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  1. Might've been because that idea ran by quite a few players during the AG, and Hael, Drake, and I were collectively coming up with a Phoenix Wright type game where the player in the lead for the exe at Rollovet can demand a trial by jury. I think I might've asked you for thoughts as well. But no, that jury mechanic is not in this game.
  2. Must be a nice switch, considering how often you get sussed. And hey, at least I didn't try kill you this time Thanks, but I think it's more on the Village - I died fairly early. And tbh I'm still very thrown by the fact Flamingo isn't Maili but is Araris >> I know I tend to be less willing to push Araris, but hot damn this is bad.
  3. How does it feel to have actually been scanned Village by a Villager who then proceeds to take your protection seriously for the rest of the game?
  4. Sir, I was a respectable security officer doing my damnedest to stop the bloodthirsty mobs on the Survivor from murdering each other by confiscating their highly valuable and also dangerous weapons! >:(
  5. Slightly under eight and a half hours to rollover. Get those actions in!
  6. I have been asked this: a regular survival will be written up as a regular survival. I'm sure anyone who has played the recent AG will be very familiar with what survivals sound like!
  7. Now you know how I felt sitting on the sidelines as the Security Officer...
  8. Tbh so am I :eyes:
  9. Congrats as well!
  10. Using Urbain orange. We'll stick with it as I don't want Fifth to suffer unnecessarily when he does the next cycle.
  11. To be clear, further questions on this part is a PAFO.
  12. I would be very entertained! For all intents and purposes, Striker is mostly dead, just very stubborn. He can still be targeted by various actions but kills and removals will no longer work on him. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger. He also doesn't count to parity in his current state of existence.
  13. I channel my destructive impulses into trolling and compulsively lying to Elims rather than killing Villagers and razing Tyrian to the ground?
  14. Some Meerkats just want to watch Tyrian burn. Or at least, to lie extensively and compulsively about the identity of pretty much every player just for kicks