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  1. He could have used the distraction of battle to drag Elhokar out of the room and kill him there, or toss him to enemy troops, or what have you. Or he could have taken him prisoner. Or delivered a The Reason You Suck Speech followed by "And that's why I'm going to spare you, because I don't want to be to your son as you were to me." And it's not just him killing Elhokar that's made so many people dislike him. There's also the fact all of his actions have been motivated by selfishness, up to and including him joining the Voidbringers at the end. Not to mention he just stood there while a fellow slave was beaten within an inch of his life and later had the audacity to see himself as a brave revolutionary. Kaladin would've intervened, even if it meant he was the one beaten nearly to death, just saying.
  2. Maybe not murder him in front of his only son, perpetuating the chain of pain and possibly instilling in the child a desire for the same bloody revenge you just exacted? Also, that's kind of a false binary. There are many, many, many alternatives in between "kill Elhokar in front of his kid" and "let Elhokar live the happy life you never got to have."
  3. Stuff. And things. I might put it back up later, but I'm not sure. On the one hand, you could make an argument for yes, because even if the act of dying freed them from the corruption, once their ghosts are back in the world of the living, they'll be back under Calamity, and the corruption will take over their minds once more. On the other hand, you can make an argument for no, because we see in Steelheart that Epics are physically different from ordinary humans—not just in terms of strength and appearance, but that their bodies decay at a much faster rate. We then see in Firefight that the act of becoming an Epic involves a physical transformation—or at the very least, physical pain—courtesy of Calamity, at which point the corruption sets in. If they're ghosts, they'll by definition lack the bodies that Calamity transformed, and will thus be free from corruption. In the first scenario, it would be very unwise for Klaus to conjure a powerful Epic like Steelheart, as he would likely try to kill everything in his path and try to force Klaus to use his powers to install him as Ghost Emperor of the Fractured States. In the second, it would be equally unwise for Klaus to conjure Steelheart, as there is a very good chance the former Emperor of Newcago would have tired of the responsibility of rule and would just want to sit down on the couch and play video games instead of fighting anyone.
  4. The particulars would depend on whether he's talking to Funtimes or to Jade. Although in both cases, she'd stop whatever she was doing, demand proof he wasn't just making it all up to string her along and, once she got it….well, there would be tears. A lot of them. And apologies, and heartfelt words on the part of both sisters, and…. Jeez, I think Klaus might be the only person capable of making Funtimes drop her Cloudcuckoolander front without turning her into Darktimes.
  5. That's a really minor problem and I don't think it justifies voicing your wish that an entire subforum would die, to members of said subforum.
  6. The comics are gory too, and it's one thing I'm glad Netflix kept. It was kind of integral to the gritty-silver-age-deconstruction thing the comics had going on.
  7. It's…probably a matter of taste? I liked the art style, but I don't know if everyone will. It's not horribly offensive to realistic human proportions like Rob Liefeld's work, and it's good art, but it's definitely quirky. The comics are darker than the show, and the show definitely changes some things around—similar to how the Marvel movies take liberties with the comic books they adapt. I enjoy both equally, but the comics are a different experience from the show.
  8. I'm so sorry. Even if there's another Master's program you can apply to (and, not knowing your situation, I don't know if there is or not) getting rejected sucks. Is there anything else you really wanted to do?
  9. I finished Umbrella Academy last night. It differed from the comics in more than one way, but I loved it just as much.
  10. In Wheatland, Wyoming, there are a couple of billboards either just before the city limits or just inside them. The billboards are made of plywood and upon each of them is written a phone number in blue spray paint. There is no other information. Just that same number painted on a series of plywood billboards. Funny thing is, I used to drive through Wheatland with my parents when we lived in Wyoming 20 years ago, and I remember seeing those same billboards. When I moved back to Wyoming last year, I expected them to be gone, but next time I drove through Wheatland, there they were. Same numbers, same shade of paint. It had been freshened up, but other than that it was exactly how I remembered them. I don't dare call that number. I'm not a huge reader of creepypastas, but I've read enough to know that's a bad idea.