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  1. Although Quantus does make a good point later regarding soulcasting and the conservation of mass, my reference to the jam is what backs up what I am trying to say. Also as I type this, so too the paper having words soulcasted onto it. The jam was poisoned. As in the poison was mixed into a viscous fluid. Physically you could not separate the poison from the jam unless you used centrifuges or chemicals, yet Jasnah was able to soulcast the jam with the intention of keeping the jam as it was, but removing the poison. She only failed in her attempt because by her own admittance, she sucks at organics. Also consider that Jasnah was able to soulcast words onto a piece of paper. That is a fine level of etching that is incredible. She is literally soulcasting the tiniest of the sliver of paper to smoke, so that words are seen on it. So for me, it is entirely plausible for her to in an area of highly concentrated oxygen, to soulcast it to smoke, or water, or even soulcasting some of the oxygen atoms to another element resulting in an harmless gas. That is my point, her proficiency in soulcasting is incredible. True, how she teleports is a agree to disagree point. I think she could teleport out of his grasp easily, you disagree. As to stormlight consumption, if I understand you correctly Kaladin is using gravitation to make himself heavy enough to pin Jasnah to the ground. Given the strength of shardplate and also given due to shardplate it would be difficult to take advantage of choke holes, and joint locks, then I would assume the amount of weight Kaladin would have to increase via gravity to keep her pinned would use far more stormlight than she would just soulcasting the area around her allowing her to slip from his grasp. Also still do not see him being able to close the distance and grab onto her before she got away or used soulcasting in some way to harm him. But that is my reading of the situation. Hmmmm, hey here is a thought. If the WoB I mentioned that to me implies jasnah could teleport someone else to another location, without herself traveling, then what is to stop Jasnah from transporting all the condensed oxygen around her to Kaladin, and then igniting it herself with a soulcast spark? Then the whole process would backfire on him, literally lol. I agree. Maybe the heat fabrial used fire spren, so it could have something to do with dustbringers? Even though I still have no idea how their use of division and abrasion works lol. I agree.
  2. And in his reaction he is making reference to what he just read. Miraculous survival. Favored of the winds. I respect that you think the text is straightforward in how you read it. i think it is straightforward in how I read it as well. I will agree to disagree.
  3. The portion I am referring to is shown below and bolded for emphasis. He reviewed the whole section of the diagram. I think it could be interpreted that he read to himself a portion, and then continued towards Adro. Though as I said I acknowledge it can be interpreted otherwise. “No,” Taravangian said. “A male. One of Dalinar’s family members?” He thought for a time. “We need the Diagram itself.” She went to fetch it from the ship. Nothing else—his visits to the soldiers, more important meetings with Veden leaders—mattered right now. The Diagram was off. They strayed into dangerous territory. She returned with it, and with the stormwardens, who set up a tent around Taravangian right there on the path. Excuses continued. The king is weak from the sun. He must rest and burn glyphwards to the Almighty for the preservation of your nation. Taravangian cares while your own lighteyes sent you to the slaughter . . . By the light of spheres, Taravangian picked through the tome, poring over translations of his own words written in a language he had invented and then forgotten. Answers. He needed answers.
  4. For clarity though, to be considerate of all, please notate that you are presenting your opinion as an "us" vs "the one". As in SLNC is the only one that holds its (using it as I do not know whether it is male or female) view, while stating "us" to imply everyone else agrees with you when there have been other parties that supported SLNC's view. So yes, everyones interpretation is perfectly acceptable and equal in the end as till book 4, we do not know conclusively how things will pan out.
  5. Ok, so to make sure I understand, Kaladin would potentially need to do these actions to accomplish this: 1. Do a reverse lashing/gravitation pull to pull all the surrounding gas in the air centrally to Jasnah 2. Increase the pressure and decrease the pressure selectively around Jasnah of the gas that is being continually pulled towards Jasnah to keep the effect localized 3. Then once the perimeters have been met, use pressure to create a flame piston to ignite it all So first and foremost, love all the learning going on here. Thanks again for all that info! Second, based on all that, i do not see that working on Jasnah lol. To me she can either teleport away easily before this gets anywhere near what you are saying, or theoretically soulcast the air back to normal air negating any progress the alternating increase/decrease of pressure would have created. If theoretically Jasnah could (had she been successful) have soulcasted the poison out of strawberry jam (which she implies she could have considering she admits she is personally not good with organics, which I do not believe air is included in this rationale) then I would imagine she could soulcast the air in such a way to return it to its prior state (unconcentrated, and different temperature). Finally there is also the issue range and how much stormlight is required. A reverse lashing, which is the one that causes its own gravitation pull in a radius, requires constant touch to maintain, and relatively weak so would need a higher amount of stormlight to cause the same effect. Thing is if Kaladin somehow pins Jasnah to the ground, Jasnah could then soulcast bonds around them completely, and teleport out, leaving Kaladin "pinned". True in that case he could break out, because it would have to not be aluminum for her to teleport out, but it would slow him down and potentially cause this idea to backfire.
