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  1. I believe the theory stated that the radiants killing the spren was to prevent them from from ending the bond and going to Odium's side. If I recall correctly there is a WoB that ending the bond without killing the spren requires both the knight and the spren to agree to do so, and after a certain oath even that becomes difficult/impossible. So I do not think the spren could have just said "hey we don't like you, i'm not bonding you anymore" and walk away fine. That said, my purpose of posting the theory was more for the idea that reviving Maya may not end out beneficial to Adolin or the general war effort. Not saying things won't ultimately work out for Adolin, but we were all pretty much expecting a certain outcome from Sadeas's death regarding Adolin and we got something completely different. I was fine with how that ultimately resolved. Some disliked it. All I am saying is it could be an interesting heel toe if the revival ended up going ways we haven't even thought of yet. I respect your theory and wish you luck with it! Overlord Jebus Can a spren willingly break their bond anytime between the First and Fifth Oath, with their Radiant? Brandon Sanderson Yes, this is possible-- Overlord Jebus Essentially committing suicide isn't it though-- Brandon Sanderson I just ascribe to that question-- A spren could at any point break it. Can they break it safely? That's a different question. Overlord Jebus Can they break it safely? *laughs* Brandon Sanderson There are methods in place where it can be stopped. So yes it can be done. But once you've started into this, once you've chosen on both sides, it's a dangerous process. But yes it can be done, and it can be done safely. (looking for the one that says after a certain point you cannot. will add when i find it) edit: cannot find the second one at this time and unfortunately I do not have the time to dig, so I will operate on the premise that I recalled incorrectly until such time as I am able to locate it.
  2. That's great and I totally respect your opinion and your right to hold it. Though I will point out my original post on that theory regarding the spren betrayal was not directed at you nor was its intention to change your mind/convince you because as you said we both have already spoken on how we disagree on what is narratively interesting. Now having said that, I think we can agree Sanderson's books are not "my little pony". The power of friendship didn't stop the friends of kaladin in the parsh from killing and being killed by the friends of kaladin in the city guard. The power of friendship didnt cause kaladin to stop moash from killing elhokar. The power of friendship didnt stop sadeas from betraying dalinar at the tower. The power of friendship didnt stop amaram from killing kaladins troops and didnt stop amaram from siding with odium. And the power of friendship didnt stop adolins friends from joining up for the four vs one duel (which I may point out was negative for adolin and everyone including you I believe love that scene). So to me there have been plenty of moments not positive for the characters that have made for great narrative moments. As I said, i dont believe the theory myself, but i thought it interesting enough of a thought to share it. Who knows? Maybe things go badly regarding reviving maya subverting our expectations, but that results in the conflict calyx is looking for for adolin that results in adolin bonding a spren (as calyx said, not talking about having to be broken to bond. Talking about over coming something to make the success feel more poignant). Not trying to change anyone's mind. Just giving people something to think on.
  3. No problemo. Like I said I didn't prescribe to that theory either, but thought it was worth mentioning as something to think on. The usual direction of the theories for reviving Maya tend to be positive, as in it is a good thing for Adolin, Maya, and others. I thought it was an interesting thought if it was actually a negative or a bad thing. Just showing various views.
  4. I read a little while back a theory that the spren were killed during the Recreance because the spren found out about the humans being the real voidbringers, and decided to take sides with Odium. The radiants then killed their spren to prevent them from siding with the enemy. Personally I think that theory is highly unlikely, but it would certainly paint Adolin potentially reviving Maya in a much darker light. Adolin would be restoring an ally to Odium, and also potentially opening the flood gates to the other spren to be restored and side with Odium. I personally do not believe this theory, but thought it was an interesting thought.
  5. Lol, I think that would depend on how you theorize what would happen if Maya is revived. If you think it is from forming a bond with Adolin, then theoretically he would be bonded when the sword "vanishes" and appear right next to him. Theoretically yes, though if it theoretically works that way, then maya would end up in the inland sea that is the cognitive realm. Though the bond helps the spren transition to the physical so would Maya automatically transition as result, or would need to be reached all depends on what you believe. Basically everything right now is theoretical concerning Maya so the answer would be whatever you theoretically believe would happen. Personally I theoretically believe that Adolin is strengthening his connection to Maya like Dalinar did with oathbringer (he felt urging from oathbringer when he fought the chasmfiend, and it consciously hates him less due to his oaths that he has kept). I think in order to restore the bond in full, a large infusion of investiture coupled with Dalinar's bondsmith's entire schtick being bonds, would be necessary to rebuild what was ripped out of Maya to restore the bond.
  6. I will never stop saying this, even as I realize this will never happen, but I think the best genre for the Stormlight Archive game would be a strategy RPG like Fire Emblem. Stormlight is about a war. In strategy RPGs you get troops that have special abilities very similar to the radiants. Very few tweaks would be required. Pegasai knights would be wind runners (high movement speed flying units). Wyvern knights would be skybreakers (again high movement speed flying units, with tomes counting as division). Soulcasting could be accomplished like dragon veins in Fates, and transportation could be accomplished like teleportation tiles. Even some new mechanics from the latest fire emblem soon to be released could apply. Gambits have a certain number of uses per battle. Same could apply to the surges to provide balancing. Now having said all that, sadly this will never happen. Strategy RPGs have been gaining a lot of popularity lately (thankfully), but still are a very niche genre in gaming. But one can still dream.
  7. Loving the inclusion of personal skills again. I definitely enjoy tailoring builds around a character's personal skill to make them unique. Having to remain within a class to benefit from its skills I am less enthused about, but just means it is something to balance against. Weapon skills including regarding gambits for even more customization is always great. Really curious about how the crests will play out.
