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  1. Oof, yeah, that'd explain it. I know after I increased the tine gap on my Jinaho, I had the globs of ink problem as well! Welcome to the hobby! Serenity blue is great - fuss-free and a good colour!
  2. Lovely Hong Dian! Interesting about the glob of ink - makes me wonder if there's a tine gap issue, or just one between the feed and nib but I haven't had a Go before so I don't know if that's normal.
  3. :eyes: :EYES: Someone ping me when this is being run man.
  4. I remember, that's why I'm wondering if it's better to change the Lashing, as Ren suggested, because it's probably just not going to see use. Or people will go wild with codes.
  5. Oh yeah but IIRC you send one message. It's not a PM thread. And the message can be intercepted. So it's a pain but less of a pain. Our issue in MR2 was there was no incentive to use it, because knowing that messages could be intercepted, no one wanted to spend an action on it. Conversely, since no one was sending messages, also no incentive to use that. With the current ruling on codes though...
  6. Finished a reread of Phyllis Ann Karr's Idylls of the Queen, which is a retelling of an episode in Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur featuring a poisoned apple, but Karr does it pretty creatively by giving us Sir Kay as the POV character in a detective duo with Sir Mordred trying to figure out whodunnit. Moving on to The Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison - it is quite different from the first book (Goblin Emperor) but I'm liking it as it looks like another murder mystery starring Celehar instead.
  7. Doublepost (sorry!) but had some good news: pen has been found and located, closing the week-long vanished Christmas present saga. Thank you Santa Dropped the post office and the seller messages of thanks - yes the post office did lose it in the first place but I feel like they also deserve some appreciation for having finally managed to locate it, and the seller was very helpful. And Santa is relieved apparently but I'm also thanking Santa anyway for the gift in the first place
  8. Unfortunately, yes. Santa put me directly in communication with the seller and the seller has been helpful and will likely make a claim with PostNL so I think we should both be okay but it's just frustrating. Awesome! What a thoughtful gift And excellent taste!
  9. Agreed with Slowswift - M nibs split the difference, though with Emerald of Chivor, you want an easy-to-clean pen. It has...a reputation for staining and shimmer clogs. Mildly annoyed - looks like PostNL lost my Christmas gift pen :/ I was really looking forward to it too. I'm in communication with the store and they're very helpful but I'm just mad that either PostNL or my local post lost it. Even worse, my local post office is putting on their best Jocasta Nu and saying repeatedly that it's not in the system, therefore it can't be lost here. Man, this looks so good! What an excellent Christmas present
  10. I'll use the Python script, not the sacred coin, and you can live with it >> Or die with it, I suppose.
  11. Me: "Should I join it's Firefly" Me: "I'm on leave from now to Christmas Eve." Me: "Wormmon tho." Me: "Tired tho." Me: I need to think Edited to add: Sorry Elan, one more question. Can we get an OoA? I'm especially interested in whether kills block searches by preceding them.
  12. Does the Operative know when their personal win-con has succeeded or failed? Edited to add: Your phrasing earlier also says a Crew-aligned psychic, so to clarify I have understood correctly: as long as you help to kill one, you win your personal wincon?
  13. Do Reavers have roles? (Suspect it's a PAFO but asking for flavour/thematic reasons because Serenity ) What does 'assist in killing a crew-aligned Psychic' mean - the Operative loses if Reavers kill the psychic? Is this condition phrased to allow having voted during that execution? Is it technically possible for: A. the Operative and the Crew, B. the Alliance, the Operative, and the Reavers, C. the Operative and the Reavers to win together? My read is this is a yes.
  14. I'm looking potentially to run a modified version of Ren's MR2 as an MR. One issue we ran into when the game was being run was that sending a PM was an ability, and there was another ability to steal PMs. Docs self-destructed after the first cycle. Thing was, people defaulted to using codes instead so messages barely got used. Though Twei had a moment of awesome in which she did linguistic analysis and pinned down Tulir. Given the current rules about codes, is it worth keeping messaging and message-stealing as an ability?