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  1. Considering that Pattern chose to bond Shallan even though he knew she killed Testament he might not be as picky about Hemalurgy as other spren
  2. This is a idea I came up with before Rhythm of War came out. Originally I collected a bunch of information to connect the Ghostbloods to Hemalurgy but then the Thaidakar reveal made all that irrelevant. Theory: The Davar family were practicing Hemalurgist. Shallan's Mother was spiked before her death and Shallan possibly has spikes that she is not aware of due to her repressed memories. This theory provides an explanation to several of the loose threads we have with the Ghostbloods. The Ghostbloods are led by a man named Thaidakar who goes by the title Lord of Scars, there is strong evidence to suggest that this man is actually Kelsier the Survivor. Their goal as explained to Shallan is to traffic Investiture and they are currently trying to get easy access on and off Roshar. Two major things we don't know about the Ghostbloods is why were they involved with the Davar family and why are they trying to kill Jasnah Kohlin. Why were the Ghostbloods involved with the Davar Family? The GB need an easy way on and off of Roshar so they can traffic Stormlight. They are well aware of Hemalurgy due to their connections to Scardrial. I believe that they were attempting to use Duralamin spikes to create a psuedo-Nahal bond. This would explain why they have spent so much effort trying to kill Jasnah, as an Elsecaller she has access to the surge of Transportation which would be very valuable to their cause. I theorize that A Duralmin spike made from a Lightweaver was given to Shallan Davar and this is where the Radiant persona and bond with Testament originated. Evidence from Rhythm of War - Chapter 93 In this excerpt Brandon uses the metaphor of being stabbed through the heart with a spike TWICE to describe the pain Shallan feels at remembering her childhood. Additionally Shallan remembers her mother lying on the ground with "a length of metal in her chest" not a Shardblade in her chest. Shardblades don't cut through human flesh and they vanish when not being held. I'm not saying that Shallan didn't kill her mother with the Testament blade but what I am saying is that the metal that she is describing doesn't fit what we know of Shardblades but it does fit what we know about hemalurgic spikes. This also explains why Shallan believed her Mother's Soul is locked in the safe. If hemalurgy was done on her it would make sense that she would have had some understanding of what was being done to her and when she killed her mother she would have been under the impression that the Testament blade had absorbed her mother's soul. Thoughts?
  3. Agreed, but that's not nearly as fun to speculate about.
  4. Here's why I think Gavilar isn't really dead. The Facts: 1 - The title of each part of every book forms an in-world Ketek that has significance to the plot of the book. 2 - Important information is hidden in chapter headings, the Herald in the arch often signifies the theme of the chapter or indicates that the Herald depicted makes and Appearance. 3 - Chapter titles have contained major spoiler that aren't clear until much later e.g. "Honor is Dead" 4 - From this WoB it can be inferred that Gavilar knew about Adonalsium. 5 - Gavillar wanted to start a Desolation to bring the Heralds back and was in the process of learning to Worldhop. 6 - So far every Prologue has been named for a Verb that summarizes the experience of the viewpoint character. We know that Gavillar will be the viewpoint character of book 5. Knowing this I think it is safe to assume the his chapter will be titled "To Die" Szeth - To Kill Jasnah - To Question Eshonai - To Weep Navani - To Pretend Gavillar - To Die If I am correct, the prologue titles will form the sentence: "To kill, to question, to weep, to pretend to die". This sentence is a summary of the life of Gavilar Kholin. To Kill: as a youth he fought a bloody campaign to conquer the Altheti Highprinces and unite the kingdom under a single king. To Question: As he got older he tired of war and sought meaning and purpose. He was lead to read The Way of Kings. To Weep: Gavilar began to have visions from the Stormfather and learns of the death of his God. This motivates him to try to start a Desolation in order to bring back and destroy the Listener gods. To Pretend to Die: The Listeners are horrified when they discover Gavilar's plans. They send Szeth to assassinate him and it appears that he is successful. In reality Gavilar survived as a Cognitive Shadow and will make an appearance in the Epilogue of Book 5.
  5. “You’d like this” This jacket is awesome! Any possibility of making it available for purchase minus the signatures at a later date?
  6. I’m not sure if this should go here or go in General Brandon Discussion. Back when TWoK released I showed up to the signing event at almost 10pm and got a number somewhere in the 300’s. With OB I preordered a few hours after it went on sale and got a number in the 1000’s. Fortunately I was able to camp out and got a much lower number. With how much these events have grown how long do you think Brandon will be able to hold release signing parties? Will he eventually have to call it quits after too many people start showing up or do you think they will have to start limiting the number of people they allow into the event? Maybe something else entirely.
  7. I like to live on the edge
  8. I also asked for Oaths/Ideals and he said say that as a rule he doesn’t put them in the books. I asked him to spoil the ending for me instead and he wrote this I think it must only be a spoiler in context of the ending of the book. Or that the spoiler is who the quote is attributed to
  9. My friend preordered his book on the 9th but still hasnt gotten a barcode. How does he pick up his book?
  10. Wow it's been a long time since I've last posted on this forum. I've stayed caught up on all thing Brandon and have lurked around but want to get back to theorizing and speculating about the the Cosmere with other fans.
  11. I'm going to put this in spoilers because it has to deal with DragonSteel and I can't remember what the spoiler rules are for unpublished works on this board.
  12. I'll be there! This is the first signing I've been able to go to since AMoL so I am super pumped!