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  1. —"Sandworms of Dune," Frank Herbert, 1977. I'm definitely getting all of that wonder from Shai-Hulud in this trailer. Stoked!
  2. I'm opposite of Truthless: I liked Inception better but Tenet is definitely worth a watch if you can do so safely. Think he called them in-laws but what he meant by that is anyone's guess. I'm currently taking it to be a meta-point about what the films do to their original genres. The wackiest theory I' ve seen that try to connect them suggest that Neil is a grown up James Cobb. Or there's the theory that Neil is Sator's son grown up—which is apparently based off people going "Why would Nolan make Pattinson dye his hair." I could see more of a connection because I can't imagine how PASIV technology wouldn't be used for espionage but other than that...
  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who slogged through and disliked Xuan Wu. I think at some points I was outright hate reading. It's not irredeemably awful but is still one of my three examples of how not to write Chinese-inspired urban fantasy.
  4. Yeah I'd definitely say it needs multiple viewings. Was a bloody good ride though. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it!
  5. Saw yesterday. What. A ride. I feel this is a movie which is best understood in at least three or four viewings, or failing which, one is better served going in thoroughly spoiled. Things that stood out for me: 1. Trying to make sense of the plot is actually giving me more of a nightmare than Dark. I think it's because inversion isn't exactly like time travel and trying to make sense of what it's like for time to be reversed for people - let alone the notion of temporal pincer movements - is especially, especially hard. 2. Standout performances from the cast IMO. Branagh is a very chilling Sator, JDW is a superb protagonist and I have no idea how he did so many stunts. Before Tenet, my main mental associations with Robert Pattinson were: Cedric Diggory, Edward Cullen, and naughty mermaid dude from the Lighthouse, so I'm pretty impressed at how he inhabited Neil and wiped that all away in my head. Debicki is just fantastic as Kat, and I love her. All hail Michael Caine again 3. I need an entire point dedicated to the tragedy of The Protagonist's and Neil's inverted friendship. The moment we saw that red string/token tied to Neil's backpack was chilling for me. 4. Theatrical indeed. Effects were superb. All respect to Pattinson for having to drive down that highway for reals. I miss Han Zimmer, but Göransson is a god. 5. Honestly, I'd rate this under Inception, and I see why the comparisons to Inception would come about. I'd say that Inception is to heist films as Tenet is to spy/Bond films. But Inception has the advantage of a more immediately accessible plot. I think half the problem for Tenet is it takes you a while to get invested and to get into the film. I think the experience would be different going in a second time, especially to catch the loops and the clues. Nolan is a fair director, after all. 6. Whatever happens, happens. Except in past tense. Neil is apparently a past Spike Spiegel. Pandemic cinema is an interesting experience, but our cases have been low and I was in a really empty cinema with social distancing out the wazoo and masks. IDK if I'd have gone otherwise, even if it's Nolan.
