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  1. I say Jasnah. She has the experience from being raised as a leader, she has shown she can bring together disparate groups to work together (ardents, stormwardens and scholars) under her, she is respectful of others beliefs, she is progressive, and intelligent. So I vote other for Jasnah.
  2. So I know there is a thread for finding Words of Brandon, but ironically I cannot find the thread to then request help finding a Word of Brandon. So can someone either point me in the direction of that thread, or let me know how to find the Word of Brandon that says you can burn allomantic pewter, and store feruchemical health at the same time and bear no negative effects? I've tried combining pewter, thug, gold, twinborn, compound, but have had no luck on arcanum. Sorry that this is a thread digression
  3. Personally I think Jasnah may be a full 5 oathed Radiant or a 4 oathed radiant, but because Shallan has not come to terms with herself being a 4 oathed radiant, Jasnah being 4th, is still considered ahead of Shallan. The reason I say this, is because after Words of Radiance, there is a WoB that Shallan is one oath more than Kaladin. At the end of Words of Radiance, Kaladin was a 3rd oath knight, making Shallan at the end of Words of Radiance a 4th oath knight. After Oathbringer was released, there is a WoB stating that Jasnah is further along than Shallan (he has to check however). That says to me that Jasnah is either a more experienced 4th oath knight than Shallan, or already on her 5th oath. Pertinent WoB shown below edit: Though I do acknowledge that the WoB about Jasnah could be interpreted that she bonded Ivory before Shallan bonded Pattern the first time. Personally I interpret it the way I stated above. 3/18/14 tganchero (paraphrased) How many oaths can a Radiant swear? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) There is an upper-limit/threshold to the number of oaths a Radiant may make. By the end of WoR, Shallan was a step higher than Kaladin. 9/6/18 Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] When did Shallan take the First Oath? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] That's been quite a while. She's been on this path longer than almost anybody. Jasnah's been going for a while. If you look at the timeline, I think Jasnah beats her. But she's been on this path for years. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Do we get to find out when she took that First Oath? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, I'm planning to delve into that. It's supposed to be a "Wait, What?" I'd have to look exactly at the timeline, Jasnah beats her. Jasnah definitely beats her. Questioner 2 [PENDING REVIEW] <Are you sure?> Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Maybe not. I'd have to look at the timelines. This is why I have Karen, to keep my timelines for me!
  4. There was a big back and forth about nonplussed awhile back. Brandon meant in the book for it to mean unperturbed, not surprised. So it is actually the opposite of her being shocked.
  5. So I re-read the scenes again. The way things progressed is shown below: Aesudan 1. Kaladin and Elhokar walk in on Aesudan. She appears normal but is acting strange 2. She speaks with them for a little while. Says she controls Yelig-nar 3. Her eyes begin to glow and smoke begins to slow around her 4. We see her later walking down the steps with crystal like carapace covering her 5. Crystals cover her chest cavity Amaram 1. Kaladin arrives to Amaram falling to his knees, realizing he just swallowed something (he made a choking motion) 2. Amaram's eyes glowed red (this is less poignant as his eyes were already glowing red after the Thrill did its thing to him and his people) 3. Amaram becomes wreathed in black smoke. they begin to fight 4. Crystals start breaking through Amaram's armor 5. More description of crystals breaking out of armor, till chest plate gets shattered revealing crystals covering his chest cavity (of interest, yelig-nar also consumes "inorganic" matter. It ate his armor padding. Makes me wonder with the joke about nightblood, does Yelig-nar kind of work that way? Like if you do not have a way to pull in stormlight or investiture, he will instead feed on you, ultimately killing you? Both Aesudan and Amaram could not draw upon stormlight, so when they used the surges Yelig-nar provided them, he used their essence/body to fuel it? Which would explain why Amaram seemingly burns up faster? That would potentially further support that Yelig-nar consumes as you use him. edit: Hmmmm if this is true, then maybe Odium really did set Aesudan and Amaram up for failure. He knew they couldn't draw on outside investiture, so it would be only a matter of time for them to use the abilities Yelig-nar provides, and kill themselves. Yes what the Stormfather said about Dalinar's surge working differently is unrelated to the mistaken identification of cohesion when it should have been tension. So yes, as per the Stormfather, Dalinar's surges should work uniquely as a bondsmith when compared to the same surge being used by another order. A recent WoB that I will need to dig to find now states the recharging of stormlight is also a bondsmith thing. Could have to do with spiritual adhesion as well. I theorize that when Dalinar caught the chasmfiend claw in his hands, but somehow kept his shardplate in one piece, was him unconsciously using tension to strengthen it. Yep yep, they have access to Tension. It is Willshapers that share cohesion with Stonewards.
