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  1. Nice to see someone using crochet for good instead of evil for a change.
  2. Hitler lost. Bomber Harris of the UK would likely have been called one had the war gone the other way. Or the U.S.'s LeMay of the Japanese firebombing campaign, who went so far as to admit it: Stalin, who won, would easily have met those same definitions - in many respects, the man was more of a monster than Hitler himself. Ramifications? None. In-world Jasnah has the right of it as mentioned above: murder is a legal definition. War crimes are that too, but are often used for political reasons as much as for what was done.
  3. You could call it the "Iron Man." I'll see myself out.
  4. I believe she's actually been proven right. She said the almighty likely exists, just that he is not capital G God. Whatever awareness she now has from a combination of events on Roshar and conversations with Hoid, I believe she probably thinks that she nailed it. I'd say so too.
  5. Whoa Nellie! You may find out the answer to the question about the soulcasting range if you try that one. Maybe ask her to have a drink first? I'd ask her what Hoid told her about the Cosmere. She wouldn't answer, at least not fully, but that's what I'm burning to know.
  6. I think it's important to note that while the first oath might be 'meaningless' to us as readers looking at the whole spectrum of orders, to each individual person making the oath, it means something specific and meaningful. So it's not an open-ended oath to those taking it, only to those of us looking at the system as a whole.
  7. I couldn't fail to disagree less.
  8. You think I didn't think of that? Remember, one of the guys in that scene has no bullets in his gun. Ha!
  9. Deific Mexican Standoff. Awesome.
  10. I never stopped thinking that the actual effect of a speed bubble would be to mess up anything that went in or out. Like a bullet leaving would have the forward part moving faster than the rear, causing it to rip itself apart and leave more like a shotgun blast than a bullet. Or if a cadmium bubble, it would compress itself into minimum space as it leaves. Same thing with an arm or leg, really. Pretty much anything that goes in or out should be destroyed.
  11. Unfortunately for you, it was a rainspren that was the nearest available.
  12. 2014 called. It wants its question back.
  13. I'm a big PG fan, I can't align what that song is about with what Odium's eyes are saying.