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  1. I'd like to request a spec doc link if possible Just because I can't commit my time doesn't mean I don't wanna watch my ex-Lover in action.
  2. Brings back all the memories, but unfortunately, I don't have the time for this. Best of luck to everyone playing, and all the best to Hreo and the other co-GMs :>
  3. Bored + fell sick so I dug up an old beot I wrote for myself ages ago (pre-LG12) and updated it a bit. It's unpolished and I'm meh about it, but.
  4. This was fun, and I enjoyed my personal challenge, which was to do everything in RP, and nothing else. Congrats to Team Foliage, and thanks for a great and fun game, guys! Hope to catch y'all around in SE sometime again, though I'm currently on my way out for a while I'd kinda hoped to survive to the last round, 'cause Skaa Bro and I had an awesome idea for how Valens's character arc was gonna end, but I know these things happen, and I was actually pretty much expecting to be lynched on D1, so that idea will just have to remain an idea Special mad props to Alv for being cool and RPing in our PMs, and to Kynedath for playing along with my RP. I really did not expect anyone to engage me in RP (since I was doing it in PMs as well) and I have to say you changed the entire trajectory of Valens' character from my initial plans! And most importantly, thanks for GMing and your patience with my questions, Skaa Bro. I'll probably be heading off the site for a while again due to life and reasons, but am glad to have had the amazing experience of this game :>
  5. Valens was extremely tired and not minded to be eloquent. Steeldancer had stuck his head into the bar and muttered something about coming back later. Valens mentally filed him away in the same category as those who needed to say more, but was fine with letting the issue rest for the moment. He decided to retract his suspicion of Drought, not because he trusted Drought, but because crew members who failed to show up for two consecutive days would be brought before Breeze regardless. As his voiced suspicion had failed to draw Drought out of the woodwork, he saw no point in pressing the issue; let Breeze deal with Drought, if Drought continued in silence. The same applied to Farron and Pestis, as far as Valens was concerned. "Inquisitor got your tongue, Jax Sangrin Lekal?" Valens drawled, cracking his knuckles. "Funny that you've spent the previous day reminding us all to be wary of those who vote without solid reasoning, sufficient to convince the rest of us over. But I couldn't hear any of your reasoning at all. Guess the sound of my name must've drowned it out. Strange, isn't it?" [OOC: Managed to come back, but will not be around for rollover. This is as much as I can manage. See you guys on the other side.] Edited to include hyperlink to Darkness's original post claiming we need A. solid reasoning, B. to convince the other players in order to place a lynch vote.
  6. asgajgfdejhfbkhjklr y u do dis guys D: see what you made me do i had to sad vengeance rp rip kas Valens drew a long, shaky breath, and forced himself to rise, to re-enter the bar. It was done, then. He could not take it back. Nils was gone. And still the Inquisition's plants were among them, killing them one by one. Though he had indicated Mon, his suspicions of Mon, in all honesty, had not been particularly robust. But Valens remembered one of Taze's favourite cons--you pretended to be more helpless, more clueless, than you really were. You got people to lower their guard. And then you blindsided them. Rust, Valens had used that con himself on occasion. Mon expressing confusion about the rules of the game had seemed a little too convenient. He now knew it had been genuine, though. The knife in Mon's back had made that sufficiently clear. He still wasn't--quite--comfortable with the sudden, late way that the voices fingering Nils had accumulated, but he was forced to admit he did not know if it was reason or raw emotion speaking. And one of them had been Mon. Perhaps it was worth looking at Cactus again, for even Inquisition plants could sometimes do the unexpected, in order to gain some trust. But Valens wasn't sure what to think. Cactus's reasoning had not been terribly off; in fact, it had matched Valens's own when he exorted ensuring someone was taken to Breeze and dealt with. Yet there was the question of why Cactus had not made a more forceful case for pairing up--had, in fact, held off until the second meeting. If there was something that counted as madness, perhaps it was questioning the very person you'd agreed to partner up with, to watch each other's backs. Valens was not certain. But still, the