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  1. For the reasons mentioned as well as a few more we have confirmation on: 1. Jasnah is very protective of her family. Gavinor is included in that. We saw how hard it was for her to even consider renarin and in the end despite all the research, time, and evidence pointing to renarin being the cause of the betrayal, jasnah still couldnt do it 2. Jasnah is not power hungry. We have a WoB that part of the reason she left kholinar/stayed away from the shattered plains was to give elhokar space to rule. So he wouldn't feel overshadowed by her. That he had enough problems ruling in his father's shadow, he didnt need to live under hers as well. Though if her research in saving the world requires her to return, she would have. 3. Jasnah's thoughts on assassinating aesudean (which she did not carry out as she focused on attaining more information first), was due to her believing aesudan was going to harm her family. There is a WoB on that too. I can add them later if you like. Also consider that jasnah was in fact right about aesudan and had jasnah actually had her killed when she originally considered, kholinar might not have become the way it did. So many guards would not have been corrupted and or killed, and the common people of kholinar would probably have been better off. 4. Gavinor is already heir apparent and jasnah is already queen is full. Not just a regent. So there would be no need to mess with any of that. Gavinors existence does not negate jasnahs queenhood, nor does her queenhood prevent his ultimate kinghood As a follow up, have you considered reading and commenting on my jasnah thread? I got all the quotes regarding her across all three books, so if you wanted to provide commentary on your views on jasnah, i thought that would be a great place to do it. Allowing for easy references.
  2. theory

    No problemo. If it helps any, the WoB seems to be specific in regards to soulcasting at range, so theoretically the time jasnah soulcasted one person and then it spread to three others almost like a contagion could still be open season regarding the transportation/transformation combo. Still a whole lot we don't know.
  3. theory

    Just a point of clarity because many people still think this (i did too once upon a time) but there is a WoB showing its not the case. Elsecallers are just really good at soulcasting so can soulcast at a distance. A lightweaver can learn the same thing with enough practice. On phone so cant add WoB. If you search jasnah, soulcasting and lightweaver on the arcanum it should come up
  4. Haven't tried it out yet, but the booklet does say you can play solo
  5. theory

    Just to throw out another possiblity: When we see jasnah transfer to the physical realm we see a glowing image of her resolve, then she notices wit, and then draws her blade on him. For all we know just after teleportation, you are vulnerable and need to get your bearings. I re-read the scene and it starts with kalak rounding a stone ridge. Theoretically kalak could have teleported to the area and then advanced on foot as a recent battle took place there. So as to not teleport potentially in the middle of battle and get run through he teleported to a place nearby and advanced cautiously. As to why he arrived last, potentially he was busy with something all the way till then. Further we don't know if teleports could be traced. If so, by teleporting directly to the meeting place, he could be compromising the location. Just some thoughts
  6. Personally i think you are misunderstanding the first WoB you posted to a slight degree. I took it to mean there are two ways to access the cognitive realm: 1. Transformation 2. Transportation For transformation (soulcasting), you create an "investiture bubble" of "you" that manifests in the cognitive realm as a sort of astral projection. Your physical body still very much exists in the physical realm and is very much vulnerable to attack. For transportation, you transfer completely. Physical body and all. You leave the physical realm. No investiture simulacrum of you required. You are fully there.
  7. Its on the latest update showing the cover. I forget the number but it is in reply to a backer's inquiry. Pull up the page, crtl + f, and put Michael's name in and it should pop right up. I edit: i would confirm which post number it was but im on my phone so it doesnt auto login to my kickstarter and have to be logged in to see the update's comments
  8. @Karger not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but on the kickstarter page it was just posted 3 hours ago. I think this is pertinent to all your oath theories: "The quotes on the coins are the canon of the second ideal of each order. Remember that the wording used may differ (for example, the Lightweavers actually speak a truth, rather than saying "I will speak my truth"), but the quote listed here is the primary idea behind the second ideal, and in many ways the theme behind the order's ideals as a whole." That is from Michael Bateman. According to the kickstarter and the livestreams, he is on Dragonsteel's staff. I don't know his title or association. Just saw his name pop up in that regard, so I believe what he says is legit. So the tag lines of each order is the basic idea of their second order Trutchwathcer: I will seek truth Elsecaller: I will reach my potential dustbringer: i will seek self mastery and etc
  9. Aesduedan ate the stone off screen. We see her mention that she had found a way to make her own radiants and master the stone unlike gavilar. Both of these are implied to have happened some time ago (weeks or months). But even admitting that portion is conjecture, Aesudean has an extended conversation with Elhokar long before she starts showing any signs. Amaram on the other hand the moment he swallows it, he shows signs (my theory is old so its been awhile since I read the scenes. please give me a little bit to refresh myself on them). Which is what caused me to beleive Yelig-nar functions like nightblood. I linked my theory below: edit: re-read the scenes briefly. The guards were disappearing before Kaladin and Co showed up in the city, which is what I believe Aesudean was referring to by "making" her own radiants. She speaks of having learned how to bond the Unmade, and that Yelig-nar serves her. Only after the extended conversation with Elhokar does her eyes begin to glow red. Then the smoke begins to surround her. Conversely Amaram swallows the gemstone, Kaladin drops down next to him. Amaram's eyes begin to glow red, and after summoning his second shardblade, the transformation has begin in full (the vambrace of his armor pulsed on his forearm, as if something was pushing from underneath it) So I reasoned that the possible difference between the speed of these two was actively using the powers. Since Yelig-nar "consumes", I reasoned that without fuel (voidlight or stormlight), he consumes the person. That the reason voidbringers could use Yelig-nar in the past, was because they could use voidlight to fuel them, and mastering his hunger by controlling their power usage.
  10. The spren associated with the oathgate spoke of a bond and promise regarding the oathgate, and they did not seem in pain nor express any regret having watched the oathgate for centuries alone without any other interaction. Syl also speaks of thousands of years as a short time/new. So spren see time and such service differently than us. I do not think it is as traumatic as that. Though it is illegal to "fish" for lesser spren in the cognitive realm. But my theory is that is because the lesser spren don't have a choice in the matter.
  11. Checked everyone quote in both books for "ideal" and "ideals". Then checked for "lives up to". Nothing so far. Any idea who said it? Might help narrow it down.
  12. So readily admit it is in no way confirmation, but I feel Syl and Dalinar's conversation is another feather in the cap of my theory that Dalinar will have a hand in Adolin reviving Maya. His powers can literally affect the bonds between radiant and spren. I think this is foreshadowing of him restoring what was lost to those spren that were killed. Fingers crossed I am right!
  13. Know which book? I can do a quick search on my kindle on all three, but if i knew which one to narrow my search it would help expedite the process.
  14. Some how i feel it is saying: "Adolin is such a fashionista" Lol