread something)