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  1. @Illwei: Ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς Have fun, prepare for glory
  2. Oh, another appreciator of Chinese fountain pens! Agreed with all of this - PenBBS is also a pretty good pen-maker, and the nibs can be swapped out (though Lamy nib-swapping is easier.) Depends on what you have in mind by a step up, really.
  3. A dice roll? So uncivilised. I vote we put all three of them in a game, give them one kill item, and watch them fight to the death for the power to represent us
  4. Do Illwei's powers work in a three-way tie though
  5. I can neither confirm nor deny creating a three-way tie instead of breaking the two-way tie.
  6. Really, guys. You create a two-way tie and leave a chance to make it three-way...?
  7. Hi Dark Bro, I know you miss me already but I haven't even been retired a month Normally this is the point at which I'd nominate my bro Wyrm to prepare for glory but I've been told I'm retired and apparently this means I must also retire from antagonising Wyrm on a daily basis. So, uh, good luck with that, Old Wyrm, see you in Braize
  8. The Urbain send their regards Seriously, only have good memories of playing with the Supreme Lynchmaster. Small world
  9. I feel like the older you get, the more you learn life is about learning to bear the unbearable, even when you don't want to :/
  10. Could be the feed as well, if it's clogged. But you have to be careful trying to run a razor along the feed. Easy to slip up and cut yourself instead, as I've done several times. I hesitate to guess baby's bottom and other nib issues without a look at it but I also imagine you've already checked for what you can. One of the replacements should hopefully do the trick. Nice! Colourverse is pricier so knowing Oxblood is very close makes me feel better about not going for Dark Energy I get this. Using all the currently-inked pens, let alone every pen, how does this work I do have an advantage over you since wet thicc nibs burn through ink faster, but
  11. Much doubt. Recovery time needed. MR is still possible (which isn't the point right now anyway since your QF is ongoing) but LG rulesets ain't anywhere near ready, either.
  12. This week: Lamy 2k BB: Papier Plume Bayou Nightfall Pelikan M205 B: Kyo-no-Oto Hisoku TWSBI Eco 1.1 Stub: Private Reserve Blue Suede Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Night Blue: Taccia Ukiyo-E Hinezu Platinum #3776 Coarse: Lennon Toolbar Watermelon As I said, I unabashedly go for thicc wet nibs a lot. This despite my handwriting being really small, to the point friends question repeatedly why I don't go UEF
  13. Either too tight or misalignment would be my guess. Will need to check alignment either way, I'd reckon, because doing anything to increase tine-gap will also affect alignment. If it's scratchy when you write rather than 'feedbacky', that's definitely a warning sign. (Feedback: writes like a pencil.)
  14. Looks good! Wingsung is honestly fairly value-for-money. Might be a flow issue with your first Wingsung too, I think, and likely a pen problem rather than the ink, though it won't help if Colorverse is dry and saturated. It looks more like it's skipping than the ink is light. You may want to check the nib/feed of the Wingsung, if you can. I remember there are apps to let you get a bit of magnification so you can check a nib with your phone, though I have to confess it's harder to do EF without a loupe. Could be! Hard to say FWIW, thought I'd let you all know as well: I've been having cracking issues with some of my F-C nib housing and on speaking to others in several pen communities, it looks like this has been an ongoing issue with JoWo nibs of late. (F-C nibs are essentially keyed JoWo.) After a lot of complaints from pen manufacturers, JoWo has put out this message: More for your benefit, Slowswift, as none of Cyclops's pens sound like they currently use JoWo. If any of your housings cracked, you may want to talk to F-C to get it sorted. It's been an epidemic of cracked housings lately and I thought it was just me...
  15. Yeah, it's a bit smaller than the CH912, but it's about the same size as my Lamy Safari, so I haven't had too many problems. But I love pocket mini-pens, and also use a Hero 007 that's a bit too small (non-girthy?) so I'm not the most reliable source on this That's fair enough. I have a Wingsung 699 and PenBBS 268 but vacuum fillers continue to boggle my mind for the moment I assume you have never needed to disassemble it, which is good, since that's usually a risk right there. Just be a bit cautious with Kyoto TAG - their inks are fairly acidic and dry, so you may not want to let them sit too long in an especially valued pen Hisoku is also nigh unreadable in anything that isn't at least a wet medium. Learned the hard way. Slightly dry, but has otherwise behaved fine - and I tend to use wet pens so that balances out