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  1. Found a scene that supports what i was saying about the tanks. This is regarding wood and plaster but even that caused some problems "Translucent blue lines spread around him, pointing in a thousand different directions, highlighting bits of metal. The nails in a desk behind him, where a frightened man in a suit cowered. The metal wires in the walls, leading to electric lamps. Most importantly, a few lines pointed through the wall into the next room. These were faint; obstructions weakened his Allomantic sense."
  2. fused

    So I was about to say great catch and idea, but I checked the scene and I think I found a hitch in that theory. When a fused takes over a parshendi's body, the previous occupant is pushed out and dies. In the scene Chiri eats the investiture, but the fused is still up and talking enough to go after Rysn. Rysn then fires the crossbow killing it. If Chiri ate the fused then the body should have collapsed dead due to no occupant
  3. Ah gotcha. That's why I asked. Didn't know if you were replying to something I said. But you are just commenting on @Quantus theory. Thanks for clarifying!
  4. Just checking, are you replying to me?
  5. No problem. Two examples are when Kelsier pushed a bar of metal at an enemy, and while it was flying, he pulled on one part of the bar to send it spinning. Normally an allomancer can only push on the objects center. Wax when he fought that terrisman in his youth, when they were both pushing on something, Wax noticed multiple parts to the thing they were pushing on, and was able to selectively push on part of it, resulting in it flying at the enemy and killing him while the enemy could only push on the center of the entire thing. I will try and pull up the scene to explain it better.
  6. I am referring to his ability to selectively omit certain metals or parts of metallic objects from a general push. That is the result of savantism.
  7. It is because Kabsal requested it. So I guess my question is Shallan took a "capture" of Kabsal holding up a mirror, with her face in it. She then while drawing added the details of the rest of her to make it appear that she was sitting beside him. If the "capture" in the cognitive is fully what the artwork is to end up as, then why does she alter and think on what she is doing during the process of drawing? Shouldn't the full image form in her mind with all the changes she intends to do there first, and then be drawn out? I don't think we can say yet whether or not Regrowth has a time limit. Adolin had an injured wrist for a little while, yet Renarin was able to heal him with regrowth. I think how the target views the injury comes just as much into play as with squire/radiant healing.
  8. Lol that would still produce the effect of burning the metal continually which would ultimately result in savantism, so sure that could work. At that point Wax is a savant and can choose to exclude metals. That is why I raised the concern regarding lurchers surrounded by a tank. Unless they were a savant, they would see the tank as one giant piece of metal completely surrounding them. I am unsure how they could see bits of metal flying around outside of a metal box with metal sight, and pull on them without being a savant first.
  9. This goes into mistborn spoilers, and I will reference them if requested, but a character mentions that as long as someone is "open" enough (in that case the person was "insane") they can be influenced/contacted by shards or investiture entities. A certain shard in another book did that a whole lot without even needing its magic system involved. Odium in stormlight mentioned how using the Thrill for a long time to prepare Sadeas's men, and them being enraged by Sadeas's death all coupled allowed them to be "open" for the spren to "hop in". So it was tied to their emotional state which allowed them to be influenced.
  10. Gotta run but a quick few responses that I will elaborate on tomorrow I guess my problem is how much rope and leeway you give Amaram for his every action despite what he has done multiple times across all three novels. edit: added a few more bits to my post.
  11. Taln was already dead by the time Kalak walked up. So she had already technically left him the moment she decided to not go back.
  12. You might be misunderstanding my point. When Wax pushes as a steel bubble, or in general around him, he keeps his own metal near his body so it is excluded in the push. Same thing for a Lurcher. The metal plate is on the chest, so is excluded from the pull. Now if you place a regular lurcher in basically a metal box, how is the lurcher could to: 1. see the metal with their metal sight when they are surrounded by metal 2. exclude the metal box from their pull assuming they could reach beyond it? A savant, due to flaring their metal/using their metal constantly, can separate parts of a metal object. So they would be able to pull on different parts of the tank, though I am still unsure whether or not they could pull outside that metal box. But blindfolding would not result in a savant. Unless you are talking about a tineye that is, and he or she is still flaring their metal lol.
  13. Found the scene! (it is a little long so I will jump around regarding the parts specific in the mirror and drawing) Way of Kings Page 639 She paused. She rarely did sketches of herself. They felt strange to draw. "All right" SHe took the sphere, then furtively tucked it into her safepounch, beside her soulcaster.... "Hold it up beside your head" Shallan said "so I can see myself" He walked back over, doing so, looking confused. "Angle it to the side a little" Shallan said "all right, there." She blinked, freezing in her mind the image of her face beside his. "Have a seat. You don't need the mirror any longer. I just wanted it for reference - it helps me for some reason to place my features into the scene I want to sketch. I'll put myself sitting beside you." Sketching herself in beside him was challenging. SHe worked furiously, blending the reality of Kabsal sitting and a fiction of herself, in her flower - embroidered dress, sitting with her legs to the side. The face in the mirror became her reference point, and she built her head around it. Too narrow to be beautiful, with hair too light, cheeks dotted with freckles.... She continued her drawing, increasingly withdrawn into her thoughts, letting her fingers work..... Her sketching grew more and more fervent. She finished the figures and moved to the background. Quick, bold lines became the floor and the archway behind. A scribbled dark smudge for the side of the desk, casting a shadow. Crisp, thin lines for the lantern sitting on the floor. Sweeping, breezelike lines to form the legs and robes of the creature standing behind-... The "time limit" I believe still applies to the person's image of self. They begin to see the injury as part of who they are, so it cannot be healed. Which is why Kaladin's brands won't heal despite stormlight. Conversely even an old injury could still be healed so long as the individual does not see it as part of who they are. The shardblade injured bridgeman who lost use of his feet for example for one. Lopen regrowing his arm for two. I believe Brandon has said your spiritual ideal knows how old you should be, so it will continually try to bring you back to that "ideal". Brandon has also said that mental illnesses he does not see as something to be healed. To clarify he is not referring to a chemical imbalance. That is a different matter.
  14. Wouldn't the lurcher have to be practically a savant level to tell the difference between the metal all around him (the tank) vs the metal outside the tank?
  15. fused

    Personally I think Occam's Razor. The simplest answer to what happened with the larkin is that it ate the voidlight that the fused had. Then the fused was killed. I take the WoB and information as simply the fused hold voidlight perfectly while radiants leak. If I give you a squeeze bottle full of water, and then cut a hole in its side, when you squeeze out the water, you get less for a shorter time. If however you have a squeeze bottle full of water, and squeeze it steadily, it lasts for far longer. Or put it to numbers. Making up arbitrary number 100. If every time a radiant holds stormlight, he or she passively loses 10 stormlight regardless of their usage, while a fused loses none, the numbers will reflect that rather quickly. Lets say using the same ability at the same strength uses up 15. That means every moment of use, the radiant loses 25, while the fused loses 15. In 4 "rounds" the radiant is empty, while the fused still had 40, or 2.6 more "rounds" of use. And that is not counting the "flaring" of surges that radiants frequently do.