  6. Brandon has confirmed that the windrunner resonance is the number of squires and the power of said squires. I think he said the lightweavers resonance is their mnemonic memory ability, though that I can not recall if it was expressly confirmed. I will need to check.
  7. Thank you. I think it provides the radiant surges from what little we see, though I admit it is far from conclusive. Cohesion seems to work the way we saw the stoneward use it in Dalinar's vision. Division seems to work in the manner alluded to in the past writings. Abrasion allows Amaram to skate forward on one leg. I think he also reduces his gravity to jump up and catch Kaladin at one point. People theorize that Jasnah can soulcast at range due to the combination of transportation and transformation while Shallan theoretically can not. Others theorize that Shallan can make her illusions solid with a combination of transformation and illumination while Renarin theoretically would not (if he had been a normal truthwatcher). Some theorize that what Shallan did to inspire the soldiers that deserted by combining illusion and transformation. Renarin seems to be more natural at his use of regrowth than Lift. That is kind of the point being made. A Bondsmith thing regarding adhesion is spiritual and brings people together. A windrunner thing may be more physical.
  8. Personally I think based on the descriptions that Aesudan and Amaram reached the same point of transformation. If we are led to believe Aesudan could not control Yelig-nar, then I think the crystals forming and actually consuming the person's body is an indication of loss of control. I feel the progression of each individual supports this. Aesudan swallowed the crystal just prior to Elhokar walking up. Right after that the crystallization progressed rather quickly. In Amaram's case the crystallization started slow, but then started to accelerate. That indicates to me that he barely had more control than Aesudan, and over the course of the battle was quickly losing it. I posit that had Amaram not been killed, he too would have been consumed. But that is my opinion based on the reading. Got nothing completely conclusive to back it up. I think that would be a competition on who could consume who first lol. Or it could be an endless loop like the snake that eats its own tail. Yelig-nar consumes Nightblood, as Nightblood consumes Yelig-nar, thus making the perfect host! I will need to pull up the scene again, but I feel I recall as Elhokar and Kaladin run up, they notice it appears as if she had just swallowed something. So that says to me it is a similar time frame to Amaram, just he seems to last a bit longer than her. Multiple powers of a certain threshhold no longer produce resonances. So mistborn do not get resonances. As per WoB. So Yelig-nar would not produce resonances. edit:correction, we may be thinking in the wrong direction. Aesudan may have been better at it than Amaram. I re-read the scene, and it showed she had already bonded with Yelig-nar. In fact she implies she had bonded with him awhile ago. When they first walk in she seems fine, and speaks of turning her men into her own radiants. It wasn't till Kaladin and Elhokar arrived and they talk for a bit before her eyes start to glow red and she begins to change. Conversely, the moment Amaram swallowed the gem he started to change. So potentially Aesudan controlled it better for longer. The only other possibility I can think of, is as you use the surges, or tap into Yelig-nar he starts to actively consume you. Since Amaram was using the abilities from the get go, he got consumed in a short period of time, while Aesudan didn't start really using Yelig-nar till Kaladin and Elhokar showed up.