  8. If you have the book on you, there is a scene when they are laying siege to Fadrex City with the koloss. Vin comments on passing a certain number of koloss over to elend's control and how he can hold more than her easier. But again as I do not have the book on me at the moment, I cannot pull up to see if they mentioned exact numbers.
  9. I am going on recollection as I do not have my book in front of me at the moment, but from what I remember is it was more like hundreds, with the upper limit reached a thousand. Not hundreds of thousands. The lord ruler kept them low in number on purpose to keep them controllable. Any new koloss made after the Lord Ruler's death was from reusing spikes. edit: although I do not have hero of ages on me, I do have well of ascension, and at least as of the time of the siege of luthadel by the koloss, the number was at 20,000. I believe since the siege the number had been reduced further. the reference is page 295 of well of ascension. edit 2: then again there is this, so I will hold off commenting further till I have the book in hand: Brandon Sanderson Chapter Eighty-One - Part Two Charging Them Is Madness Vin probably should have figured out what Elend was doing, being kind of a god now and all. (Or at least she has a fraction of a god inside of her.) However, remember a few things. She doesn't know that many of Elend's troops have been turned into Allomancers. She's also been very distracted lately. On top of that, the man she loves is charging two hundred thousand koloss. Even if she'd connected that he'd be burning atium, her opinion would still have been that he couldn't fight that many and survive. In the end, she was right. So her concern was warranted.
  10. Some pertinent WoB yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] So, we have Shard names; Ruin, Preservation, Harmony, Cultivation, Honor, Autonomy, Devotion, Dominion. Those are pretty much regular English words. And then we have Odium. That's a little more Latinic. It doesn't fit the pattern. Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I don't really look as something as Latinic or Germanic, when I'm picking the names usually. yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] But this one is more. Even in Devotion or Dominion, there's more regular English. Why? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I just look for the thing that feels right. Remember, all these words are in translation. When you read the book, they were a word in the original language of the book, that then we have translated to English. And so, don't look to much about what's Greek, what's Latin, what's Germanic. I will mix those a lot. And that's just because I'm looking for the word that has right resonance in English, that I'm writing in. You might even find Latin and Greek mixes in some of my stuff. And that's not done to be like, "Oh, you should be paying [attention]." Usually, I'm just looking for a flavor. yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] *inaudible* Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Because Odium is cooler. It just sounds cooler. There is no answer other than "I like the word better." yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] Is there any connection with the thought that it's not Hatred? Because in Oathbringer, he says he's Passion? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] He would claim that he's Passion and not Odium. But that is part of why I chose it. Hatred felt too on-the-nose, because there is quite arguably that step toward just being all Passion, and that's what he claims that he is. yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] His own perception of himself, can that influence? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, it can influence. yulerule [PENDING REVIEW] So the Shard's intent can... Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Can be influenced by their perception and the holder's, yes. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] About the Passions. Are they related to Odium, or is there something bigger cosmere-wide? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] They are related to traditions from the past that were Odium-influenced. I wouldn't sya-- So, they are technically related to Odium in that sort of method. More in a roundabout way, though.
  11. Not sure why Wax would have less generations. Wax descended from Breeze and Allraine who were both nobles. Sazed fixed Spook but he didn't change anything (to my knowledge) regarding mistborn strength. He made snapping easier but that was the extent regarding allomancy. Had Wax descended from Vin and Elend or from Spook I would agree with you, but Wax has a "direct" line going back to the original mistborn nobles through Breeze and Allraine, just like Vin. Just there would be more generations separating Wax than Vin. edit: what may be the confusion, is allomancy was always a thing on Scadrial, just it was very weak. When the lord ruler gave out the beads of lerasium to the founding members of the noble houses, they were stronger than normal. That extra strength is what got diluted over the years. So when Sazed fixed everyone (to my knowledge), he didn't cause a new boost in strength, so the weakening progression should have continued as normal. The only change would have been any children from Elend, or Spook as they were enhanced.
  12. As this thread is Cosmere Q&A, I do not believe spoilers are necessary. The knife I do not believe destroys all three realms, otherwise there would be no physical body left (nightblood vaporizes anything it cuts). There is a WoB that says the knife is similar to hemalurgy or at least an outside observer would view them the same but not exactly. I will pull up the WoB and post for clarity Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] (paraphrased) The knife used by Moash is "something similar to hemalurgy." kalamitous_emoashions [PENDING REVIEW] Have we seen any evidence of Hemalurgy on Roshar? And, as sort of an addendum, given the end of Oathbringer, was what happened to Jezrien Hemalurgy? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] There are certain cosmere philosophers that would count it. I would divide it as two separate things that are using similar fundamentals... I wouldn't call it myself, but there are people who would disagree with me in-world. Have we seen evidence? I would say no evidence that is easily-- easy to pick out. kalamitous_emoashions [PENDING REVIEW] But it's there? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, there are people with Hemalurgy who have been to Roshar. I'm pretty sure they've been on-screen.
  13. Yep. Will update my post with the coinciding WoB in a moment. Fantasy Faction Could any type of spren bond with a person (even if the results wouldn't be a Knight Radiant)? Or only the ones associated with a branch of the Knights? Brandon Sanderson Ooh, that's an excellent question. This is something theoretically possible for a lesser spren to achieve.
  14. I think @Mushroom Catalog might be referring to the difference between Vin and Kelsier, or Vin and Elend. If that is the case (if I am wrong, apologies in advance), then it is not that Vin is stronger, it is that it comes to her more naturally. Kelsier and Elend both have raw power, but Vin can do more with it because it is natural to her. I believe there is either a WoB or mention in the book that the reason for that is because she was Preservation's chosen.
  15. I like this theory. Not sure if it could result in Moash resisting Odium, but it is certainly an angle I have not heard before, and very cleverly thought of.