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  1. Ok, so first and foremost, please do not take this as confrontational, nor me shutting you down and saying you are wrong. That is not what I am saying, nor it is my intent. There seems to be confusion on what I am stating. I am not arguing whether or not Thaidakar is responsible. I am stating how it works. He is responsible. Based on how these things function. He is. You can personally feel or hold the opinion that he is not, but as per the real world and how it functions, he is. This is not my opinion, nor thoughts. I am explaining how it functions. It is like I am explaining a math formula. You can disagree with it, or not like it. Totally your right. But it does not change the content of the formula, nor the resulting conclusion. What I am saying is A + B = C. Or another way, I am pointing to the gear in the clock that turns the hour hand. The gear is the gear, and it turns the hour hand. To literally apply the situation we are presented with: An Amazon chapter operating in another country is known to kill people and operate in illegal fashion (for those that believe Mraize is lying, or that individuals misunderstand and they didn't actually do anything "wrong" is immaterial). It is so known as such, that the name "Amazon" in this location is synonymous with such practices. The local Amazon chapter has direct contact with Jeff Besos, and refers to Jeff Besos as the primary and only leader (not democratically elected). As it stands, and how it works, Amazon as a whole is responsible for that local chapter. Jeff Besos, who has direct contact with that chapter is responsible. Again, my intention is not to say "I think Jeff Besos is responsible for those actions". My intention is to say "He is responsible. That is how it works." So I respect you would like to agree to disagree. I wish you luck!
  2. As I explained to Lunauanaki, I am not commenting on ethics. I am not saying whether or not Thaidakar has an ethical or moral responsibility for the actions of Mraize and the Ghostbloods. I am saying plain and simple as the founder and leader of the organization that is the ghostbloods, by the chain of causation, he is responsible for the actions his organization and the members of said organization take. So if we take a picture of an action Mraize took, then that action was either with Thaidakar's blessing or not. If you don't like the action and think that the action Mraize took was immoral, that is your own understanding and interpretation of the action. I am not discussing the morality of said action. I am discussing whether or not Mraize and the Ghostbloods are operating with Thaidakar's blessing. Whether or not those actions are approved by Thaidakar. If you want to take issue with those actions, that is entirely on and up to you, but it doesn't change whose ultimate responsibly those actions flow to. So Thaidakar is either an effective leader, and the actions Mraize and the Ghostbloods take are with his blessing, or Thaidakar is a failure of a leader, and the actions Mraize and the Ghostbloods take are without his blessing. Either way Thaidakar is responsible. The only question is whether or not Mraize and the Ghostbloods are doing what they are told. I conclude that Thaidakar is an effective leader, so Mraize and the Ghostbloods are doing what they are told.
  3. So there seems to be a lot of confusion and conflation going around here, so maybe some examples will help clarify. Jeff Bezos of Amazon who represents the company, lets say states that "I don't like poor people.". That is his free speech. Even though he is representative of the company, his statement is protected. Now there is still the consequence that his customers may not like a person who says such things, and doesn't want to support him, so by extension will choose to no longer purchase from Amazon. But the speech is still protected Chick-Fil-A's head is religious and decided to close all their stores on sunday so their staff can go to church if they so choose. Religious freedom protected, no problem. Where things are different however...... Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who represents the company, swears racist epithets at an employee or a present customer, is not protected and the company is liable. If an employee of Amazon, while in the uniform, on the property, or in some other manner identified as an Amazon employee swears racist epithets at a customer or individual, is not protected and the company is liable If Chick-Fil-A states that it will not serve any other religion at their stores, that is not protected and the company is liable HIPAA was used to illustrate corporate responsibility. It can be applied in many other instances I have mentioned. Further the location is immaterial as I have stated. Let us take another real world example: Loot boxes in gaming. It is considered legal in some countries, strictly regulated in other countries (percentages must be made public), or now illegal in others. The corporations don't get to say "hey how were we to know you don't like it where you