  9. So just finished posting the quotes from both scenes (please refer to my last post). There is no difference between Aesudan and Amaram in those scenes. So if there ultimately would be any difference, it would have happened after Kaladin and co left, or had Amaram lived longer, but from the scenes we are able to see, they reach the same stage. Both have their chest cavity being full of gemstones, both lucid, and able to speak as themselves. So I do not think from what little we see, that we can say Amaram had any more control than Aesudan. edit: little follow up tidbit. The way Aesudan talks about Yelig-nar implies to me that it does have intelligence. Otherwise why make a point of saying Ashertman is mindless? I feel the juxtaposition is intentional, but that is just my reading of the below scene: Oathbringer page 813 She laughed "Yelig-nar serves me. Or do you speak of the Heart of the Revel? Ashertmarn has no will; he is merely a force of consumptions, mindless, to be harnessed.
  10. I have to check the scene to be sure (will do in like 10 minutes), but didn't Aesudan also start growing crystals? If so, then Amaram may not necessarily have been in control. We also do not know how long Aesudan lasted after they had left. The crystal growing could be an indication of losing control, and consumption being not far behind. edit: found it! Oathbringer page 819 "The queen descended the stairs, wreathed in blak smoke, eyes glowing red. She'd transformed, strange crystal formations having pierced her skin like carapace. Her chest was glowing bright with a gemstone, as if it had replaced her heart. it shone through her dress." Amaram takes longer to get to that extent, but he definitely looks the same. I am pulling up that scene now. Will get it posted shortly. Oathbringer page 1176 "The highprince's entire chest had collapsed inwards. There was no sign of ribs or internal organs. Instead, a large violet crystal pulsed inside his chest cavity, overgrown with dark veins. If he'd been wearing a uniform or padding beneath his armor, it had been consumed. "
  11. Brandon considers heralds as members of their orders. However, Nale swearing 5 oaths is separate from wielding an honorblade. So Nale is a Herald and a fully oathed skybreaker radiant.
  12. Can you confirm where it says that in the book, or WoB? Not suggesting you are wrong. Just I do not recall that stated, so always open to learning something new.
  13. Lol, refresh the page, I kinda beat you to it. Cognitive Shadows are investiture. Moash's dagger trapped the cognitive shadow, and the body was then dead. I speculate that Yelig-nar would consume the investiture that is the cognitive shadow of the herald or the fused, and thereby not be a perfect host. Speculate away. I just speculate differently.
  14. I would need to pull up the WoBs associated with each but we do know for a fact that: 1. the heralds bodies are "grown"/created 2. their cognitive shadow is inhabiting the body, as Moash's dagger took it away to prevent it from being reborn edit: found the WoB for the second one, but it is not exactly how I recall. please give me a few moments to dig further to be sure edit 2: i slightly tweaked my response. relevant WoBs shown below Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Moash killed a god? One of the Heralds? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] He did. One of the Heralds. And trapped his soul so he couldn't be reborn. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] That's what it is. Trapped his soul, didn't actually kill him? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] It's killed him...It was like, extra killed. The Heralds are bound to a cycle of rebirth that happens...that they wanted to make sure didn't happen that time. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] How do the Heralds come back? How do they a physical body? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] That system will be explained in the coming books, so that is a RAFO. I'm gonna dig into it pretty deeply. It's relevant for multiple reasons. In the original version, Taln ended up in someone else, like they would get a body from someone else, which was part of fueling the "Is he crazy, is he not," because people were like, "I recognize this guy!" I don't use that system anymore. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] That's what I was wondering, because the Fused... Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] They use something kind of more like the Fused in the original draft, it's not that process anymore. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Is that gonna give us lead-ins to how it worked with Kelsier? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Maybe. Maybe. You shall see. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Can a Returned be made from Stormlight? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] How would you count the Heralds? Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] I haven't read much, so I don't really know what you're talking about. Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] In the Stormlight books, there is a set of people who are constantly reborn, into full sized grown bodies that are being created for them. Would you count that as being Returned? Or do you count Returned...What's your definition, right? You can create something that is Returned-like. But your definition of what is Returned and what is not, is going to be involved in that.
  15. For all we know Yelig-nar would end up consuming the investiture keeping the herald in his created body, which would run into the potential same problem as using the fused. Though I say this not to say I am right you are wrong. This is completely conjecture on my own part.