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  1. Changing trivia to stormlight archive practicality, it is mentioned I believe that gold is used in the creation and function of fabrials.
  2. Don't think it even matters that he came from the Sadeas princedom. I think it would be within the purview of the Queen. That is how they got support during the unification of Alethkar. If someone was a highprince they didn't like, they would outmaneuver them (through outright war, or Sadeas getting the kings boon to challenge to a duel), and then appoint someone more amendable to their cause. Now having said that, I don't believe that will happen, but I believe it is certainly mechanically possible.
  3. I guess the point I was trying to make, is if they cannot digest the bone, nails, and hair, how will they know how to replicate those particular aspects of that particular person correctly? She had to eat a bit of Marasi to replicate the skin, and even then wasn't sure it would take because it could still turn necrotic. Here is the scene: "Oh. I caught a hole in the intestines, as you'd guessed. Sewed that up tight, using some catgut I made from some spare intestines I had brewing. I patched it with some of my flesh grafted on." "She'll reject the flesh" "Nah. I took a bite and replicated her skin. Her body will think it's hers" .....(few sentences down)...... "Is tht the part of me you.... um.... ate?" Marasi asked "No, just what was leaking" Melaan said "That grafted patch over the wound should hold until you heal on your own - I melded it to your veins and capillaries. It's going to get itchy, but don't scratch it, and let me know if it starts to go necrotic"
  4. I thought the idea is because they cannot digest hair (keratin), nails (keratin) and bone (partially calcium) to replicate it, but they can digest muscle, tissue, and fat. Given that hormones are not produced by the skeletal structure, I would imagine they would be able to mimic the organs, and glands that produce and secrete the hormones. An interesting question would be as technology advances, could it be possible to detect a kandra based on a specific type of white blood cell content being low or non-existent due to the bones not producing it. edit: doing a little further digging, this may not be a problem for a Kandra either. They are essentially all stem cells that they can differentiate at any time. So there should be no reason that they couldn't without the aid of bone barrow, produce more red and white cells. So I think it really just comes down to the skeletal structure, the hair, and nails are unable to be digested and replicated, but every other process seems to be capable.
  5. I put good because I enjoy the character for who and what he is. I have nothing against him. He is not my favorite, and there are other characters I find more interesting, but that doesn't mean I think anything negatively regarding him.
  6. So the Koloss are a true breeding race, but what results of the breeding is not a koloss. It is a koloss blooded human. In order to become a full koloss, the child has to chose when they reach maturity to join up and receive their spikes, which is passed down from prior deceased koloss. I think there is a reason for this that I will go into below. I think or at least theorize, the differences is this: Spook - human, that expanded the cracks in his spirit web with investiture. Shard should be able to fix that Koloss - other people's spirit webs are stapled and fused like a frankenstein monster (Brandon's words), to function as one spirit web. I don't think that can be changed and the person survive with shardic intervention. I think also since a society had arose among the koloss, perhaps Sazed felt it would be wrong to tear that away from them. He essentially gave a new species the ability to continue if they so wished. Kandra - can already breed true themselves. The result are mistwraiths. In order to attain sapience, the spikes are required. Given their immortal nature, allowing them to breed further would be problematic I believe. As to changing them back, the originals are already dead. All Kandra we see are born mistwraiths and brought to sapience via spikes, so not sure they could be turned back when they are now a full species. side note: as to what happens when they die, the koloss's spirit pops up in the cognitive realm, but not the chunks of spirit web that was stapled to them. So many popped up in that scene, because so many koloss were being killed by the siege engines and they didn't know how to react, so were killed whole sale.
  7. I don't really see Sadeas as lawful as he uses society and law when it suits him, but then disregards it when it doesn't.
  8. Short answer, yes. WoB below: Questioner If a kandra and a human were to have a baby, what would that baby be like? Brandon Sanderson I would say that right now… It would depend... The kandra would have to remain in human form, keep the same body, and then would give birth to a human. If it was a woman [human] with a man [kandra], it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, with a kandra. Does that make sense? Because when the kandra is in human form, they can identically recreate the bodily functions and things if they want to. Calamity Chicago signing (Feb. 22, 2016)
  9. Ah! Idris! I think in that case Alexander the Great would win because I do not recall anything unique regarding Idris that would make them more combat effective.
  10. With the honorblades, I do not think horses would need to go near elephants. Ah, been awhile since I have read it, so I do not recall that nation at this time.
  11. I think this would still favor Taldain. Its their home turf, and a sandmaster's entire power system is dependent on being on their home turf lol. Don't know what the Rose Empire's military looks like, and what magics if any that they employ. If we knew they included blood sealers, then the use of skeletals could help, but the Rose Empire seems to be disdainful of the magic. So I wouldn't imagine them including skeletals in their primary military. Assuming modern military with fighter planes, tanks and so on, I agree. Coinshots can push on metal, but unless they are a twinborn like Wax, or a fullborn, they aren't moving tanks an inch. Not sure about this one. Shinovar still has most of the honorblades. That alone I could see turning the battle in their favor. You mean the Iriali? I would say same deal as the Rose Empire and Rome. Don't know the Iri military might, and what if any magic they would employ. I am assuming you are mentioning them as they currently are, and not including radiants?
  12. I may have phrased what I wrote incorrectly. To clarify, when I said shorten Vin's introduction, I meant more the waiting portion. So basically include Camon duping the obligator. Remove the necessity of them coming back a second time to confirm Vin's soothing. Have Kelsier and Dockson present to observe, and see the inquisitor. Then cut straight to back at the hide out. Show Vin getting beaten, then Kelsier arriving. Cut the time where she waits. Cut the time where she speaks to the other crew mate. Have the scene where Kelsier kicks out the rest of the crew come right after, with Breeze and the rest arrive. Then have then discover Camon being dead, tortured by the inquisitors after Vin joins up. Basically I am saying keep the big moments, but stream line it a bit. Hmmm, true. It would certainly stream line it. Though I feel it would result in missing out, as you said, on character introduction and development. Hmmm.
  13. Sooooo the response to Kaladin being unable to stop two groups he pledged to protect from killing each other is "hey it was their own choice?" Something tells me people would be hesitant to vote for the political platform of "hey if you die, it was your own choice" lol.
  14. No problem. Sorry about your theory. If it helps, it has been confirmed the further you progress, the greater your stormlight efficiency is: Zykai (paraphrased) Squires and people wielding Honorblades use more Stormlight than a regular Radiant. Who uses more? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) The further you progress, the more efficient you become at consuming Stormlight. They're never as efficient as the Voidbringers, since humans leak too much. Stuttgart signing (May 17, 2019)
  15. I could see keeping the intro with Kelsier killing the land owner. I could also see the introduction of Vin (not as drawn out) via Camon trying to dupe the obligator. I think the Noble Balls will be cut down a bunch. The recruitment of rebels could be streamlined. I do think Vin's one on one with each misting would be needed to help introduce new people to the magic.