  6. So got both quotes. I have included them in the spoiler tags below with my commentary on each. First regarding sinking the ship. It appears their only intention was to kill Jasnah and any crew that could finger them. Shallan was the one that sunk the ship. They wanted Jasnah's works in one piece. Second, although winds favor and such can mean lucky, I think it is of note that 1. Szeth only told Taravangian that the man he fought could heal, 2. Taravangian had the diagram pulled out and was reading through it and 3. this was well after Kaladin survived being strung up in the storm and everyone began referring to him as stormblessed once more. So to me that is a little too on the nose considering Kaladin's moniker for it to be an accident of expression, especially since Taravangian has the diagram open right in front of him, but I guess that portion is open to interpretation. Scene quoted below: Finally does anyone need me to post the WoB regarding Skybreakers focusing on personal codes vs laws, or the scene with Gawx? Will be happy to, just will need to a moment to pull it up.
  7. Give me some time to pull up the scene, but the line was clearly indicating Kaladin. (at least based on my recollection. will follow up when I get the quote)
  8. Point of clarity for both sides. The only person that attempted to send Shallan to the bottom of the ocean was Shallan herself. The plan of the ghostbloods seemed to be to kill all on board, and then make an appearance of a ship wreck (I believe about the ship wreck part, but that I will need to confirm). Shallan was the one that soulcasted it to water sending everyone to the ocean floor. edit: @Bigmikey357 actually the diagram did predict Kaladin. It said to look to the one that survives when they should not. edit2: sorry one last thing @Bigmikey357 before I dig to pull up the scenes I referenced. Skybreakers are all about holding to a code. That personal code does not necessarily have to be the law of the land. WoB backs that up. Also Nale admonished a skybreaker that acted recklessly regarding Lift by killing Gawx. Yet that individual was still considered a member of the skybreakers enough to follow around Nale, and he did not have powers much like Heleran. So I do not think Helaran's possible hotheadedness would exclude him from membership of the skybreakers.
  9. Ah my bad. I misread what you were saying. I thought you meant he never met the parsh that raided the grainary to verify whether they were in war form or not. I pulled up the earliest mention of Sah and am re-reading the scene. Will follow up when I get a description of them. Oathbringer page 154 "They looked different from what he expected. For one thing, their skin was a different shade - many parshmen here in Alethkar had marbled white and red skin, rather than the deep red on black like Rlain from Bridge Four. They didn't wear warform, though neither did they wear some terrible, powerful form. Though they were squat and bulky, their only carapace ran along the sides of their forearms and jutted out at their temples, leaving them with full heads of hair." So definitely not warform. Kind of sounds like workform to me.
  10. I would need to go back to the scene to check, but I thought the parsh that Kaladin meets up with were in fact the ones that raided the grainery? I thought that was the lead he used to track them down, and he had to explain to them about milling grain to eat it instead of trying to eat it as is, and about preservation of their stores. Though I admit I am going off a hazy recollection so I could be totally wrong.
  11. Regarding the former, although I concede to the speed, I think a scientific team could find ways to observe the process with cameras and scientific tools. You would just need a willing donor, which is what your premise depends on, to be willing to try it out while there is a team waiting in the cognitive realm with the equipment ready to record. It would not require conversation to see someone in pain, or disfigured. Regarding your later point, although I still maintain that theoretically just because Jasnah and Shallan were not in the state needed to be able to view it, does not preclude access to said state, or developing a means to observe it, I do concede it would be a significant hurdle to the issue I present. Since all of this is theoretical, I do think it is a valid concern, but I do acknowledge your point that if it is not readily observable, then the knowledge would not be immediately accessable, and it could very well result in the practice being employed for years before the full effects and repercussions are discovered. Much like many of our own technological advancements or materials having lethal consequences that were not discovered till years after the fact (cigarettes, radiation, etc). So in summation, I could see it still being an issue, but I do concede that is an excellently referenced WoB that would make said issue harder to come up, if at least initially.
