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  1. Sweet dreams are made of cheese

    Who am I to dis a Brie?

    1. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      My dreams are made of one of those weird foreign cheeses made of yak or donkey milk.

    2. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      Can't say I've ever had those, but goat cheese is delicious, so I'm willing to bet those dreams might be weirdly delicious. 

      ….did that metaphor get away from me or what. :mellow: 

    3. Ashspren


      Personally, I’m partial to parmesean. 

      ...alliteration what?

  2. “So what powers did you get, Mizzy?” ”Welllllll, looks like I got Stormwind’s old powers.” “Neat!” “And Regalia’s.” ”Okay....” ”And Fortuity’s. And Instabam’s. And also I can control pistachios with my mind.” ”Sparks, was Calamity having a going out of business sale or what?” ”Yes, David, I was. And who do we have to blame for that?”
  3. Really, most of Moash’s character arc can be summed up with, “Kaladin did most of the work while Moash stood there and thought mean things about Elhokar.”
  4. I think the Fanfics thread can be more flexible—the scene I wrote with Khione vs. zombie caribou can be Alaska canon, if you want it to be, and Sam's epilogue looks like confirmed canon. Maybe I should change the name to Fanon of Oregon?
  5. Why thank you.
  6. Yeah….even that post trying to make it seem like Moash is just like Jesus actually describes Kaladin. I mean….
  7. That was super sweet, Kobold. I’d been hoping Sam would get a happy ending after Oregon and you delivered.
  8. Sometimes, it would be hilarious in a “what the frick frack snicketysnack” kind of way. Other times, it would be like this:
  9. Okay, that made me laugh out loud multiple times. And I'm putting the following quotes in the same category: That category being The Accuracy: It Burns.
  10. "Parallels Between Moash and Jesus"? I'm sorry. I can't even. I have lost my ability to even.
  11. It's an absolute travesty that he was not allowed to keep that name. And I have another episode for you fine folks. Before we start, I'd like to thank @Snipexe for providing the initial idea for an Enforcement core in the catacombs, and @Voidus for providing me with Wisp's profile. Episode Four: First Dates Club