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  1. IT'S FINALLY HERE! I can't wait to give it a listen But I think the download link is broken it leads to a black page with no option to download it. You can play it from the page but you cant download it.
  2. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I am incredibly excited for this! How long are the episodes going to be? I want to hope for 40min-1hr but I have a feeling that I am expecting way too much.
  3. You realize that means you will most likely waiting over 30 years to find out whats going on? The last Mistborn trilogy is going to be the very last of the Cosmere books that get released. I would like to announce that I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today and now i can't talk because my mouth is full of gauze.
  4. I just noticed somethng about the trailer that didn't make sense. At you can see Fantine singing "I Dreamed a Dream" with her hair chopped off, in the musical she doesn't sell her hair until the next song which is "Lovely Ladies"
  5. Fun fact, the girl who plays Eponine in the movie (Samantha Barks) also played the same role in the 25th anniversary production of the musical.
  6. I would like to announce that I an unofficially officially done with my Junior year of High School!!!!! Also this term was one of the best I have ever had grade wise and I would like to esspecially thank Chaos for helping me understand complex numbers in his Math Help Center, I got the 2nd highest score on my Math final and an A in that class for the first time ever thanks to his explanation.
  7. I just saw that the Emporer's Soul is set on Sel, I thought that you guys might like to know Source:
  8. I muust have missed that news post. Sorry for posting an extra topic, I skimmed the topic lists in Elantris and GT but didn;t see anything. I completely forgot to check Other Books.
  9. Thanks for writing that, I needed to hear it. I havent seen him since this whole thing happened but I feel kinda bad for him though, part of the reason Abby rejected him was because of me. She did like him a lot until all of this happened, but when he tried to start something with her behind my back she litterally told him "Bros before hoes" and that he'd be a bad friend to me if he made it secret. Of course that wasn't the only reason. I've basically given up trying to work things out with him. If he came to me and wanted to talk I would, but I don't know if that would change things between us. Also if I do ever see him again I'm going to struggle real hard with not punching him in the face for what he did to Abby. How he has treated me is nothing compared to how he has treated her.
  10. I would like to announce that I walked into my Biotechnology final today fully expecting to fail worse than the French in WW2, and instead walked out with the second highest score in the class!
  11. [quote name='Sir Read-a-Lot' timestamp='1336458976' post='3 I'm sorry. What happened? Long story I found out last weekend that he had gotten in a fight with one of my extremely close friends (let's call her Abby) but I didn't know any of the details. He was over at my house on Saturday and when I asked him about it he said that he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked Abby and she had a completely different story. So some background info, me and Abby had a sort of history and he knew about it and knew that she was absolutely off limits. So apparently he had gone behind my back and tried to start a relationship with Abby, she told him she wasn't ready for a boyfriend and that she didn't want a relationship. He flipped out and called her a b**** and sent her a whole bunch of angry text messages that she showed me. Some how he found out I was talking with Abby and So he started texting me saying he was sorry that he had "betrayed" me and that he never wanted to see me again because, "I wish this had never happened, but a part of me is still in love with her and it will be to hard for us to come back to being friends with what has happened". Last night me and Abby went over to his house to try and talk some sense into his head and when he saw us he wouldn't say a word and just walked away and left us standing there. Since all of this started it wasn't until that moment that I got angry, I was angry with him for what he tried to do with Abby and what he did to her when she wouldn't, I'm angry that he went behind my back and I am angry that he lied to me, I'm angry at him for walking away last night and I hate him for pretending to be my friend. tl;dr Life sucks.
  12. I have som amazing pictures from star wars day on my computer. I'll post them tomorrow when I am able to access them.
  13. I would like to announce that my best friend since elementary school wants to never see me again.
  14. I got in as part of the Beta last summer, my user name is seekersparks58, and I am a Slytherin
  15. I would like to announce that I came across some wet cement today and did what any reasonable person would do, I stuck my face in it! (after writing my name in 6 inch letters of course)
  16. I would like to announce that the VGCs were awesome! I took 20th place out of 90 and went undefeated until the 5th round when I lost to the girl who took 1st, I can't wait to go to it again next year. It's going to be in SLC then and so it should be a lot easier of a trip.
  17. I would like to announce that I am about to embark on a journey to the foreign land of "Colorado" where I will be competing in the 2012 Pokemon Regionals for the VGCs.
  18. I just finished watching "The Fellowship of the Ring" and I couldn't help but thinking that the Uruk-hai that kills Boromir looks incredibly similar to Snooki...
  19. I would like to announce that I am on spring break this week and as per tradition I will be watching all three extended versions of "The Lord of the Rings".
  20. Anyone wanna guess what this one is?
  21. I really want to get Uprising but I am left handed and I don't know how hard it will be to control for me.
  22. So I tried to upvote one of Darniil's posts in the crazy internet stuff thread but I accidentally hit the downvote button instead, when I went to fix it I discovered that I couldn't change it to an upvote after I had already down voted it. Is there any way that we can change it so we don't lose the ability to change a vote after we place it? also would one of the admins at least be able to change my vote on that post if my suggestion isn't possible?
  23. That works to but unless I am not understanding something in your post it doesn't answer how numbers that don't exist can multiply each other into to numbers that do exist. From the problem above it shows that they obviously can do it, I just don't get why they can. The way I see it is (Mistwraith*Kollos=Human) Mistwraiths and Kolloses (Kollosi?) don't really exist but humans do. But if you can take a Mistwraith and Multiply it by a Kollos then you end up with a Human.
  24. Thread Necromancy FTW! So I have a new question about something that was on my math home work the other day, we were learning about how to simplify radical expressions in my math class and one of the problems that we were assigned was: [(-2)^(1/2)]*[(-2)^(3/2)] I rewrote this problem as: √(-2)*√(-2)^3 and then to: √(-2)*√(-8) I then saw that there isn't a square root of -2 or of -8 so there could be no possible solution to this problem. I wrote that down as my answer and went to the back of my text book to see if I was right, there it said that the answer was 4. I was confused about this for a while and then realized √(-2)*√(-8) = √(16) = 4 My question is, how is it that two numbers that don't exist can multiply together to equal something that does? I talked to my teacher about this and he told me that question shouldn't have been on the homework because it wasn't sometime we had covered yet.
  25. The only other part I can think of is when Ender joins Rat army and he walks in the barracks and Rose the Nose had his desk across his lap displaying an animation so it looked like he had enormous genitalia.