  12. I agree with you on this. I feel the questioner was asking because for a little while people thought that the skybreakers in the books were unpowered individuals who took the name. When it was discovered/confirmed that the radiant order of the skybreakers were very much still a thing, people were wondering if the "mundane" skybreakers were linked to them, or only claimed the name. This to me confirmed they were one in the same, and Helaran's membership was not disputed by Brandon in this WoB, so although not explicit, it is good enough for myself. Though I recognize it would not be enough for others.
  13. All that information is great, and thank you so much for going through the trouble of researching it and typing all that up! Now I will be completely honest, I am reading up the links you provided, but it will take me a bit to wrap my head around it to comment adequately but I always do work better with seeing something, or doing it myself, so I thought of a way that might help process this information. Given all you said, and given what we understand of Kaladin's powers and how they function, could you describe a means, or how Kaladin could accomplish that? For instance first could just increasing the pressure in a defined area around Jasnah result in the higher concentrations of oxygen that you are referring to, to result in the effect you explained? Second, if Kaladin could attain such concentrations of oxygen due to the localized increase in pressure, would the increase in pressure keep the higher concentrations of oxygen contained in that area? Third, is there a way through manipulating pressure, that Kaladin could create a fire piston, or would he have to actually have or make one to employ it? Finally, if all of the above could be accomplished, save the third, my understanding of using a rock to strike a spark relies on the material of the rock being strong enough to maintain its integrity for the friction to cause the resulting spark. Would the resultant combustible nature increase the likelihood of the spark regardless the composition of the rock? Hope I didn't overwhelm you with questions. Just trying to understand the function better and how it would apply to the scenario. Thank you!
  14. My main issue with this is the same as on the other thread. Assuming such technological advances, I would assume Scadrial would grow in awareness of the cognitive realm and learn the way to transfer to it. Exploration of the cognitive realm would allow them to actually see and study what happens to these "donors" on their death bed after they "donate". Now just like in the other thread, let me be explicit, I am not speaking of the beyond. I am speaking solely of the cognitive realm. It is confirmed via WoB that I will be happy to post again that hemalurgy horribly destroys the donor's spirit web that during their brief appearance in the cognitive realm (from holding less investiture than they did originally), their maiming can actually be seen. So for me if the donors become aware that by "donating" a portion of their spirit web, they will get to experience a moment of horrible pain, or horror of mutilation before they transition to whatever may be after (whether it be oblivion or an afterlife), I think the number of donors will decrease dramatically and it will become a human rights issue. Attempting to define whether or not a cognitive self that exists briefly after death is still considered a "human being" with all the rights and legal protections inherent to it. At which point cruel and unusual treatment comes into play which would come into conflict with the practice regardless if the donor voluntarily signed themselves over despite the knowledge. So in summation because of the cognitive realm, unless there is a means to prevent or mitigate this issue, I do not see hemalurgy being as prolific and accepted as posited. Hopefully I did an adequate job explaining what I am referring to.
  15. I agree. To me the biggest advantage of plate is its durability, and strength increase, which would be become a hindrance rather than an aid in a grapple to me. I agree. In the case of the three soldiers, she touched the lead one and shoved him transforming him into crystal that then hit another, transferring the momentum to him and transforming him to them hit another and transforming him. So he most definitely did close on her. I included the page number in a prior post, please give the scene a read so we are on the same page as it were lol. Secondly we are saying Jasnah would be soulcasting the air around her, not Kaladin directly, in which again in that scene we see her soulcast steps while running up them, and soulcast a wall easily without pause so I do not see how Kaladin would change that. See again, you are saying Kaladin is grappling Jasnah, but then magically grows a third arm to do this to a stone while holding her? if you mean he does this after she slips out, again as I said in a prior post Jasnah can then dismiss the fat just as quickly as she changed it as we see her do in the novels. Also again, the stone would have to be a specific type of stone to accomplish this. So is the entire ground flint or is kaladin just insanely lucky to break up the exact rock he needs to lash at her to cause a spark? Because otherwise all he would accomplish is breaking the rock. My point is the plate would not provide any real potential advantages and in fact could potentially hamper such a strategy as in judo choke holds, and joint manipulation is the goal of their grapples which depends on the experience to target them over strength. If you theoretically cannot reach such vulnerabilities, I am not sure how you would capitalize on them, regardless your experience.