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Sanderson Elimination



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LG 5: Khas, (underpaid) soldier of the tenth dahn, Highprince Roion's army (Ghostblood), killed in a Shardblade duel.
MR 1: Kasimar, waiting for Rejkvar (darkeyes, true Voidbringer), thrice-killed in the riots. ...still speechless.
LG 6: Kaim, retired thief-taker (Good Guy Padan Fain), killed by not-so-friendly fire.
QF 2: Kai, definitely not Wyrm's younger half-brother, with a possibly-imaginary ferret (loyal Powder Monkey), shot.
LG 7: Kassel Erikell, amateur philosopher (logician) and general dabbler (Lurcher, House Urbain), euthanised by his half-brother. Loyal to the last.
QF3: Kasir, general purveyor of goods, Worldhopping (sleazy) peddler (Civilian), killed by Gamma's dice.
MR3: Samuel Kessen, Britannian patriot and general madman, (Forgotten), survived, received Medal of Honor.
MR4: Kaddar, one-eyed veteran spearman with a fondness for riddles (Lighteyed King's Wit), bulletproof. Tougher than a tardigrade!
AG: Karnad, courier employed by Lord Prelan Tevidian (Regular Villager), failed his Leap of Faith.
QF6: Bernie Kassig, Swiss who thinks the world isn't real (The Cryptologist), died saving Stephen's life.
LG12: Kaian, runaway ex-monk with a ferret (Dula, Wyrmimir's Bro Lovers with Kiireon), burned to death in the Desolation of Elantris.
MR7, QF40: Shi KwaiRan, MaiPon artist and assassin (GM)
QF9: Kirias, BSc (Hons) BioChromatics, dutiful and long-suffering high priest to Redcross the Healer (Spectator)
MR9: Koschei Jerzy, obligator in the Canton of Finance, with a long-standing rivalry with Wyrm Heron (Skaa, turned Spectator), turned agent of the Inquisition.
LG15: Karsten Arnkell, Chief Engineer on board the Shardship, also a Nicroburst. (Spectator) [First playthrough]
LG15b: Sonder Kessligh, nervous and inexperienced ship's Fourth Engineer (Loyalist Crewmember), tasked to the cooling and sewage systems, died fighting. [Second playthrough]
AG2: Kassien Estvaril, ex-noble and town apothecary (Village Smoker), killed with a spike through the throat in his own apothecary.
LG20: Karnan, lighteyed swordsman, Son of Honor, and bodyguard to Brightlord Terneas, tricked into working for the (Ghostbloods).
LG28: Kasther, intrepid explorer and freelancer for the Hallendren Real Estate Agency, stranded in L-space (Sub-GM)
QF20: Kjartan, a Nord (Guest) who calls himself the Boot of Stendarr, guided by his Mus; died punishing an evil painting for Stendarr!
LG 29: Tenth of the Dusk / Kaikoa, a former Eelakin trapper, now a bounty hunter.
QF29: Valens, a former nobleman (Joy Rioter) in Breeze's crew, died in the Red Wedding Cycle 4 slaughter.
MR7/AN6: Amber Vulture, the prettiest birb and the Head Arbiter of the Heritage Faction, tragically killed by his Emperor.
QF40: Shuos KanSeun, a chronicler and archivist for the Discovery Faction (GM)
MR38a: Kavan, messenger from King Brand of Dale; seeking aid, more detours than Odysseus.
MR38b: Aranmir, a captain arrived from Gondor, chasing a dream (Heir of Isildur.)
??: Asim, professional spy for the Rose Empire, travelling under the guise of a courier.
??: Kamsil, a blind itinerant swordsman, just passing through.
??: Kasim, witch doctor from elsewhere.


Talking Heads - Contributed greatly to the current longest Google doc (dead doc, MR 1, House Urbain, LG 7).
Aggro Magnet - Attacked a total of 5 times across 2 cycles [Cycles 2 and 3] (MR 1).
Talking Heads Part II - Participated in the longest 3-person PM in a Sanderson Elimination game (LG 6).
MVP - Team Stephen (QF 6)
Public Enemy - Died the most number of times (86%) to Eliminator kills.

Ner Aliit:
Aliit ori'shya tal'din. Ni tal'gala bal arana. Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, vode an.



-Wyrmhero: King, Second Favourite Person of the Month[MR1]
-Alvron: Sarge [LG5]
-TheMightyLopen: Skaa Bro [MR9]
-Gamma Fiend: Great Lord [LG7]
-Renegade: Ren [MR1, LG7]
-Seonid: Favourite Person of the Month

SE Writings:
Nine Characters In Search of Answers - In which two of the living attempt to pay their dues to the dead.

Fun Fact:
Except for in QF2, where he died on Week 3, Kas has always died on Night/Cycle 2 when playing as a Regular.


Heirs to the Final Empire




Generation 2: Lord Kyril Heron - The Tower By The Sea
Generation 3: Lord Aniketos Heron - The Drowned and the Saved
Generation 3: Anaximander Heron - The Fire-Burnt Hills
Generation 4: Lord Kyrus Heron - Into The West
Generation 4: Thales Heron - The Principle of All Things
Generation 5: Lady Jocasta Heron - The Sound of Thunder
Generation 5: Sofia Heron - Der Bestirnte Himmel Über Mir
Generation 5: Thalia Heron - The Ocean's Wake
Generation 6: Athán Heron - The Light and the Sea
Generation 6: Dion Heron - ?