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  1. >>> LG92: Process of Elimination SE is a simple game. Well, if it’s an LG anyway. Twenty-plus players chase a bunch of red herrings for two weeks or so, and at the end, the Eliminators always win. All good fun. ‘Course, it becomes a lot less funny when SE players themselves are getting replaced, and not by pinch-hitters. Call them ‘Eliminators’, I guess. That’s close enough, yeah? Maybe they’re just bots. Maybe they’re some sort of eldritch drek. Hell if I know. SE is a simple game. But sometimes, the game plays you. >>> General Rules: >>> Win Conditions: >>> Quick Links: >>> Sign-ups are open now and will close on Friday, 27th January 2022, at 1100hrs SGT (GMT +8) / 10PM EST. Rollovers will take place at the same time. My co-GM is @Fifth Scholar, while the IM for the game is @Elandera. Players are reminded that this game is a blackout, flipless game. Whilst we have done our best to ensure a balanced and fun experience, it is possible you may also find the game intensely frustrating. Please seriously consider if you can handle such a game format before signing up, in order to avoid disappointment. Please also be reminded to desist from posting in the thread until we can reserve the next post. We will always do so in order to collect both the current player list and the most recent set of rule clarifications for easy access.
  2. I feel like warning y'all was pointless. The real people who shoulda been warned were Fifth and me...
  3. You people have generally been discovering new cases I don't always cover, minus the weird Tani vote issue D1 where for some reason, both Tani's and Bookwyrm's votes were coded in <font> tags under <p> instead of <span> which is proper procedure. Do not know why, all my attempts to replicate this have failed, and I recall it was allergic to Orlok's votes as well. The short is just vote normally, and alert me if the vote tallies do not capture your votes correctly. Everytime I see an edge case, I will update how Tallybot IDs colours or players in order to allow for it. Tallybot used to only accept 'Matrim' or 'Matrim's Dice', it now accepts 'Mat' as a valid vote. FWIW, Xino was smarter during his game - he just required people to use a vote flag, but eh, I'd rather not mandate an entire data input method to get this to work, so I'm happy to just run Tallybot and manually cross-check with Fifth. Edited to add: To be clear, Drake and I are pretty sure we don't think it's a problem located in what Tani/Bookwyrm did - it's likely Shard-side. Maybe the Shard is screaming at the thread volume. Things sure got glitchy around here last cycle. Something to do with the Eliminators, maybe? Edited to add 2: I suspect it only accepts Matrim because Drake calls Mat Matrim a lot but I could be Matripping and confusing him with Orlok, maybe.
  4. It's fine, I already coded it properly, don't worry It's actually worse because it doesn't accept Matrim's Dice, requiring me to go recode it in. It's fine everything is under control this message isn't sponsored by Wyrm or Drake. Edited to add: Actually nevermind disregard that I forgot it already regexes for Matrim's Dice, go past me/Drake.
  5. I don't care, you're not going to keep it on you anyway so I can just log your final vote later :eyes:
  6. K frankly it's been a long day at work and I'm too tired to go through this twenty page monster. I fully vibe with Orlok right now >:( Anyway. For the moment, I am going to take Tallybot's count as correct. If you see your vote missing, you know the drill: @ me or Fifth and stop confusing poor Tallybot it's doing it's damnedest Hail Drake Edit: @_Stick_ Do not @ me, I know, I have fixed it, Tallybot was having trouble processing Mat
  7. Brave of you to believe there isn't an exorcist-type role :eyes:
  8. Passive roles have action slots too - they just don't use them. It's sort of like how Thug survival doesn't require them to use an action, such that if your Thug is putting in a NK in Tyrian, they die if someone sneezes on them.
  9. Hi people: Please remember that double-posting is discouraged. You can edit in anything you want to say by demarcating it as an edit and a new line in your previous post. The only cases in which we encourage double-posting are if it's been hours and no one is going to show up, post-length reasons, and editing in a vote (DO NOT DO THIS, WE WOULD RATHER YOU DOUBLE POST INSTEAD.) Thank you.
  10. Officially, each player has only one action slot per Turn. However, there is an exception/edge case which I'm PAFOing. And no.
  11. Sigh >> Blackout + Flipless = BREAD Add yellowification as a mechanic that can potentially trigger and it was important to actively discourage players who might feel trapped into a game that was more than they bargained for. We couldn't up and reveal yellowification is a thing but.
  12. IT IS URBAIN ORANGE Y'ALL GODLESS HEATHENS >:( God, it's going to be called yellowification from now on, right? This is my punishment for running this game...
  13. No comment on how orange state of existence works, but: I know >>
  14. You know, I have a cold right now and given all that misery, I missed the . and was like "You know bhai, I'll answer your questions just fine, you don't have to call me 'holy Kasimir.'" >> Anyway. PAFO for the general set-up in terms of how ascending to a higher plane of existence occurs. If the one-final-vote set-up that Striker/Devo describe happens to an Elim, then yes, the Elim could use it for that purpose.
  15. LG92: N1 - What The Hell, SE >>> Striker was removed. The Night has begun and will end on Monday, 30th January 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)!
  16. Might've been because that idea ran by quite a few players during the AG, and Hael, Drake, and I were collectively coming up with a Phoenix Wright type game where the player in the lead for the exe at Rollovet can demand a trial by jury. I think I might've asked you for thoughts as well. But no, that jury mechanic is not in this game.
  17. Must be a nice switch, considering how often you get sussed. And hey, at least I didn't try kill you this time Thanks, but I think it's more on the Village - I died fairly early. And tbh I'm still very thrown by the fact Flamingo isn't Maili but is Araris >> I know I tend to be less willing to push Araris, but hot damn this is bad.
  18. How does it feel to have actually been scanned Village by a Villager who then proceeds to take your protection seriously for the rest of the game?
  19. Sir, I was a respectable security officer doing my damnedest to stop the bloodthirsty mobs on the Survivor from murdering each other by confiscating their highly valuable and also dangerous weapons! >:(
  20. Slightly under eight and a half hours to rollover. Get those actions in!