are at? Where we are its legal and fine." They are still accountable and responsible Thaidakar's responsibility is clear and irrefutable. The only question that I am discussing is whether or not Mraize and the Ghostbloods are operating in a manner counter to Thaidakar. If they are operating within expected parameters of Thaidakar: Thaidakar is an effective and good leader and is responsible. If they are operating outside expected parameters of Thaidakar: Thaidkar is a failure as a leader and is responsible. I think there is confusion on this point. I am not taking a moral stance on Thaidakar. I am saying he is responsible for the actions of his organization full stop. I am not saying whether his actions or the actions of his organization is moral/ethical or not. That is up to the individuals who decide to weigh those actions when they judge the character, but regardless the moral implications ascribed to those actions, those actions are still accountable and Thaidakar is responsible to those actions. As I said before, that is not an excuse. But it seems below you missed it, so no worries. I am not sure whether considering this is a stormlight thread, whether or not it is allowable to refer to Thaidakar as another name, but going on how business has been conducted in the past, Thaidakar was an effective leader. He chose the right people to carry out his will. When you looked at the actions the people he chose took, they represented him. When one of the individuals took an action outside of what Thaidakar indicated, and hundreds of his people died, Thaidakar took responsibility. He owned up to it. He stated he gave the individual too much power too soon. That he should have been watched longer, and etc. Those deaths were on Thaidakar's head and he confirmed it. That is why my conclusion is that Thaidakar is an effective leader and everything Mraize and the Ghostbloods do is in line with the Thaidakar. My conclusion is he as an effective leader, has chosen the right individuals to work under him. Those right individuals have chosen the right ones under them, and so on. The chain of responsibility all the way back up to Thaidakar So again, Thaidakar's responsibility was never in question. It is whether or not Mraize and the Ghostbloods are operating within Thaidakar's structure. I believe based on everything we have seen across all the books, they are. Thaidakar is a responsible leader, and Mraize and the Ghostbloods actions are done with his approval.
  4. Huh? Someone's personal medical information is not protected by the abuser nor the institution as free speech, nor religion, nor press. I am really at a loss at how that is pertinent to the discussion
  5. What does freedom of speech and religion have anything to do with HIPAA compliance?
  6. Her recall has nothing to do it. She states very clearly why it is the Ghostbloods. Again open and shut. Any actions the Ghostbloods and Mraize take is accountable and responsible to Thaidakar.
  7. I did already. Shallan clearly states why it is the Ghostbloods. Open and shut. Side note: I was going to update my last comment to include this, but since you already replied, you were thinking the board of directors, not stock holders. Stock holders elect a board of directors who lead the company.
  8. The book clearly states it. Don't need any further proof. It is plain as day. Not ignoring anything. I made my position very clear. Stock holder is different than leader. Stock Holders have vested interests in companies. You are thinking of Chief Executive Officers and the such. But even then that is immaterial as per law Corporations are now considered people. If an employee messes up, the corporation is held liable. Open and shut. Whether or not a corporation can successfully dodge a suit does not change the culpability. Congrats, they can afford expensive lawyers. Does not change the letter of the law. HIIPA is the best example but there are countless more. Thaidakar is responsible and accountable. Full stop. As I said with HIPAA, an employee can knowingly and on purpose steal employee information with intent to sell, completely contrary to the company's stance on the practice, and the company will still face fines and penalization. They should have hired and trained better, as well as have had better safe guards in place. And that is not me saying it. That is literally the law. Look it up. So once again Thaidakar is either: 1. incompetant and responsible or 2. effective, and responsible.
  9. You can certainly interpret it that way. For myself, i took it as I am busy with my day to day dealings. I dont have time to watch a show i have been wanting to watch all this time. Snow storm hits, i cant go anywhere to do my normal day to day dealings. I hop onto the couch and say "Ive been wanting an excuse to watch this show for forever" That doesn't mean i need anyone's permission. Its a pastime ive been wanting to do for awhile but since i have had other responsibilities, i couldnt warrant taking time away to do the pastime. Past time then smacks me in the face and gets in my way. Oooo now i have an excuse!
