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  1. I really can’t say to much more than your tags. I’ve been playing since launch date and I’m still on that particular arc which is unfortunately the 1st is such a massive drag to me. You should definitely ask someone that is still gung-ho with the direction Disney has taken this wonderful franchise. Me personally they have sunk it beyond repair at this point. Those other people say that arc is the worst of the game and once past it the game is amazing going forward. I’m skeptical about that personally but I’m a grumpy old man now. I can’t muster the willpower to play more each day except for going from one meditation spot to the next so obviously it’s very slow going on my end. As for Xenoblade 3…epic! I thought I would have a massive hole in my heart after 3 years of Cold Steel but that game has not let me think about how much I want to return to Zemuria.
  2. Jedi Survivor is not near as fun to me as Fallen Order was. Disneys crimes against the franchise weren’t as bad to me then as they are now days. I’ve dropped the difficulty down to story to try to get through the game as fast as possible and it’s still very slow going because of the time consuming puzzle solving and massive dialogue bits. I can’t say I won’t get to the point I just stop it. Im back on Xenoblade 3. Took a few days to back into the swing of battle before progressing but I’m doing that now and it’s great. Unfortunately my daughter is done with the semester and is taking over my 75in tv more and more and while I like being able to play in handheld, it’s a crime against this game to advance any story off my big screen… so yet again progress is slow ugh. Also I think my Switch is dying cause my battery goes down about 10pts for every 10 minutes. Idk it maybe the game is to taxing?
  3. So tempting to go for Zero today instead of XC3..
  4. Have you played them? Didn’t you do something that your console to read the Japanese disc?
  5. I probably asked this way back in early Calvard built with PS5 tech or 4?
  6. Oh well atleast there’s that. Hopefully it all hurries
  7. Has Calvard 1 hit Japan yet?
  8. Ok I just saw it! Guess that is the lead in to Reverie? I have to amend my date on list now to 5/15 completion.
  9. Lots of fishing…..LOTS OF FISHING! I did the true ending if that is what you’re talking about? That’s just my save file time. The console clock is in 500s..
  10. Started CS4 last night at 10pm. Finished CS4 at 3am. 320hrs clocked Started Cold Steel 4/17/20 finished 7/12/20 started CS2 finished 2/10/21 started CS3 finished 10/1/21 started CS4 finished 5/14/23 I ll be a little bit hollow inside not turning it on for the first time in over a year. I could start Zero but my mind has been set on XC3. Fantastic experiences with these games as well as not so fantastic as I had to play portions of CS2 in a crowded house of 10 then playing on a generator with a fan in Sept/Oct heat with no ac after hurricanes Laura and Delta in 2020. Im glad I clicked on this thread way back when.
  11. So I did a little something something…
  12. Today was the day to do it and I was…bought 6 Pom as support and thanks. Took quite some time to use all my droplets afterwards. I go to start engagement and my daughter comes in and plays with the cat and pestering me about an EA account mess up with Battlefront 2. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I turned CS off.
  13. I’m waiting for a day when I wake up early and no one else is here to bug me before I engage in the last fight. Hopefully soon. Till then I’m doing some fishing and shiny farming at the end of hall A as that is the best place to get droplets.
  14. 5 more to go so get to it. I can’t recommend to get any of his sons and KJAs books other than Dune 7&8. It’s the only ones I’ve ever gotten and only read once… can’t say if I would reread when a Dune rererereread rolls around. Stay away from their other Dune books!
  15. Best books? Hmm off the top of my head and in no order… Malazan 1-10 Dark Tower 4, IT Dune 1-6 Sho Gun Fitz Farseer 1-6 was not over the moon at 7-9 Masters of Rome 1-5 Lord of the Rings 1-3 Broken Earth 1-3 The 1st Law 1-6, I’ve not read the newest books cause my book store sucks. Blood Meridian Caine’s Law 1-4 Codex Alera 1-6 Briar King 1-3 the last book sucks… Now WoT is in no way on my list but it should be read by every fantasy fan cause the series itself is great. Same with Dresden Files.
  16. Mat and Tylin are among my favorite bits of WoT. Better with each reread.
  17. That’s a shame I like this Zoelius person. So I have one more thing left to do and then it’s all over. idk how long I’ll stall fishing but I will do some of that to say goodbye. I also am a bit pissed as I didn’t get the chest emptier trophy like I thought I would. I was 100 that i opened them all so unless there is one on new game + then I clearly didn’t.. ugh Ive got a golden Pom item to use and I will also probably buy some just to throw some funds to these people that have entertained me for so long now.
  18. Is there a good guide on Gamefaqs or Neoseeker for them yet? If so I’m really hoping it’s by this same person that has done CS !
  19. Went through with Zero.
  20. Yes she is Irulan.
  21. I’ve got 3 days to decide on it. Odds are I won’t get to it till later this year with XC3, FF16 and possibly Reverie since I know some stuff at this point from CS. Not 100 on that yet. That may even be incorrect if I can’t get back into the swing of things. I just haven’t really gotten back into my old play style coming on 3 yrs after those 2020 hurricanes landing a month apart. Idk why I haven’t gotten back yet.
  22. Was that the 1st time it was brought up? Zero is 20% off on Switch now and that is likely going to be as good as it gets for Nintendo yeah?
  23. Getting my lightsaber swing on and trying to knock off my action game rust. It’s not easy going from turn based RPGs to fast paced action at my age anymore but I’m getting in the groove slowly but surely. Doesn’t help that like game 1 I turned the difficulty level up to Jedi Master.
  24. Yeah I knew that was gonna happen…slow CS progress with Jedi Survivor here ugh. I did push I tad into the new region but not triggering anything time consuming. Zero is on sale on PS at 20% off. I’m still trying to wait on a good Switch sale but if a Big in Japan sale hits and they are 40-50% off PS is going to win out I’m sure.