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  1. They are not, good catch. I felt the RS should be allowed to seppuku if they want to, as a strategic choice, but realised this morning that this could be developed into an exploit that makes this game unplayable. Currently talking with Hael and Fifth to work on a patch; will get back.
  2. 1. No. 2. No. 3. No. All survivals are reflected the same way in the GM summary/statement. Otherwise, the write-up will take so many liberties that de Sade will seem a prude. (Don't worry, we're PG-9. Mostly. ) 4. I assume you are referring to an early EO defection as the late defection to Disco is fairly straightforward. Disco will know by default if the EO has joined them since they would be unable to make the kill every other cycle. They will also know who each other are—they just can't communicate. 5. The EO has to make a choice by the fifth cycle, as reflected in the rules and mechanics. The corollary is that an EO who refuses to choose (we can't force them to send in an action ) will not have a win condition and so will not be able to win or lose the game >>
  3. Cheers - I'll put you in spec for now, but note you're willing to pinch-hit, and we'll make a decision on which list before the game begins.
  4. quest

    Sounds reasonable to me. I'll amend my earlier vote. [X] Visit Firesoul with proposal I get your point on the network, but honestly, I'm just not feeling one particular option over the other so I'm happy to vote for anything interesting that comes up (I certainly don't consider my suggestion to be especially interesting, so I'm happy to go with something else.)
  5. Cheers Let me know what you don't really understand? I'm happy to make sure everyone gets what's going on before the game starts. Brief tldr; under the spoilers on what makes this game different from a standard QF: Everything else is the same. The EO is the issue: adjusting the cycles upwards is okay, adjusting them downwards can be a bit tricky, though cycles 2-4 shouldn't be too bad either if we really can't do the numbers.
  6. Not mine, but I liked this one (thanks, r/lotrmemes). LotR was my childhood, though it took me ages to get on to it. Had to read The Hobbit first as a gateway
  7. quest

    Just get well soon, Chief >> I'm not feeling any of the particular things right now. I'm going to put down two tentative suggestions though I'm amenable to changing my vote if need be because my mind's kinda blank right now [X] Visit [Random god] with proposal The idea being to canvass the other gods and get some idea of where they stand on the dockworker proposal issue, and see if we can secure/sway a vote or two. It'll probably be dependent on charm, unless we can talk them into an arm-wrestling match, I suppose We know where Coinspender stands, and I don't think we'll sway him, but the others are worth checking out. [X] Research into establishing a network to help petitioners This is admittedly vague. But we weren't able to help the petitioner the last week, and I'm dubious about our success going forward. At least, we need to know what resources we have, and what SB's priesthood needs to be in a position to help his petitioners. Who handles our funding, do we have connections to get them work placements, or medical treatment, etc. (Off the top of my head, if we did better with the other gods, maybe we could work out a deal such that our petitioners get care from Firesoul in exchange for her petitioners getting some kind of service or other from us. I also think we don't necessarily need to run a hospice if Firesoul can already handle it quite well - we should be looking for something that SB himself can do.) Part of this research should be engaging our priesthood for ideas, I think. They're the ones who're gonna be running most of this system, which means we need to know how they think about the issue, and what they would need for it to be effective.
  8. Hi in, adding you to the list Resistance is good fun, has to be said. Just to note: the M'Hael and I are hoping for 14-15, so we won't have to do anything weird with shifting the Lancelot - ahem, I mean, Embedded Operative cycles. So if you're interested, we could do with a few more names! But if that's not workable, we'll manage as well.
  9. Oooh yeah, converters are great I'm partial to piston-fillers myself, but I do have quite a few c/c pens! I've yet to try using the wet paintbrush but I totally should at some point! Do you use a soft/flex/fude nib, or do you just vary your pressure for mild line variation? (Or I suppose, use the underside of the nib?) I used to use shimmer but it's a pain to clean out so not anymore. These days, I just love inks that shade well on paper, and so I favour Ku-jaku and Fuyu-syogun, Will have to check out Mont Blanc black!
  10. I'll split the answer into points: -Yes and no: whenever bleeding is concerned, it always comes down to three factors—the pen, the ink, and the paper. Some kinds of cheap paper hold up well to fountain pens, some expensive notebooks feather and bleed like toilet paper. Some inks are dry, which helps restrict the result. Some are wet which means bleeding. Pens that are wet (put out a lot of ink) and have a very broad nib (thick lines) will result in disaster on bad paper. For best results with cheap paper, you want a dry pen with a dry ink that puts down a thin, fine line. -Mostly it's in terms of pressure. A ballpoint requires you to press down on the page. A fountain pen that is in good working condition (note: not all pens start out that way!) will write the moment it is touched to paper, due to its own weight. There are arguments that fountain pens are more eco-friendly since you refill them directly or refill cartridges but I'm not convinced and the only back of the envelope calculation we have shows it's indeterminate. Basically: you do get some special nibs, which you can't with a ballpoint. Nibs that are bouncy just gives really great tactile writing experience but that's my personal preference not everyone shares. The last thing is ink: you can get ink with remarkable shading, sheen, and shimmer, and now even multi-coloured inks. That isn't possible with ballpoints and the ink was the original draw factor for me. -How long a normal cartridge lasts depends on how thick and how wet your pen writes. As a student, I had a cartridge last for a week, but I didn't have a full course load and I was using a fine and dry nib. Other fountain pens use filling mechanisms that store more ink and can take longer to empty. I have a Moonman M2 that stores all the ink directly in the pen body. So it takes me months of admittedly sporadic writing to empty it. -Fair enough! I'll note though that while it's definitely a hobby that can get pricey, a lot of my everyday use fountain pens range between a buck or two bucks. Three tops. But the trade-off is they're cheap Chinese pens and sometimes you have to tune them because they won't write just out of the mailbag.
  11. Any fountain pen writers out there? I fell down the rabbit hole last year after picking up a Lamy Safari with some book vouchers, and now I'm just spending even more time writing things down than before. Favourite pens/inks?
  12. No worries, exams come first - good luck, dude! Hope to catch you around in a game sometime!
  13. Noted with thanks — am definitely not planning on creating the spec doc until after Cycle 1 goes live.
  14. No worries, I've shifted you to the spec doc list, though hopefully you won't be that bored Yes - bottom line is that the earliest possible choice (currently Cycle 3) gives the Embedded Operative an extra life (they chose the Thug lyfe) and if they choose to be Evil/side with Discovery, then then they get partial Evil powers but not complete ones. If the EO chooses to stick it out to Cycle 5, despite being crunchy and fragile, they either become a full Evil team member, or they become (essentially) a second Reform Spy Handler, since they will then know the Reform Spy's identity.
  15. I can do you one better: here's the countdown timer. That being said, SGT is GMT+8, Hael's about an hour and a half ahead of me, and CDT is GMT-5, so we're 13 hours ahead of you (or 14.5) - sign-ups close at 7AM your time, same day, but you'll be looking at 8AM (your time) rollovers.