  10. I don't think we are arguing the level of accountability at all. I have provided numerous examples in our world where the leader of an organization is accountable, full stop. As i have already stated three times, a corporation doesn't get to use those excuses if an employee breaks HIPAA compliance. Its very clear cut. Thaidakar is accountable and responsible full stop. This is a fact as far as i am concerned. That is why by extension: Ghostbloods and mraize are operating within thaidakar's parameters: thaidakar is a good and effective leader, choosing the right people to operate under him. Or Ghostbloods and mraize are operating outside thaidakar's parameters: Thaidakar is a failure as a leader and messed up, choosing the wrong people to operate under him. So if you mean to tell me that mraize and the ghostbloods killing that innocent carriage driver is not a practice sanctioned by thaidakar, then he is a failure of a leader, and messed up, choosing the wrong people to operate under him and is responsible for the carriage driver's death If it is as i believe, that mraize and the ghostbloods killing that innocent carriage driver is a practice sanctioned by thaidakar, then he is a successful leader, that chose the right people to operate under him and is responsible for the carriage driver's death.
  11. Just a little clarity. Mraize does not say he "needs" permission. He said he always "wanted " an excuse. That says something very different to me. To me one denotes being prevented, while another refers to a past time hes been meaning to get around to but has always been too busy. Here is the quote Rhythm of War page 565 “Little Radiant,” the man said. “I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted an excuse to hunt you.”
  12. Yeah i mentioned that in a prior post. Basically i break it down like this 1. Across business, military, governments, and societies, the leader is responsible and accountable 2. That means thaidakar is indisputably responsible and accountable for the ghost bloods and mraizes actions. 3. If the ghostbloods we have met are representative of the group on whole then thaidakar is a successful leader. We know they have direct contact with thaidakar. He has chosen the right representatives that carry out his will. Or 4. If the ghostbloods we have met are NOT representative of the group on whole and operating outside thaidakar's will, then thaidakar is either a. A failure as a leader Or b. not the actual leader I believe thaidakar is an effective leader, so the conclusion i have come to is that the ghostbloods are representative of the organization on whole. Any actions that mraize and the ghostbloods have taken, are with thaidakar's blessing, because as their leader, he is responsible and accountable.
  13. Frequency does not change accountability. Corporations release mandatory training once a year regarding HIPAA compliance but that does not mean they get an out when their employee messes up. Storms the corporation doesn't even get an out if the employee claims they did the training but really didn't. They are still accountable. And so is thaidakar. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He picked the people under him. So either he is a horrible leader and picked the wrong people, or they are doing exactly as they are told. I think based on what we know of thaidakar, he is an effective leader, so the ghostbloods are doing exactly as they are told. Therefore mraizes actions are representative of thaidakar.
  14. Doesn't matter what thaidakar himself is good or bad at. What matters about being a good responsible leader is picking the right people for the job because they represent you and you are responsible for them. So based on what you wrote, thaidakar is a horrible and ineffective leader. He is regularly duped by his own organization to the point that they can act completely counter to his wishes. Especially considering he is in regular contact with Mraize.
  15. The owner is still liable because without his or her inciting action, none of that would have occurred. The idea is that the owner should have picked a responsible person to use the keys. By extension that person, acting responsible would not have loaned out the keys to another person. Thereby any resulting ramifications would not have occured. Further this does apply to corporations. When an individual, even the lowliest of the low grunt takes an action while in uniform, they represent the company. The company then apologizes for the action of the grunt and has to take action to fix the situation. Again the idea is thaidakar selects person a, person b, and person c to operate under him. If he is a good leader, then a, b, and c are chosen for their capabilities and commitment to the cause. Then they pick people 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8, 9, 10. If thaidakar did his job right as an effective leader, then a, b, and c should be responsible enough to pick good candidates in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. If they didn't, then they messed up. If they messed up, then thaidakar messed up in picking them. So once again. Either mraize is acting as he should (and considering he has a direct line to thaidakar, there is no excuse), and thereby mraizes actions are a reflection on thaidakar Or Thaidakar is an ineffectual and poor leader that can be duped by his own underlings or he aint the leader at all Either way, thaidakar is responsible edit: another real life example that might help HIPAA Compliance If an employee releases patient confidential information either by accident or on purpose, the employee that did it as well as the company (hospital, etc) are fined and penalized. The hospital/corporation does not get to say "hey how can I watch all my employees across the country or across the globe?". They are responsible. They gotta pay.