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  1. Neither. No bandwidth to play or spec doc, unfortunately. But I hope to see Squid Game memes
  2. Looks good! Didn't realise it was spiral-bound.
  3. I think Aonar-proof is the standard you want
  4. I feel like this game calls for Squid Game memes. None from me though, going to go back to studying
  5. Stop. Cursing. Me >> The sacred coin did not will it.
  6. We've already talked and without going too much into that, aggression apology accepted - I don't think you should be apologising for pushing me because that's your job, so that bit's off the table but I apologise for going right back with extreme aggression. It's not really a mode I like to play SE in and making the game frustrating and unfun for you is no bueno too.
  7. Just as well. I felt a bit bad when Ash said you and Archer were
  8. Not planning to Congrats, you guys did well P.S. Unfortunately my death rattle was random formatting. Codes not permitted, remember?
  9. Elan got chills from that, as did I. The sacred coin didn't just tell me to lynch an Elim, when given an Elim-Elim choice, it made me go for Sja Thus saving my life and letting me die a Villager. But what's really interesting is when I said my hesitation C5 was driven by a coin: ...The sacred coin wanted to lynch Az over xino, but... It wanted to lynch you over Az :eyes:
  10. Thirded. Minimally vanilla / vanilla + scanner after the QF1 template, I would think. Tyrian might be a tough ask, I don't think they've played with that few but it has a lot of distro flexibility.
  11. I'm working from the moderate assumption that out of the Tani, Archer, me, Mat pool, at least three of us are Village, but since Archer is my stronger non-me Village credence, I'm not willing to get on any train that Archer won't be on. There's no point in counting on votes from suspected Elims because that just makes matters worse. @Tani, going to suggest you do a cancel and swap back to xino. It's two hours to rollover, and last minute vote swaps are more problematic, so whenever you see this would be good. For myself: just on the off-chance I didn't cancel anything: Az Anyone not xino xino
  12. Ash as we start swapping votes trying to figure if we can consolidate in time: Edited to add: MTE. Essentially our problem in a nutshell.
  13. Fair, can't blame a guy for wanting to cover the other contingencies though >> I'm considering, but I feel like the real issue is whether Archer can realistically swap in time, because if he's busy (possible), then we just have to go with xino. Anything else gifts our most probable Elim team a hammer opportunity on a silver platter and that's far worse. Edited to add: Understood. Is there a chance you can't get on? Because if there is, then we should just stick with xino. Any plan that requires us to synch two players to avoid getting hammered is playing with fire at lylo. Edited to add 2: I realise there is a bit of a "then why did you ask" element and I have to confess I checked Archer's login after I posted this and realise he was last on in my afternoon so it's possible he might not be on in time and then started to go, "Oh crap this was maybe unwise"
  14. @Tani, any chance you'll be on later? Because assuming @Matrim's Dice and @Archer are more for staying on xino, it's better to consolidate than just split like this. And I have a known tendency to paranoid when left to my own devices >>
  15. There's only one scenario in which the Re-Shepir argument doesn't work, and that's the one in which Mat is converted C3. It borks what Az and Squirrel and Elan are doing C3 a little, so I've not put too much weight on it but let's just suppose for the sake of argument that Mat was converted C3. If so, we lose if we lynch anyone not Az. Az is always Evil on this calculus. Because newly-converted!Mat duplicates the Elim kill. 4-2 -> 1-2, game over. If we take Az out, then: 4-2 -> 2-1 I'm starting to really think Az is a better defensive option here. Any takers? Disclaimer: This conversation was inspired by a coin flip and also two things that bugged me: namely, that xino didn't add votes, and more importantly, that it seems very strange for an Elim team to go completely low-profile/low-activity in conversions and not go for a single control player at all.