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  1. Lightbringer 5 the other day.
  2. Within a 100 pgs of finishing my reread of Emperor of Thorns.
  3. It only gets better for the most part. I love Malazan.
  4. What book are you on? You are aware there are 2 authors yes? Im still chipping away on my reread which has slowed to a snails pace after RotCG slowed me up so much. Currently 300 pgs into Crippled God. Still planning to go straight to ICE’s remaining books then back to SE for Kark books. Ugh I’m like 4 months away from committing 3 YEARS to the series read.
  5. New Xbox looks cool but I’m gonna have to buy a new entertainment deck to house it...
  6. Still going with Fallen Order. Have had an utter blast and really challenged myself with the harder difficulty setting. This is making me want to retry Sekiro or Bloodborne once I’m finished.
  7. I started on Jedi Master lvl so combat and progress have been brutal so far. Getting my $ worth.
  8. Bought Fallen Order today. What a sick opener! Graphics look wonderful in 4K on Xbox. Nice to see species from the animated shows and new movies. Think I ll enjoy this. Hopefully it’s longer then Titanfall games...
  9. Omg...finally playing The Last of Us. It was free last month. What a tense intro... Nioh is free this month so I will get that for sure also and start it for 1st time to.
  10. Show is balling. I liked S1 much better then 2.
  11. Finished Gideon the Ninth. Really liked that book.
  12. Ok the visuals are going to be fantastic no question about it but that trailer is without a doubt the single most boring trailer of the franchise that I’ve experienced yet. yawn
  13. It’s an older game now, I think an expansion is coming for it soon.
  14. Oh I’ve had a blast so far and I’m only 160 pgs into it. Very witty writing so far.
  15. Is no one else doing Gideon? We are really pushing it on Malazan board hardcore. 100 pgs in and really enjoying it so far.