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  1. I would like to announce that I am planning on attending the Pokemon VGC's this April.
  2. This is one of the stupidest parents I have ever heard of. Nudity =/= Pornography Ender's Game is not pornographic, yes there is a naked shower fight but it is not a pornographic. Even here in Happy Valley Utah we know the difference between nudity and pornography, last semester in English class we watched a movie with full frontal nudity and no one was stupid enough to complain about it being porn because we were all smart enough to know it wasn't.
  3. So I just saw that J.K. Rowling is coming out with a new book later this year. Here is part of a news article I read about it. I don't know about you guy but I'm super excited to see what this ends up being.
  4. I think to play it safe we need to limit ourselves to using only "Fellow Nouns"
  5. I would like to announce that I am super super ultra busy right now. I have to go to school at 6am tomorrow morning and won't get out until 4pm. As soon as I get home a kid in my government class is coming over so we can make a powerpoint about the US national debt that we will be presenting on thursday. After the powerpoint is done, I have to write an analysis of a poem we read in my english class and write my own poem that is a minimum of 20 lines long, due second period thursday. Finally, I have to finish a timeline containg 20 important events for Biotechnology for my Biotech class, this is also due thursday. I have to get all of this done by 6:45pm tomorrow so I can make it to my wards mutual activity. To top it all off, my two best friends turn 18 years old tomorrow and I was talking with another of my friends about what we should do for them. She sugested taking them pies tomorrow night, some how our plans went from that to throwing them a party at my house starting at 9pm, and about half of the people coming I barely know. Oh and I still need to bake a pie for the party tomorrow night as well.
  6. I've added to the Hero of Ages article but it still is pathetically small
  7. Do the forums and the wiki use different accounts? I was trying to log in to edit some articles and I wasn't able to get in. Do I need to make a separate account for the wiki?
  8. I think it might be posting a jumbo wall of text that 1stRR sees, it says it is for impressing an admin and see is the only admin to have given it making me think it has to be her you impress. the picture is a guy pushing a boulder up a hill with blah blah blah blah blah blah... written in the background making me think it is about a making a really long post.
  9. Unless someone goes and upvotes every post he has ever made to pass you...
  10. I would like to announce that I never thought I would be glad for my Xbox to get the RRoD and brick itself. I was wrong.
  11. If we are suggesting awards I would like to propose an award for the first person to ever receive an award.
  12. It was my parents car so he believed me when I told him I didn't know the registration was up (I actually was telling the truth). He asked for my license which I told him I didn't have with me, he got my information, took the registration and insurance papers back to his car and came back five minutes later and asked me how long I had had my license. I told him it had been 1 year and 2 months and he said because it was the first time I had got pulled over he was going to let me off with a warning, but if he saw the truck driven around before it got registered again then he would impound it (the truck I was driving is bright orange so I'm sure he'll remember it and check it next time he sees it). He also told me to never drive without bringing my license again, and then he left. I waited five minutes until I was sure he was far away and then drove the rest of the way home. EDIT*** And I think he just didn't notice that my passengers weren't wearing seat belts.
  13. I would like to announce that I was just pulled over for the first time ever. The registration for the car I was driving had had been expired since last August, I didn't have my license with me, and none of my passengers were wearing seatbelts. The ticket would have been nearly a thousand dollars and my car would have been impounded, instead I got off with a verbal warning. I am the luckiest person on the planet (for the record I had no idea my registration had been expired)
  14. But the people on Roshar know about Shadesmar...
  15. I would like to announce that I just played QUAILED for 122 points in Words With Friends. by itself it was worth almost as many points as my opponent had from the entire game so far. [PROOF]
  16. I just got your PM and didn't realize you had responded to me in this thread, I must have missed this post when I was reading it earlier. I get what Deism is, what I had asked was, what makes you believe that a god would take a "hands of" approach to governing the universe. What I meant to say was "hands off" I didn't realize I had left out the second "f" because the spell check didn't mark of as a misspelled word. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused, I'm going to go and edit that post now so it will make sense.
  17. That looks like what I got, the one I have is gray though.
  18. Hmmm... Now I'm even more unsure what this is. The jacket doesn't button at all in the front and has tails behind the legs.
  19. I saw this after I made my post and thought it was really interesting. I've heard of Desim before, I think it was in my Civics class that we talked about how Thomas Jefferson himself a Deist when I first heard the term but I have never actually came into contact with anyone I know of who considers them self a Deist. I'm just curious and not trying to attack your beliefs or anything, but why do you believe that God would take a hands of off approach to governing the universe? I try to keep an open mind see things in more than one way when I think about things like this. But I have trouble detaching myself from bias of what I already believe when I try to imagine why people would take this view point. Would you mind explaining to me why you think this way? If you don't want to post it in this thread you can shoot me a PM. Oh and as this thread is for announcing things, I would like to announce that I got a suit the other day that puts the one that Zas wore to the Alloy release to shame. Well at least I think it's a suit, it might be a tuxedo but I don't really know how to tell the difference. EDIT* (fixed a typo that was causing confusion.)
  20. I actually hadn't thought of this. I haven't had the idea of the Desolations happening on different worlds for as long as the other one but I do have a few explanations of why there wouldn't be stories of Heralds on other Shardworlds. 1) Ending the Oathpact was supposed to end the cycle of Desolations. I can think it's safe to say that this didn't work as the Last Desolation appears to becoming unhindered. It took ~4500 years between the end of the Desolation that ended the Oathpact and the start of the Last Desolation, I'm going to assume that this is a fairly standard length of time between desolation. We know that there are 10 shardworlds, this would mean that it could take up to 45000 years for the desolations to cycle through all the worlds this is plenty of time for the desolations to be completely forgoten by the time they roll back arround. This doesn't explain why Roshar gets 2 in a row however. the only way I can think to explain this is that it is because the previous desolation ended without getting rid of the void bringers on Roshar.
  21. While not an atheist myself I think that it is a terrible thing that people would think less of someone for their religious beliefs or lack there of. The God I believe in isn't going to damnation someone to hell for all eternity because they were a wonderful person but it just so happened that they didn't believe him. If someone was a good wonderful atheist or if someone was a terrible bigoted theist he'll judge he'll judge them each accordingly. And I think it works the other way around to, if in the end it ends up that I was wrong, that there actually is no God then it won't matter to me. I'll have lived my life in a good way and a way that made me happy and I don't see how anyone can see anything wrong with that, just like how I don't see how people see anything wrong with a atheist who does good things.
  22. My idea about Shash comes from a theory I've been developing for a while but still needs more time before I post it. The idea that I have is that the letter/word Shash comes from the Herald Shalash on both Roshar and Nalthis. THe idea here is that after the Oathpact was broken the Heralds either didn't stay on Roshar but instead went to different shard worlds and did stuff there, this is how the word Shash ended up on both Nalthis and Roshar. The other idea I have is that the Oathpact was a Cosmere wide treaty thing and not just exclusive to Roshar. The desolations would occur on different shard worlds and the Heralds would go there to fight them. it was only coincidence that they broke the Oathpact of Roshar. This also could explain why Shash appears in both Warbreaker and The Way of Kings.
  23. I would like to announce that I am a coward
  24. Ever since I found out that the WoT world and our world are one in the same only our time is during the third age, I've wondered how Jordan imagined the one power would be discovered.