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  1. That's a really minor problem and I don't think it justifies voicing your wish that an entire subforum would die, to members of said subforum.
  2. The comics are gory too, and it's one thing I'm glad Netflix kept. It was kind of integral to the gritty-silver-age-deconstruction thing the comics had going on.
  3. It's…probably a matter of taste? I liked the art style, but I don't know if everyone will. It's not horribly offensive to realistic human proportions like Rob Liefeld's work, and it's good art, but it's definitely quirky. The comics are darker than the show, and the show definitely changes some things around—similar to how the Marvel movies take liberties with the comic books they adapt. I enjoy both equally, but the comics are a different experience from the show.
  4. I'm so sorry. Even if there's another Master's program you can apply to (and, not knowing your situation, I don't know if there is or not) getting rejected sucks. Is there anything else you really wanted to do?
  5. I finished Umbrella Academy last night. It differed from the comics in more than one way, but I loved it just as much.
  6. In Wheatland, Wyoming, there are a couple of billboards either just before the city limits or just inside them. The billboards are made of plywood and upon each of them is written a phone number in blue spray paint. There is no other information. Just that same number painted on a series of plywood billboards. Funny thing is, I used to drive through Wheatland with my parents when we lived in Wyoming 20 years ago, and I remember seeing those same billboards. When I moved back to Wyoming last year, I expected them to be gone, but next time I drove through Wheatland, there they were. Same numbers, same shade of paint. It had been freshened up, but other than that it was exactly how I remembered them. I don't dare call that number. I'm not a huge reader of creepypastas, but I've read enough to know that's a bad idea.
  7. My guess would be that they wanted to avoid some wise guy trying the “Well, there’s nothing on the books SAYING it’s illegal” defense.
  8. Oathbringer spoiler:
  9. Oh, it's a hard choice, all right. The only thing that got me off the sofa earlier was the knowledge that I had a sink full of dirty dishes and no one to wash them but me.
  10. I’m on episode 4. I want to binge it, but I also love the show as much as I love the comics and I want it to last.
  11. This….is a very valid headcanon. Also, did you guys want more Darkrose and Alastair? Because we have more Darkrose and Alastair.