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  1. I like the analogy. For you, you need to be able to to accomplish your goals quickly and short term, so you would rather keep an eye on a resource, and accomplish the goals in front of you, while the low cost no data cap would more be for leisurely use. Hadn't considered that aspect. If that was the case, it would certainly add an appeal to the voidbringers. Here is a follow up question. If the sprenblade, and plate were on the table, would that cause you to change your decision to radiant? Just curious what appeals to people versus not.
  2. I agree. To add, just because someone may then be educated on their racism, and change their ways, does not erase the racism they once upon a time perpetrated. Can they be forgiven, and move on? Totally. But it does not change that at that time their actions were racist. Regarding the superior portion of the definition, Kaladin has made numerous comments that all lighteyes are corrupt to the core. That they will always take the worse action they can. By proxy darkeyes are different and have to stick together. That is denoting an ethical/moral superiority to the lighteyes. Further, just because individuals have in the past validated such a world view, does not mean the worldview is ok and not racist. It just means the individuals Kaladin has been exposed to, have validated that world view. It is only after being exposed to individuals that run contrary to that world view that Kaladin begins to change his worldview. Which is commendable, but at the same time does not change that the original worldview was damaging and harmful. And it doesn't change the racist tones of that worldview. In addition, by noting such comments and treatment as racist towards a privileged class does not belittle, or erase the horrendous treatment being done to the marginalized group. But by realizing it falls to the same pitfalls, and that all are people, equal in their rights, that understanding can be brought together on all sides. Finally, regarding classism versus racism. Economically a darkeyes can raise their nahn, and travel, true. However, only darkeyes can be made slaves. Further no matter how much money a darkeyes attains, even if they are richer than a lighteyes of the tenth dahn, they are still viewed socially as lesser than the lighteyes of the tenth dahn. And when I say lesser, I don't just mean in the economic eyes. Mentally and emotionally lighteyes are seen as superior by the society when compared to the darkeyes. Spiritually they are seen as superior. So for myself, when it does not matter how much money you accrue, by law, culture, and religion, based on the color of your eyes you are still treated as inferior? That is racism, not classism (to me). Now having said that, racism is a supremely individualistic experience. What one person experiences as being part of a marginalized group can be similar but at the same time incredibly different. There is also positive racism. Positive not in that it is beneficial or good, but positive as in the generalizations made are sounding favorable (i.e. all members of this group tend to be very good at math), but are still very very damaging. So racism can mean many very different things for different people, which I believe is what led to whole range of dialogue on this topic.
  3. I say cats, but it is more due to my own personality. I would rather my pet share my space and give low key affection. I am an introvert and don't like something getting too much in my face. Then again, the breed of cats I own are very dog like (wait for you at the door when you come home, sleeps in my lap every morning and evening, comes when you call, and rubs against your leg, and hand, sleeps with you in bed). My wife likes both cats and dogs.
  4. For the purpose of this poll, just surges as sprenblades and shardplate would be a rather heavy pro convincing people to jump to radiants. I am more curious to see which people prefer, upfront power, or extended use/utility.
  5. Nope, you are totally right. Willshapers get cohesion. While Stonewards are the ones that get both Tension and Cohesion. Guess I pulled a Stormfather lol.
  6. For now it is RAFO, though there is another WoB that I am having trouble locating at this time that says as @SwordNimiForPresident said, that there is not a bondsmith analogue among the fused, so theoretically the missing surge would either be adhesion or cohesion. Considering I believe the fused that makes weapons and tools with his carapace is cohesion (though I could be totally wrong), then potentially the missing surge would be adhesion. Pagerunner (paraphrased) Which Surge is missing from the Fused repertoire? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) RAFO. Skyward Houston signing (Nov. 19, 2018) All good points. If, and this is a big if, I am correct regarding how the surges for the fused work regarding transportation, then I would lean myself towards radiant. I would rather save up stormlight and use transportation to (potentially) teleport to a far greater distance, than only have mini hops.
  7. No problem. There is a link at the bottom of the WoB that will take you right to the Arcanum Entry that is attached to the audio file for listening. Really happy with what was done with the Arcanum. Makes referencing a breeze. No problemo. Just to make sure I have the right scene, is the line this? "Inside the room, a mess of guards, servants, and members of Bridge Four stood around, looking confused or embarressed. Leyten was there - he'd been on duty with the King's Guard - as was Moash." If so, then yeah it sounds like a typo. I was checking my kindle version, which I figure gets updated. I agree it would have been cool. Sorry!
  8. Interesting way of putting it. Honestly I am having trouble deciding myself. On one had having two powers to play with sounds better, but on the other, being able to make one power basically "normal" as in can use so often it becomes fully part of my life is also appealing. Yeah, I feel with voidbringer powers (as presented in this thread), would lend to more utility as we see with the fused. Relaxing in midair while reading. Always having whatever tool you need in the moment right on hand. Being able to change your appearance in a moments notice whenever. Potentially short teleports like nightcrawler. Continual healing like regrowth (though stronger since voidbringers can heal with voidlight). And so on.
