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  1. You mean like this?
  2. It's the symbol shaped like an eyeball. Click that, and then type your report inside the box that appears.
  3. Brandon had mentioned at one point that he was thinking of changing the title of book 3 (when it was still to be Szeth's book) from Stones Unhallowed to Skybreaker, because Pat Rothfuss' forever upcoming third book is titled Doors of Stone. Given that the next will likely be Eshonai's, and that puts book 5 out about 7ish years, I'd say he'll still have the same worry at that point. So Szeth's book, whenever we get it, will probably not be Stones Unhallowed, as cool a name as that is.
  4. As for that...
  5. Oh, not Arcanum Unbounded (although read that too!) I mean Arcanum, the new WoB (Word of Brandon) depository! It's brand new, but pretty awesome, and full of huge amounts of information. Brandon answers questions at signings and whatnot, and people record and report so that we can get more knowledge. It's a huge rabbit hole though, so be warned! You can lose yourself for days going through WoBs
  6. Sure! Have you checked out Arcanum yet? Or the Coppermind? There are tons of tidbits in both that will help you understand the background Cosmere mechanics.
  7. Umm, I think the actual term we used was Odiumium.
  8. Absolutely not. Hemalurgy can be used anywhere in the Cosmere. In fact, this is part of what makes it so dangerous, and relevant to the Cosmere at large. Khriss is very interested in its potential, and that's not because it's bound to Scadrial. You can even use hemalurgy to steal a Shardblade from someone. The living kind would be harder, because there's free will involved with the spren, but you could steal a dead one.
  9. Here's mine, ordered from Weller. "Who founded Silverlight, and when?" "RAFO. But it was a while ago..."
  10. While I agree that he'll be staying on Roshar a while, what makes you think he got rid of his Breaths? He Awakened the doll to save the little girl, but that didn't take much - Hoid is at (at least) the Second Heightening; the Breath to Awaken that doll wouldn't make much of a dent.
  11. Aha! I KNEW it! Nale has a spren! Poor Dalinar. Nothing can ever go right for him.
  12. Yes, UK edition. I have both, and forgot which one I was reading!
  13. In the epigraph of Ch. 92 (Kindle edition - I haven't checked the hardcover yet) a space is missing. It says "However, it isclear" instead of "is clear". Also in ch. 93, when Adolin and Azure are talking. According to Kindle it's location 17352ish. Adolin asks "You've traveled in this place before?" Azure's response continues on the same line, rather than having a break between speakers. Ch 99. Location 18197. "W hat a sick, sick mind you have, Kaladin." Should be "What" Ch. 104, location 19018 Sebarial says "I don't know if I can a ford to pay men to do the work instead." Should be afford.
  14. Well, that was quite the emotional roller coaster! Vivenna... I was suspicious that she was something different immediately, but didn't realize it was Vivenna until she said "White on black". Female, better (less dangerous) version of Nightblood? Sounds good! I can't wait to read Nightblood to see how that came to be. Poor Kaladin... Aesudan bonded Yelignar? That's... Wow. I knew she was nuts, but didn't expect that. I was expecting Adolin to die in these chapters, not Elhokar. I'm glad it ended up this way instead; I would have been so upset if we lost Adolin! But still, RIP. And Sah, and Khen... So extra people in Shadesmar. Pattern, Syl. Was the other one Vivenna's sword or Adolin's? What were the two huge spren next to them? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SQUIRES?!! We can't lose them... OH! I forgot. I can't remember which part it was in, so I'll just leave it here. The Ghostbloods didn't know about Kaladin, but knew of another bonded person, and made sure they died. Tien had a spren?!!! Certainly not confirmed, but... It must be!
  15. Did anybody ever read the Night’s Dawn Trilogy? The Voidbringer situation reminds me very strongly of that. I can’t help but wonder if the conflict will be resolved in the same way. Ambition’s vessel’s name? Bavadin, Sazed. Weird having multiple letters in one part, but I’ll take it! waters? Obrodai? Hmm... So I had thought perhaps Venli would end up Odium’s champion, but maybe Moash instead? His arc did not take him where I expected. Can’t tell if there will be redemption there or if he’ll truly fight for Odium as some humans did in the visions. Venli could still, but seeing that comet spren by Eshonai’s corpse could be a sign otherwise. She seems to lie to herself about her resolve... Odium = Passion? Well then. Unexpected. And complicated. Maybe not as clear cut motivation as we thought. That actually makes me worry for the Dalinar/Navani relationship...