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  1. I started playing my ambassador copy of Sacred Stones last week for the first time and I fell in love with the Fire Emblem games. I just got Awakening from walmart yesterday and it is absolutely amazing!
  2. I'm from Orem, UT. For those of you unfamiliar with Happy Valley, this means that whenever Brandon Sanderson releases a new book I only have to drive 15 minutes from my house to get down to the line for the midnight release/signing at BYU. Yes, you should be jealous about this.
  3. I noticed that the other day that at if you click on the moderator title at the bottom of a board under where it says "Forum led by" it links to a no results page instead of pulling up a list of the moderators for that board.
  4. I'm just started reading The Iliad for my Mythology class and on Monday I am going to start reading Picking Cotton for my Law class.
  5. Will there be any new shards introduced in this?
  6. If I'm not a student at BYU could I drive over to their library and read it on location or do I need to be a student to use anything in their library at all?
  7. I was thinking today about a project I have planned for Brandon's books and I came up with a idea for an app that would be really helpful for what I have planned. I did some googling and couldn't find anything that was exactly what I was looking for and so I got to thinking about how hard it would be to program myself. Does anyone of any sources I could use to learn how to program apps so I can make this?
  8. He's been in Damnation, this was explained pretty clearly in the Prelude and Epilogue. Taln hasn't been fighting the Desolations for the past 4500 years because there hasn't been a Desolation for the past 4500, when he shows up at the end it is because a new desolation has just begun.
  9. =I don't know if it's been confirmed but I think that it is safe to assume that the deathquotes from the chapter headings are spoken by patients who had their blood drained in Taravangian's hospital. If the deathquotes in the Prologue-Chapter 3 were spoken in the last 10 heartbeats then the heart rate of those people would have been ~19.4bpm, 60bpm, 120bpm, and 20bpm. As others have mentioned your pulse increases when you lose a lot of blood, I think that given these heart rates it is highly unlikely that they could have been given in the last 10 heartbeats of someone who was bleeding out.
  10. I would like to announce that I understand math for the first time in my life. Today I was taking a Pre-Clac test on Logarithms and that I was totally expecting to fail, on almost every question I forgot the equations we were supposed to memorize (when I say forgot what I really mean is that I never bothered to learn them in the first place) and so I decided to think about the problem logically using what I could remember about logarithmic properties from class and was able to answer pretty much every single one correctly. I totally see why Chaos likes this stuff now.
  11. There will be a signing tonight at the Orem Barnes and Noble. Are any of you Sharders planning on going to this, and if you're not what questions do you want those of us who are going to ask for you?
  12. He read from Stormlight 2 and there was some really intresting stuff that got revealed from that.
  13. When can you submit your papers? I had to work during both sessions so I only just heard the news but I turn 18 in 2 weeks and graduate in May. Is it going to be based off of your birthday or your graduation date?
  14. And of course when I have stuff I actually need to get signed I end up having to work a 10 hour shift and can't make it
  15. So I started a game of Would You Rather in my Photography class on Wednesday and thought it would be fun to play here. If you don't know what the game is basically you are given two options for something and have to say which one you would choose and why. After you go you post two more options and it is someone else's turn to answer. I'll start with the best one I heard when I played in class. Would you rather slide down a 50ft razor blade into a vat of rubbing alcohol, OR suck all the snot out of dog's nose until it's head caved in?
  16. If he continues at that rate it will be done by mid-November!
  17. Right now I have a crappy LG flip phone, but I've been checking KSL classified everyday looking to buy a smartphone
  18. When I sign in I click the check box to keep me signed in next time I come back to the site and I always am logged out when I come back. Is there any way to fix this?
  19. Chrome on Vista EDIT: I just looked up how to enable cookies and now it's working normally again. Thanks!
  20. Map of the Internet
  21. I'll play!
  22. I would like to announce that I am employed for the first time in my life!
  23. I was in Idaho for most of the week so I missed most of the Ashfalls, my dad tried to take some pictures of them to send my but you can see any ash falling in them. I do have a few pictures of where the ash has fallen though.
  24. I would like to announce that Orem Utah has turned into Scadrial with ash falling from the sky.