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  2. So I just checked my email and saw that Brandon was going to be doing a book signing this week, I thought that I would post the information about it up here so that anyone who would be able to go knows about it.
  3. Nope, I asked him at the signing and it's none of the answers. Demoux didn't die in HoA, I feel like an idiot now...
  4. Star Wars: The Musical Not sure if awful or awesome
  5. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card is really good
  6. I would like to announce that the cool new Table of Allomantic Metals that I have currently hanging up on my wall was well worth the few extra weeks I waited to get my extra copy of AoL
  7. When you push or pull on an Allomantic metal you do so with your weight, can we get a little more clarification on how exactly that works?
  8. I knew about focuses, I just was speculating that the Dor is the source of power the focuses draw from.
  9. So this reminds me of something Brandon said at the AoL signing at BYU, I don't remember exactly what the question was so if anyone that was there remembers better please post. But basically he was asked a question about how one of the metalic arts work, and he responded by saying that the metal isn't the source of the magic but more of a doorway to the power. I wonder if what he really meant was that it opens a Dor-way to the power O.O
  10. That is until Google achieves total world domination. So most likely within the next 3-5 years.
  11. Speaking of shard names did you ever get your Sam Wellers copy of AoL where he listed a Shard's intent in the signing? if so, what was it?
  12. I agree, that would make an amazing guitar. Also I see you are playing on PC, I've heard some people say that their computer runs Skyrim better than it can Oblivion, do you know if this is true or not?
  13. Skyrim released yesterday, need I say more?
  14. I dont remember seeing you there specifically but I did get your mii via street pass on my 3ds, I had completely forgoten that i had taken it that night.
  15. How many of you plan on going to the AoL midnight release at BYU assuming that there is one and Brandon will be signing. If so what time are you going to get in line? I plan on being the first one in line and will probably be showing up at 3am on the 7th to insure I get signed copy #1. I need to get pretty near the front of the line because the AoL release is going to make me at least an hour and a half late to the MW3 marathon that I am going to be doing that night.
  16. I would suggest logging off of 17S while you do your paper, just sayin
  17. What number were you in line? I was there to and was #18, maybe we saw each other
  18. Departing now. Will arrive shortly.
  19. Well I wish all of you waiting in line a good night and good luck as I prepare for my last night spent in a warm bed before coming down to join you tomorrow.
  20. Seems more like balefire to me, still cool though. have an upvote. Edit*** I accidentally down voted you by mistake, I'm gonna see if the mods can fix it for me because I don't see how to change it.
  21. I'll most likely be joining the line tomorrow afternoon/evening. Is there power outside the store? I could bring down some hot chocolate when I come if there is.
  22. So way of Kings happens 500 years after Elantris, does that put Elantris 500 years before the oathpact breaks, or 4000 years after? Also are these 500 years in our time, Selian time, or Rosharian time? On Roshar a year is 1000 days long. So 4500 years on Roshar would be equivelent to roughly 12329 years here, theres no way to tell how long it would be if it was Selian years
  23. So are you guys aware that it's supposed to snow tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday?
  24. So I have some friends that play "Curses" every Friday all day long, but they don't use cards. Instead they decide on which each persons curse will be. Tomorrow I'm playing with them. They decided that every time there is a reference to Rebecca Black or "Friday" I have to sing the chorus of and then pretend that nothing happened. I'm so not looking forward to this.