  9. For myself, a lot of Amaram's actions make more sense when viewed in the below WoB: Coachdorax Did you write Amaram as an opposite of Dalinar or was he simply a bad guy meant to spur Kaladin? Brandon Sanderson I meant Amaram to be the representation of the corrupt side of the Alethi. Meaning they are all talk and very little heart. Very little of what they say, to the worst of the Alethi, gets to who they really are. They would rather be known as someone honorable than be actually honorable. And this I consider a major problem with their society, and I needed somebody to represent this. Part of it is, to represent a contrast to Kaladin’s ideals. This belief that lighteyes were these paragons of virtue. But I also needed somebody, you may say an opposite to Dalinar. In a way, he is an opposite to Dalinar, but more he just represents Alethi society. And I did want it to be that he wasn’t just all the way corrupt. When he makes his decision in Book One in the flashbacks, he is making a decision. There is a moment where he is considering. By the time you are seeing him in later books, that decision has taken him down a path that leaves him very far from any sort of redemption. But it was a choice. And he wasn’t just corrupt from the get go. But yeah, he represents what I feel would be bad about Alethi society. A kind of honor society that is more about looking honorable than being. YouTube Livestream 2 (Jan. 20, 2020) Now I am among some individuals that believe that Amaram has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Some disagree and that is their right. But in the vein of narcissistic personality disorder, Amaram wanted to bring back the heralds. He urged Dalinar to go alone because it would further their glory. Remember for the Alethi nothing is (on the surface) more honorable than the fight. To go to battle and win. The greater the conflict, the greater to overcome, the greater the triumph/honor. He switched to Odium's side when (in my opinion) he felt he could not be seen as honorable on Dalinar's side. I checked the scene, and Natam wasn't mentioned a second time. It was Leyten there with Moash. Unless I saw the wrong scene. edit: still glancing via word search so I could be wrong but I think I see where the confusion came in 1. Natam runs to get Kaladin about the King 2. Kaladin ran to check on the King 3. Kaladin sees King is ok, and see Moash and Leyten 4. Later when riding horses, Kaladin talks to Natam about that night So I believe Natam was on guard when the banister happened. Natam ran for Kaladin. Kaladin got back. Moash claimed he had just left and heard the yelling so ran back. Other guards and bridgemen were there but no mentioned of Natam. Kaladin speaks with Natam later
  10. Keeping with some other posts regarding asking which powers you would like, I am offering a narrower choice. Which power system would you rather? Radiant or voidbringer? (disclaimer: Forget involving Odium, and being "the enemy". Just looking at the pros and cons of the powers, which would you prefer. Also I know there is a theory going around that the powers we have seen the voidbringers use so far, is not voidbinding. Not discussing that. Just using the term voidbringers for expediency sake. Also to level the playing field a bit, let us discount sprenblades. We are comparing purely the way the power suite is used) Pros and Cons of Each Radiant: Pros: Gets two surges. Can use as much stormlight as they have access to, to result in greater and more sudden effects. Cons: Limited use based on resource availability. Can burn through resource relatively very quickly and then be powerless. Short duration, so more limited in personal utility day to day. Voidbringer: Pros: Almost unlimited usage duration. Near constant gravitation, illumination, cohesion, etc. The fused that fly sit, or relax in the air. The cohesion fused makes random tools to assist in working, while also able to create weapons and armor. Personal utility theoretically limitless day to day in the right hands. Cons: Gets only one surge. Relatively limited use of said surge (cohesion seemingly only affects user's body or decreased utility on external uses, illumination also seems to only work on the user's body or decreased utility on external uses, slower acceleration via gravitation and external use is more difficult (see Moash))
  11. Hmmm, although a kandra could theoretically (depending on size) take the body of a cremling bred by a Dysian Aimian, it is true they could not truly experience life as one as they would only be able to maintain a part, rather than the whole (the hive that is an Dysian Aimian). As to biased towards other Kandra, technicaly a kandra cannot know another kandra is another kandra unless shown/told (hence the problem in Shadows of Self). So if the judge didn't know which one was actually a kandra, there couldn't be any preferential treatment.
  12. Lol, well it could still theoretically work, just instead of saying "T....L....A", you would have to say "tea-la". Just like SKU is "Stock Keeping Unit" but is frequently pronounced as "skyew".
  13. Just for informational purposes, an acronym is when an abbreviation can form and be used as a word in its own right. If the letters of the abbreviation are just spoken (such as FBI), then it is an initialism. Some examples of acronyms are: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation SCUBA - Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (to clarify, not saying that to correct anyone, or mean to change the title of the post. just thought it was an interesting tidbit)
  14. The spren issue I would see as getting to know them and their proclivities lol. So for instance if it was Ivory, a reasoned explanation regarding boundaries I think would suffice. If it was Pattern, (and assuming he isn't worried I will kill him like with Shallan), then I would put forward research into an experiment. When I would like to be alone, or be alone with my wife, Pattern can see how he experiences the world as a sprenblade in the living room without moving from the spot I leave him till I come back. Then he can tell me all his findings after. Wyndle I think would be horrified by the idea and voluntarily leave. Syl is a prankster, so it would more be a matter of directing her pranks elsewhere onto someone else. Perhaps a pesky neighbor? Glys I would imagine would know what is coming, so would give space voluntarily. The stormfather doesn't want anything to do with humans, so I highly doubt he would bother to watch. Whatever the skybreaker spren are could be reasoned with that voyeurism against the explicit permission of those involved is illegal and thereby they cannot engage in said practice. Timbre I think would be respectful. That I would just have to ask. I don't think we know enough about ash spren or stone spren (if that is what they are called for stonewards) for me to say. That was fun to write lol.
  15. If you are using the realistic attainment of a power source as a limiter, then mistborn and feruchemy is also out. The metal only acts as a gateway for mistborn. If you are on earth, then there isn't any preservation or harmony, so there is no power to flow through the metal. So you would just give yourself metal poisoning. Regarding feruchemy, if no preservation, ruin, or harmony, then there is no spiritual DNA for you to have access to these abilities, so that is out as well. So I would rather approach this as hey what power would you enjoy having if you could pick whatever power you want, without having to be concerned at where your power is sourced.