question had to be asked. (And why was literally nobody else partnering up? T. Foil had privately agreed that partnering up seemed a wise option. And yet despite that, Valens remained the only one with a partner!) He was still uneasy about Mac and Jax. His misgivings had not changed. But there was something else to consider. It seemed highly likely--though fallibly so--that the Inquisition would have a Fear Rioter among their numbers. Yet, if anything, they'd seen almost no uses of metal thus far. That seemed passing strange, though not entirely so. If Team Foliage did in fact have a Fear Rioter, then one of himself, Jax, Merb, Steeldancer, and Farron was likely to be with the Inquisition. The rejoinder was that Valens wasn't sure one wanted to be pointing fingers strictly on the basis of one's metal and specialisation. After all, was it utterly beyond the pale that the Inquisition in fact lacked a Fear Rioter? Maybe the universe had a sense of humour. And then there was the issue of whether there were any other Passion Rioters besides Sabine. Valens suspected that there likely were not, for it seemed no one at all had been tested by a Passion Rioter. Yet it seemed as well that the Foliage kills, thus far, had unerringly struck amongst the ranks of the Rioters. Likely they feared the scrutiny a Passion Rioter could bring to bear on their own. Certainly, the Inquisition could not kill too many Rioters, for fear of exposing their own. Yet Valens was decently certain that it seemed extremely likely that at least one of the existing Rioters swore loyalty to the Lord Ruler. It was a narrow field, however. Farron had never even shown up to Breeze's meeting, whereas Merb had mentioned he was preoccupied with tasks and would be back the next day. Between Jax and Steeldancer, Valens supposed he would prefer to hear from Steeldancer. Jax's behaviour was certainly odd, but it didn't scream 'Ministry Plant.' And this was even assuming that looking among the Rioters was a good idea! In the end, what decided him was that he could not remember hearing from Drought since that first day. He thought he could--just faintly--hear the sound of dice rolling in his head as he made his decision. [OOC: I don't think Drought is in any danger, but tonight/tomorrow is pretty busy for me. Not that I think you guys will notice my absence anyway. I'll try to check back in, but failing which, I hope Drought will not be in too much danger. If I get back in time to swap my vote, barring any new developments in the cycle, the next most likely candidate for me would be Steeldancer.] Edited for formatting.
  7. It was only when he was alone that Valens found himself slumping down against the wall, his legs giving way beneath him. He drew his knees up against his chest. Nils was dead. She had to be. He'd seen the others as they'd dragged her away, and she hadn't even turned out to be a Ministry plant. She'd been loyal all along, and he'd...he hadn't been able to bring himself to trust her. He couldn't help it, now. He looked down at his hands--clenched and unclenched his fists. Why were they shaking? He couldn't seem to make them stop. Too many memories flooded his mind: the way Nils smiled; the way it cut through him like a knife, that particular amused set of her shoulders, her grace, her laugh... He knew he hadn't brought this down on her, knew they hadn't been anything to each other for a long time. They were friends now, he'd agreed. Just friends. Your name in my heart. Always. Even now. Why did it hurt so much? Once you let love into your heart, it seemed love didn't always choose to leave. You couldn't stop loving someone, just because you'd decided or agreed to. The heart had a will of its own. They'd taken her, but he couldn't find it in himself to hate the others. They needed to find the Ministry plants, or they'd be dead themselves. They were doing what they were supposed to, what Valens himself had been doing. Except... he hesitated. The last few voices in favour of Nils's being taken to Breeze had come at the very end, almost as if... No, he told himself. This made no sense. After all, Mon had died, killed by the infiltrators among them. And what did the Ministry's plants care about forcing the death of one of Breeze's crew? Surely since there had been argument over whom to suspect, they need only sit back and watch events unfolding. But he didn't know, and that was the rub, and now the risk haunted him. There was no joy in him, now, and in any case, he could not Riot himself, nor did he desire to. Instead, Valens buried his head in his hands, and wept like a beaten child. [OOC: Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum, Kyne'ika. You will be avenged.]
