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  1. I will listen to symphonic metal bands, even if my ears bleed. (Am currently working very hard on the bleeding part now)
  2. Haha, yes but I doubt Brandon would tell us if that were the case, unless it's very obvious that the horse is not quite a horse. He'll have left clues, it's up to us to unearth them. Yes, I did but I think my question was submitted too late. Voidus did get an answer though, and it relates enough to my own question.
  3. Well then, thank you for providing the question! I asked whether the kandra predated the Lord Ruler's death or Sazed's ascension, but I think I failed to submit it within the time limits given. But this works out nicely enough. I don't think Saze would necessarily have wanted the kandra to go stir up trouble, just to look around... but maybe this one's imitating Kelsier a little bit and interfering without his permission. I think it'll be a character who's been identified (not necessarily by name) before. Otherwise, it'd be a waste of time for Brandon to give us that tidbit.
  4. I'm sure some of you Sharders recall that Brandon mentioned a couple of months back that there was a kandra worldhopper somewhere in the Cosmere. Some of you may even recall discussing the possibility of he or she being Iyatil - but that's not important at the moment. What is important at the moment is that we may have a gotten a clue as to what era this kandra is in, and perhaps even a hint as to his/her motives, from this WoB on the Goodreads Q&A: It's not definite, but it does seem to tell us something; considering that the Lord Ruler was disinterested in visiting other places, we can perhaps, safely rule out that the kandra was dispatched by him. Therefore, I propose that this kandra was sent by Sazed, and considering the timeline, we should be looking heavily at the Stormlight Archive for clues (obviously). I don't recall when Warbreaker is, but perhaps that's worth checking out too. Thoughts?
  5. I think the Heralds have the same surges corresponding to the orders they're patrons of. No more, no less. However, we have a WoB saying it's possible they have other powers too. I think near or outright immortality is probably one of those. And then there's a quote from TWoK where Shallan says the Heralds had 'voices like trumpets', so I presume that's another.
  6. I sorta helped start the shipping of spren. And it led to a very, very rule 34 thread. *shifty eyes*
  7. I'm doing a mass communication degree atm (majoring in broadcasting, minoring in journalism). So when I've graduated I will officially become part of the evil Illuminati brainwashing you with lies and turning you into drooling sheeple a journalist, or so I hope.
  8. Brandon's Warbreaker annotations mentioned it. You, my friend, have obviously forgotten the Syl thread. That was one hell of a depraved thread... *shudder* ...I'm not going to ask how you know one in the first place or how said necrophiliac got a corpse to sleep with in the first place.
  9. TIL Jasnah Kholin is actually Agent Smith from the Matrix.
  10. That's perfectly fine with me. My disagreements with you mainly stem from how you seemed to be projecting, but if that's the case I'll agree to disagree. Until Stones Unhallowed/Skybreaker comes out, that is...
  11. Don't let a douchebag ruin your 8 years of marriage. Don't. Sit down, have a good long talk about it, but *don't* fixate on it. I may have been on Reddit before this...
  12. This. THIS. Thank you for the insight, Moogle. And yes, Asian cultures are like that - I'm Chinese, and for us loyalty and respect (especially towards elders) is a must. You're viewed as a deviant if you don't conform. I speak from personal experience. That is why I used the term 'simplistic'. It's all too easy to project one's own values onto Szeth. If anything, this only shows just how blank a character he is, bereft of an actual story. We need that before we can render judgment.
  13. Somebody should add him to the list of people you don't want to meet in a dark alley Also... WHAT IS THIS?! Just as the horrors of the spren were fading away, we now have cannibals. Guys, what if the Voidbringers were actually trying to scour Roshar of all its depravities?!
  14. Maybe Brandon is an Augur in disguise and saw who he could have been
  15. Highly unlikely that they don't, since they weren't too surprised about Shallan being a Surgebinder... but like someone said, Tyn isn't part of the Ghostbloods, so she might have been kept in the dark. Seems sloppy though. Ah, fair enough. Ivory's speech is pretty hard to comprehend, so that could explain Jasnah's being wrong (wait what, Jasnah is wrong?!)