  6. Same way as MR38 did, with approximately 7 cycles [this is really up to me to set as it's arbitrary, but IMO a game that drags for more than 7 cycles starts to get annoying for everyone], in which the Elims must aim to get lynched (or 'elected') at least 4 out of 7 times. The difference between this game and typical Elim games are two things: first, there's no kill - a player can get silenced for a cycle (or several, I suppose, if the Elims really dislike you), and second, the aim if you are a Villager is actually to get lynched (since you want to deny the Elims 4/7 lynches, or 'seats.') The twist which I've borrowed from QF40 to make it more Avalon-like is as follows: Added the Tineye, who is the equivalent of the Merlin in Avalon, or the Reform Spy in QF40. The issue with adding a role that knows who all the bad guys are is that this needs an almost immediate nerf: nothing stops the Tineye from posting to the thread and dumping all the names of the Elims. This is why PMs are closed and why we have the General Meeting (Assassination in Avalon, and Assassination Cycle in QF40.) This is a special cycle which gives a second chance to the Elims - even if they fail to get lynched at least 4 times, as long as they can identify and lynch the Tineye in their very own private lynch (though conducted on thread with everyone participating), they win the game regardless. So the Village has to stop the Elims twice, the Elims just have to win once. This is to balance the awesome power of the Tineye. Just like in QF40 and Avalon, I've added the Watchman, who functions like Percival in Avalon, or the Reform Spy's Handler in QF40. The main function of Percival in Avalon is that he knows who Merlin is. This means that Percival especially is poised to be able to give Merlin a layer of cover (because remember; if Merlin gets assassinated, then the Elims win!) A good Percival player will also be able to use Merlin's knowledge wisely to get the correct lynches in. On a Village level, this means that Villagers have two tasks: you're playing the SE game the same way you always do, but you don't want to elect/lynch the suspicious people. You want to lynch your trusts! And you also, ideally, want to be noisy and provide as much cover for Merlin and Percival as possible, because if your Elims know who those two are, they have a 50-50 shot at winning the game. Yikes! Unlike QF40, I've dropped the Embedded Operative or Lancelot, as I feel this could make things more complicated in an unsatisfactory way. (Lancelot switches sides depending on a coin flip, and this gets more complicated in some versions of Avalon; the EO could choose their side in QF40.) Instead, I'm introducing two new roles from Avalon: the Informant (also Morgana in Avalon) and the Starling (also Mordred in Avalon.) Both Morgana and Mordred generally tilt the game towards the Elims, by making things more difficult for the Village. Morgana makes things harder for Percival because he has to figure out which of the two is which. He wants to protect one of them, and he wants to follow their hints, and he definitely does not want to protect Morgana; in fact, he wants Morgana to not be elected! (Avalon has elections too.) On the other hand, Mordred also immediately nerfs Merlin because this means Merlin does not have perfect knowledge: while he can spot most of the Elim team, there will be one person Merlin does not know is an Elim. The core of the game is still the way MR38 works, so I've included a link to the game, which might show how it'd play out in action. By including the central QF40 mechanic, all my game does is to add another dimension of deduction and play (hint: if you need a final Village lynch, the Tineye and Watchman are confirmed Village...)
  7. This is a refinement of a game I proposed years ago, when Assassin's Creed: Syndicate had just dropped a trailer. It seeks to combine the mechanics of MR38 and QF40 to result in a game that plays more like Avalon, with a healthy touch of social deduction. And it's based off the AC:S fan-made song, London Town. I intend to run this when my MR slot comes around, unless I get another idea in between. Without further ado: MR#XX: Come On Down To Irontown (aka Assassin's Creed: Elendel but Avalon.) Scadrial is transforming. Railways are being built to connect the civilised octants of Elendel with the far-flung cities and towns in the Roughs. In Elendel itself, factories are springing up all over, employing unprecedented numbers of workers. Harmony willing, Elendel will see a new era of prosperity and technological advancement. But all of this comes at a cost. Hundreds of workers find themselves increasingly crammed into small dormitories meant to take less than half their numbers. Soot and smoke from the factories linger most heavily in the industrial district, Irontown, like the legends of ash in the old days before the Final Ascension. Hours are long and the work is hard and the employers brutal. The nobles and factory owners glut themselves on boxings, and you count every last clip in the hopes of making it somewhere. Maybe it was the time Starrick’s thugs broke the legs of the last workers to demand better pay. Or maybe it was the time molten iron splashed on Tomas’s face. You still see him begging on the street on the way to your shift. They threw him out like slag. In recent days, a small group of factory workers meeting at the local establishment, The Bent Boxing, finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Come on down to Irontown, Comrade, where desperate dreams choke beneath an iron-grey sky and ash and soot are thick like the tar. Where the blood flows in the gutters and lines the pockets of the wealthy. Where the bones of the poor are buried beneath the towers that thrust into the sky, belching smog into the air and leeching poison into the waters. Come on down to Irontown, and light the flames of revolution. Oppression has to end. General Rules: Win Conditions: Roles:
  8. Dude, I figured the jig was up when Vapor revealed the vote scan because only Elan's was missing and I'd said the Thug had the vote-doesn't-count issue. I figured it might happen but figured the vote data was important. I assume that was why Mint was unhappy about it too, because it outed Elan and meant you all weren't going to potentially waste a kill.