  8. Valens sighed and knocked back his glass. It wasn't as good as the wine Sabine had procured, but if he was to be honest, he wasn't much for wine, anyway. What did he have to do to get a good Scotch around here? (Pay up, apparently.) Not all of the crew had wandered in, which only made things more difficult. Perhaps the Inquisition's spies weren't even among them. Lord Ruler, he felt like a mushroom set to do battle with plants. Kept in the dark and fed crap. "That isn't unreasonable," he said, to Arinian. He tried to suppress the annoyance that swelled up in him, when Arinian had expressed suspicion of Nils. He knew Nils. Or did he? [OOC: This is just RP. I have no reason to trust Kynedath/Nils.] "After all, we've only been at this one day. We have very little information to run on. But that only makes it all the more paramount that we discuss among ourselves, and talk about who will be sent to Breeze. And so Jax I distrust, if only because with such scant information, I would be personally suspicious of anyone who claimed at this point to have solid, well-formed arguments for why so-and-so among us should be taken to Breeze as a traitor. And so if we wait for sufficient back-up, we will not--at this stage--get it. Waiting will only continue our poor informational situation. And moreover, we have no guarantee that whoever we single out tonight will even be taken to Breeze. One might almost wonder if Jax was trying to stall our attempts to find the traitors." He signalled for a refill. "That being said, Jax is not wrong. It likely costs the Ministry's plants almost nothing to simply throw out a vote in the hopes that the cosmic dice are in their favour. After all, a chance of death is better than nothing. It's something worth watching out for as we accrue information. I'd be curious to know why he thinks I'm a likely plant, though. Strong words, coming from someone with a nobleman's name." He smiled, crookedly. "All things considered, as mentioned, I think it's too dangerous to go alone. Take someone!" Hopefully, more people would be cautious and pair up. One for sorrow, one for joy, Valens thought, even as he lined up the two drink glasses. "That being said...I'm not sure about Monmet. Monmet could be genuinely confused, or could be playing it up." He just wasn't sure which. I'll be honest guys, I almost wrote Braize instead of Breeze. Whoops.
  9. "Well, rust," Valens scowled, into his drink. "That could've gone better." In fact, really, he wasn't sure it could've gone much worse. Sabine was dead. Sabine was a Passion Rioter. Valens had always admired Sabine's deft touch with the passions, though his own specialisation was for a much less complicated, much less textured emotion. Valens specialised in joy. Joy, he thought, was uncomplicated: even a child could feel pure, unadulterated joy. He hadn't had the chance to actually Riot joy in a while, though. Most of Breeze's recent jobs had called for crew members with other specialisations. There were so many things Valens wanted to say, but he just didn't know where to begin. Start with the previous night: he had shot down Cactus's idea, almost at once. Truth was, Valens didn't think it was that bad an idea at all. In fact, he'd really thought it was pretty good. Simply put, having someone to watch your back seemed a generally wise idea when there were Inquisition spies about with a penchant for sticking knives into backs. What surprised Valens greatly was that not a single person had commented on Cactus's idea. What surprised Valens most was that not a single person had condemned him for what, in truth, had been a sloppy outright rejection of Cactus's idea, without so much as a piece of reasoning presented for it. As far as Valens was concerned, he intended to continue going around with a partner. Sure, he wasn't sure if he could trust pretty much anyone else in the crew. You knew someone over the course of several jobs, but that wasn't as good as truly knowing them. And everyone had heard about what had happened to Kelsier. Betrayed by his own rusting wife. It was enough to turn a man to drink, to harden the edges of his heart. He wasn't going to think about Nils. Not right now. That Arinian seemed pretty shady, though there was no telling. Valens also felt uneasy about Jax, Gio, and Mac, though as a matter of principle, he could not--quite--exempt anyone from distrust. Even Nils, and wasn't that thought like grasping a handful of smouldering coals? And there was the problem of who they were going to present to Breeze. He'd held off of Sabine last night, and now, he quietly thanked that gut feeling that'd told him it was a bad, bad idea. He trusted Cactus only a little--for Cactus's strategy was one a Ministry plant had little reason to propose, all things considered--but Valens, more than anyone, knew the limits of reason. You didn't survive in the thieving crews without developing a little paranoia. And was it really paranoia if they were out to get you? Either way, Valens though, they were going to need to bring someone to Breeze. If they didn't, they were going to be in trouble, especially if the Inquisition's plants continued to successfully pick them off. And there was no guarantee that Breeze would even be there to examine their suspect. As much as he disliked the idea of an entire mob, since that was where the Inquisition best hid, it seemed to Valens that they were going to need to collate more suspicions. He hoped that if there were any Anger specialists out there, though, that they would monitor the situation and take appropriate action. Goading people into fights recklessly was a bad idea. But so was sitting around and letting the Inquisition kill the crew off, one by one. In the end, it came down to a judgement call, albeit one that wasn't Valens to make. [OOC: Even the 30% bonus won't help us if the original percentage is say, 1/8 or something. If we want the lynch to go down -- and yes, this is D2, we will need it to go down -- we're going to have to put more votes out there. I don't necessarily advocate a bandwagon, though a 100% lynch would be nice, but we do need votes to be at least > 50-60%. Depending on the situation, Anger Rioters may need to anger.] Edited for formatting. Also edited to add more content because my timezone sucks and I see the empty thread below me and weep from loneliness.
