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  1. I believe we have WoB explicitly referring to the Heralds as Cognitive Shadows in relation to a question that might have also involved Kelsier. Edit: Someone beat me to it.
  2. And Sanderson and easily make them not “just because”. Half of Shallan’s arc is based off of delusion and self-deception. He can easily turn any weirdness in her backstory into something else.
  3. Plate Still breaks when put under enough force. And post OT Kelsier could use feruchemical iron with allomantic steel, iron, and pewter to brace for the recoil of just about anything. That’s not even accounting for the fact that full compounders are functionally demigods so long as they have the right metalminds.
  4. They’re refugee’s due to Aimia being obliterated. There’s no reason to think of them being some sort of Cosmere castaways when the first book establishes them as literal, albeit solitary, refugees.
  5. To be fair, he may be acting perfect in OB because he’s trying to throw off possible suspicion.
  6. We know for a fact that lightweaving has a Yolish variant that predates the Rosharan form of it; and I think we also have WoB somewhere about another magic system from there that gives Hoid a powerful healing factor. Unless it’s established that Hoid isn’t from Yolen somehow, we have no reason to think he wouldn’t have powers from his birthplace. Also, the Old Magic so far as we know is from the Nightwatcher, a Splinter of Cultivation. If there was an “Old Magic” before, the one we’re seeing is emulating the effect the same way that the surge of Illumination imitates some of what Hoid does.
  7. I’m aware he can fight if pushed, and electrum and atium also both provide singular visions. I would think that, both being forms of foresight, they’d still interfere with each other enough to screw with Renarin; who I think can’t be argued to be better off in a fight compared to a mistborn who has any idea what they’re doing.
  8. They still have Electrum. It isn’t even close to as good, but at bare minimum it would storm with Renarin if he had the stones to actually fight.
  9. Do we have any ideas how widely the Heralds would have travelled the Cosmere before they entered into their contract with Honor? I ask because Shalash refers to Hoid, if Liar of Partinel is even partly still canon, by his real name/oldest known alias before she passes ut.
  10. Oh, so it's refering to Shallan and Co. getting out of Shadesmar and not the part where the dead are talking to him?
  11. It's been a few weeks since I looked, but I want to say it's withina few paragraphs of the bit with Evi.
  12. Considering Dalinar sees him in the perpendicularity? He's probably dead.
  13. Mistborn 9 before he added another era or new Mistborn 9? If it's the former, we aren't seeing Sazed die or abdicate untill the the endpoint of the Cosmere.
  14. Ah, but would the Survivorists' opinions change if it became common knowledge that Kelsier was, probably, given physical form again with Hemalurgy?
  15. .... Garnet is usually a dark red. Don't misunderstand me, I don't think Pattern is corrupted. I'm just looking for clarification on what shades of red would mark subverted Investiture like what we see in Glys and the thing at the end of Bands.