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  1. Lift being awesome in an IHOP kitchen, eating far too many pancakes.
  2. I like to think that Kaladin is never far from Lopen... ...'s heart. *sheds a single tear* Ok but honestly I'd say that this is just a slight continuity error, I don't think they would have hinted at Lopen being his own Radiant in book two and then glossed over it so much in book 3.
  3. I keep forgetting about this group! Let me know when you guys decide to meet and I'd love to join!
  4. They ended up limiting it to one question and I was actually fascinated by the Herdazian one. I asked and he said that they (humans and parshendi/aimians) can interbreed because they were made by the same person, or rather that they were made with the same intent, that they were made that way on purpose. They don't have a common heritage or anything though. And no, I didn't think to record it! Dang, I should have thought it out a bit better. It was a brief event, he read for about 20 minutes, did less than 10 minutes of Q&A that focused just on writing techniques, and about 40 people were at the signing part of the event, mostly just casual fans from what I could tell.
  5. Do we have reference to anyone using the Black Lake? In Arcanum Unbounded it references a magic system existing on Threnody before Ambition was even there. I can ask about an Ambition-based magic though. I'm guessing your question as to this is whether or not all the sentient species share a common heritage that allows them to interbreed?
  6. Ha, I was afraid of this. I'm not looking to get a complete answer, maybe just a hint, or a nudge in the right direction. But yeah, at least 11,000,000%.
  7. I just attended the reading and I'm currently in line at the signing. It's a smaller event and I might be able to ask a couple questions! He read from the first two chapters of Legion 3, which he recently finished and is just doing copyedits and small tweaks. It seems like he's moving the book towards a good end to the trilogy. Let me know if you have any burning cosmere questions to ask Brandon, I'd love to uncover some hidden secrets. My current question is: (Oathbringer Spoilers)
  8. Having read a lot of this genre I definitely thought about the possibility of Davis and Chaz being dupes. But being familiar with how Brandon frequently bends tropes, I kinda wanted to find out that they weren't in a snapshot at all, that they had somehow been living a real day. I wasn't necessarily shocked by the ending, but I did really enjoy the part that the twist played in the real focus of the story, the characters. That's what I enjoyed most about Snapshot, is that it told a really compelling character story and the technology and the killer-plot were simply vehicles to show something about human character. Brandon has often talked about his books this way. Mistborn isn't a book about the overthrowing of an empire, it's a book about a girl who struggles to trust others and a man who struggles to forgive. The Way of Kings is a story of a man who has to reconcile a desire to fight and a desire to heal. Snapshot was the story of a man who has to prove something to himself, who has to know that he is stronger than he once was and that he has meaning. That part of the short story was absolutely incredible and the setting and the plot worked really well to enhance the insight into the man's psyche and explore the principles. tldr, good job Brandon. You got me emotionally involved in about 100 electronic pages.
  9. I plan on being there! I'll be perusing the list of questions for Brandon over the next couple days to be a bit more prepared for the signing.
  10. I'm here! I think... any clarification as to where this atrium is?
  11. I would be able to make my first appearance at these meetings if we do it on either Tuesday or Wednesday! I think Tuesday works better for me, but I can't really give a definite reason why.
  12. Read Mistborn: Secret History for a couple insights on this matter. It seems that they can move through things, but it takes a conscious effort, which Threnody's shades don't seem to have. It would feel like moving through thick mud.
  13. Hmm.. I guess I'd be mildly pleased with this. Maybe.
  14. @Windrunner It's at about 30:30, where he discusses the reasons he started the cosmere. The way he phrases it makes it seem like the events of Liar happened in the original universe, and those events spawned the cosmere we now know.
  15. Beware, you may have cops pulling you over with Cosmere questions.