  10. Valens sighed and accepted the wineglass, knocking it back for courage. "Thank you, Sabine," he murmured, tiredly. It had been a terribly long night, and all in all, he wanted nothing more than to take his leave. Still, before that, he had one last task. He clambered up onto his chair, balancing carefully--the chair had a shaky leg--and cupped his hands over his mouth. "May I have your attention please?" He admitted: he cheated, flaring zinc in order to stoke their interest. They would be feeling curiosity, of course. Valens yanked--hard. There was no finesse to it; no subtlety, no grace. They all knew what he was doing. But for the moment, he had their attention. "I am leaving," said Valens. "For the night. However, there is one thing you might want to consider." He drew in a deep breath. "We should be careful of aired suspicions. Know that as Breeze has already informed us, there may be many Ministry plants among us." His eyes swept across the room, moving from familiar face to familiar face. "Each of us has a voice. To be sure, for those of us who have only voiced one suspicion, this is not a difficulty. Any chance that our suspect will be dragged to face Breeze is relatively small. But. Remember that if we do not find a clear, predominant suspect, then each of the suspects we have indicated thus far will face an increased chance [OOC: 30%] of death." "I do not presume to tell you what to do with your expressed suspicions. All I counsel is that we either withdraw our suspects, or that we refrain from a tie. A tie simply means that more than one of us will be dragged to face Breeze and we all know what Breeze is likely to do with traitors. I myself am withdrawing my suspicions from Sabine for the time being. I do not think I can last much longer without sleep. Thank you, all, and have a good night." He hopped off the chair, and left. Edited brass to zinc as my brain derped on what the Rioter's metal is supposed to be.
  11. "You drink here?" Valens asked, trying to sound casual as he slid into a seat next to Wilson, but maintaining a polite distance. "That rust can strip paint, you know." He signalled, nevertheless, for a drink. To be fair, there were actually good wines and whiskeys to be had here--Breeze would never stand for anything less--but Valens never bothered paying for them. So he was left with something nominally called alcohol, that seared its way down his throat, and tasted like something he'd clean the gutters with. Lord Ruler, what was this power beyond Allomancy, that drew one person to another? He felt it, that hook in his heart, tugging at his gut. The physical attraction had always been there, of course, but they'd burned hard and fast and then guttered and died out altogether. They'd gotten back together, once or twice more, but they'd always fallen out again. And shouldn't he know better by now? Roark would've said so. It wasn't good, wasn't healthy. You needed more than just physical attraction, to make a relationship work, and Valens wondered--not for the first time--how they had gotten to this point. One of the servers brought over his drink, and Valens drank, hard and fast, but still he coughed and spluttered. He told himself it was a matter of getting used to it, but the first plunge always hurt the most. In more ways than one. He remembered, though. Strange how he could remember the!joy!leaping within his chest, once. Now he felt--he didn't feel unhappy, Valens thought. Or maybe this form of pain was something ubiquitous. There were songs, and songs, and poems, and ballads and ten-boxing plays, all devoted to the suffering one heart caused another. His was just another story among so many. Who would mourn its ending? "Lots of people in tonight," he added, since Wilson wasn't saying anything. "Breeze must've called a general meeting. Don't think I've heard from Sabine though. Have you?"
  12. Somehow, even while waiting for Wilson's response, Valens managed to turn to where Cactus had been addressing the room. "How about no?" he said, flatly.
  13. Inquisition spies. Valens almost, almost thought he could hear the sound of dice rolling in his head. You didn't play around, when the Lord Ruler's Inquisitors came by. But life was about risk, about rolls of the dice. You chose what you wanted, weighed the outcomes according to your desires. He flipped a clip idly, toying with it. Thing was, he could've run, but the pragmatic part of Valens knew that wasn't going to work. Once the Inquisition had come to play, you were in for it. It took a very, very careful man to shake off an Inquisition spy, and if they were in the heart of Breeze's crew, then the Inquisition was far too close for comfort; they'd left far too many trails of information in their wake. He took a deep breath. He could do this. He could all but imagine what Roark would say, if Roark hadn't already given up and left. He headed across the room to join Wilson. It was amazing, Valens thought, how much power one person could have over another. You didn't always choose to give your heart to another. No wonder people spoke of theft, of stealing hearts. And breaking them. Such a fragile thing, really. Your name in my heart, he remembered saying. "I know it's been some time," Valens said, quietly, to Wilson. "And much has happened since then. Still... You were my first love, Wilson. You will always be. Will you be my last love?" Edited for formatting.
  14. Just discovered that someone liked a fic I wrote (for a different fandom) so much that they produced fanart for it. Wow, I don't know who you are, but thank you and I'm glad you loved it?