  9. The Ashyn Study had been promptly shut down, and the interns dispersed. With it had gone his hope of sponsorship to the University in Silverlight, which if you thought about it, Maris should have expected all along. The PIs and the university personnel covered up for themselves and stuck up for each other: the unpaid interns were hung and left out to dry. At least they weren't being made to pay their medical bills. He heard some other interns were suing, but Maris wasn't going to stick around for it. He was done with Silverlight, for the moment. He was no closer He wanted to be on some other world, exploring, or learning something else. He didn't want to be stuck at Silverlight, waiting for the scraps they were willing to throw at him. Better Kadrim's watchmaking workshop than that. He had an article published in the Journal of Applied Realmatics, and a working knowledge of Realmatic theory. They'd healed him of the Ashyn diseases, and while the Ashyn interdiction didn't concern him, Maris rather thought he wasn't interested in revisiting the experience. If he wanted to get a disease, there were better and more interesting ways to catch one back home, involving delectable amounts of debauchery, the sort you'd need to bribe an Obligator to forget about. Roshar, then? Or Sel? He flipped the clip, and frowned down at it. It had wedged between the battered wooden table and the peeling wall and so had come down on edge. The Lord Ruler's profile glared sternly at him. No, he wasn't going back to Scadrial. Not quite yet. For a moment - he shaded his eyes with his hand - he thought he saw a ball of light, flickering across the small, bare room, as though it were a firefly. Folly, that. Maris scooped up his clip and slipped it back into his jacket pocket. He didn't have to decide where he was going, just right now. He knew he was leaving, and that was a start. After all, it was the journey that mattered, and not the destination. -finis?
  10. Alles klar Yes, I was startled at how much people were willing to say when I wasn't even interested in phishing for info, just suspicions.
  11. I'm going to have this framed. Approval of the kasyana! Thank you, Dark bro! Also, since I have just read the dead doc: yep- It me But honestly, I'm glad the game is over. I still have a tendency to get drawn in by puzzle-solving/a sense of obligation more than I should, and I was also really dead lucky our case loads in the past two days have been light so I could look at the cycle. Fingers crossed things will continue to go well for us, since less work for me also means fewer active cases detected which is hopefully a good thing
  12. Yeah, that makes sense. Good job though, you were more creative than me. I was just literally doing things and hoping you would get I was phishing/smiting Araris (last minute Mat), etcetera I don't really know how I expected you to get it, I'm sorry for dropping the ball, Dark bro
  13. I actually did check for that. The issue was I couldn't locate a Monday 0219hrs message at all IDK if it's a timezone thing, or if I missed something. I spent some time trawling our PM but finally gave up Good to know I didn't totally misinterpret you though! Edit: OH. D'OH. @TJ Shade sorry I figured out the problem - I didn't look far back enough, sorry
  14. No, dude, I totally did not figure that out I thought it might have been to me but I misinterpreted it. I considered sending you a message via our pre-arranged code but realised I had no good way of explaining, "No, I'm not actually planning on scanning Araris, I'm planning on neutralising him." I greatly enjoyed Village conspiring with you too - thanks for being a Villager Oh, dude, and the Illwei thing? I phished Illwei as well, hoping to test if he was a Villager or otherwise, which is why I was like "yeah maybe lynch Illwei if weird stuff goes down" in the PM, which in retrospect was probably not the most helpful thing to say. Storms, I'm glad both you and @Gears are Villagers. @Elkanah and @The_God_King: Thanks for addressing all the panicking questions - getting PAFOed was entertaining , and to Elk, thanks for the wonderful powerpoint and the RP Really enjoyed it. For context, I was sending my orders in the form of academic RPs because I was bored. Hence: All in all, thanks for running the game I had fun!