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  1. I think it's important to note that while the first oath might be 'meaningless' to us as readers looking at the whole spectrum of orders, to each individual person making the oath, it means something specific and meaningful. So it's not an open-ended oath to those taking it, only to those of us looking at the system as a whole.
  2. I couldn't fail to disagree less.
  3. You think I didn't think of that? Remember, one of the guys in that scene has no bullets in his gun. Ha!
  4. Deific Mexican Standoff. Awesome.
  5. I never stopped thinking that the actual effect of a speed bubble would be to mess up anything that went in or out. Like a bullet leaving would have the forward part moving faster than the rear, causing it to rip itself apart and leave more like a shotgun blast than a bullet. Or if a cadmium bubble, it would compress itself into minimum space as it leaves. Same thing with an arm or leg, really. Pretty much anything that goes in or out should be destroyed.
  6. Unfortunately for you, it was a rainspren that was the nearest available.
  7. 2014 called. It wants its question back.
  8. I'm a big PG fan, I can't align what that song is about with what Odium's eyes are saying.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's the low end guess of where Rysn is headed.
  10. Since when have we seen Nale in fear of his life? Even when drawing his blade, he's always been using it to pick on those weaker then him.
  11. It's simple. They have to spawn in different places otherwise they'd have to worry about campers.
  12. I agree that something about this topic is definitely being held back. Even in my first read through of OB, I found myself anticipating the scene where Dalinar bonds with Gallant, but of course it it did not show up. Surely this was an important enough event in Dalinar's life? The fact that it was glazed over does let loose a few anticpationspren about what it might mean. All we've seen is a hint of the process with regard to Adolin.
  13. I looked at the math and not only does it fail the gut test (my gut tells me it's wrong), the math is correct but the initial assumptions are wrong. First few lines: Wrong given. Density of granite is 2691 kg/m^3. Someone can check my math but think about it: water is 1 kg/liter, or 1000 kg/m^3. Rock is denser. So that calc is off by a factor of 100. There would be a big boom.