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  1. Sure. Just let me know if you have a RP character/cosmetic role in mind. It's okay to not have one either!
  2. @Ashbringer added to pinch-hitter list; @xinoehp512 let me know if you want me to add anything to your character and so on. Great ideas from MysticLotus, welcome aboard to both of you!
  3. Okay, two things First, would you be okay with tweaking that concept a little? El's already signed up as the Apothecary - I'm happy to accommodate a naturalist/forest ranger type custom cosmetic role, if you can distinguish it a little. Otherwise, if you don't actually want to take on a cosmetic role and want to do your own RP, that's fine too. Second, as I mentioned to Truthwatcher and kind of had what you said in mind: you know what you can handle best, and I'm not into the business of nudging players into games if they're uncertain, because RL is important! With that caveat in mind, it might be helpful to know that this game has been built with a few ways of managing activity, and to articulate/clarify my expectations as a GM: A) Low activity is okay. We've all had those times. It would be nice to be able to write long engaged RP and analysis posts every other hour (ah, who can do that even ) but frankly, just be as active as your bandwidth allows and have fun. And some people's playstyles just work out that way. The inactivity filter isn't meant to punish people, it's just meant to prevent people who vanish and don't come back from slowing the pace of the game. B ) That being said, if you really have activity issues or issues keeping up, please don't be afraid to check in with me and Fifth. I will hopefully have a few pinch-hitters (though I pray not to need them, but plan for it anyway), and the filter was never meant to be absolute and can be waived if the player communicates. RL really does happen to us all, and I'm not interesting in holding it against people. C) If you feel the game is too much for you given your current load, you're also free to withdraw before it begins. There will be other games Right, so after that long GM rambling, that's about it from me I am just concerned that I gave off the impression that I will Order 66 inactive or low activity people who do not write me long Sanderson-worthy RP posts, and I figure getting my expectations out might be helpful for people
  4. That's a fair apprehension, and have fun either way I'm not really about to push players for this game because I definitely had times when I over-committed and struggled as a player, or just had it eat more time than I could afford, with my studies. You do you, and you know what you can handle! @Matrim's Dice What Eternum said, basically. There are some rules I'm not telling you. (Though some of the missing rules are easily guessable, just from what I've said.) There are some rules you do know upfront. So it's a blackout but a partial one. Eh, good questions, I'll update the clarifications afterwards, but one at a time: You can talk to each other You won't be in any rooms but that doesn't mean you can't search: in the known Order of Actions (#11), Rooms come before Searching in terms of priority, so at the end of Cycle One, assuming you send in a room vote, you can move into a room and Search it. Voting for rooms will work like QF6, except I won't be enforcing a hard limit on how many people there are in a room. All people who voted for a specific room will generally (*mild PAFO here) go into the specific room. I mean, if you're a Killer with the kill, you can kill instead. Or explain to your teammates in that one PM that yeah sorry, I chose to search instead of kill But okay, more seriously, PAFO.
  5. Vapor claimed Blue-Blooded a bit before you! Is there a specific concept you'd like to use instead?
  6. Ahem. Clarification time! When I say that roles will be revealed on death, I actually mean role and alignment >>;;; this is why i shouldn't assume imma shuffle out in shame now...
  7. Fantastic So, just to clarify the role of pinch-hitters as I realise I didn't do so: Pinch-hitters will only be available upon request if there are pinch-hitters. If you go inactive without saying anything to the GM and IM, then the inactivity filter will take effect after two consecutive cycles. (RL understandably happens, so if you have an issue, please communicate it! Would prefer to not have to use The Filter.)
  8. Welcome aboard as Talbot Oswin's very bored noble cousin (See role for reference.) Edited to add: Just make a reference to being related to the Oswins and you're good!
  9. Yes, and I think the real question you should be asking is: How depraved is your character willing to get? *waggles eyebrows suggestively* Hi mods please don't arrest me, I'm not requiring Striker Kalebane, the Terror of GMs, and the Shield of the Lynch to post anything at all that would violate PG-9 family friendly rules for the Former Flame Everyone else: Added to spec doc list; @Matrim's Dice, putting you temporarily with pinch-hitters but if there is no need, you'll be relocated to the spec doc.
  10. How about this: you take a custom author cosmetic role, since that's what your character is. Do something author-related, e.g. plotting a story, scribbling down ideas, or writing about your fellow guests once each cycle. (Non-exhaustive. Author-related is good enough.)
  11. It's a great book! Welcome aboard! Could you just clarify: when you say noblewoman, are you intending to take on a cosmetic role? (It's okay if you don't want to do one - I just need to know how to indicate what's left for other people.) Fantastic; you're a banker from Elendel. Figure out some banker thing to do every cycle, please: that works for me. (Honestly, if you want me to give you a more specific RP requirement, I can too.)
  12. This has to be the shortest record ever for a rule clarification because I'd meant to say this then legit derped. Let's hope this is not a bad omen for the game, shall we? Sign-up RP is fine, but please do not RP the party yet, as the party has not yet started Thanks!