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  1. My head
  2. On ch 3 of Xenoblade 2 with 40+ hours playtime so far. SO MUCH EYECANDY! There are some annoying glitches though with flying monsters if they are by and edge. Can be frustrating seeing treasures fall. I see no benefits to actually hitting all the prompts on salvage dives. It’s all pretty random.. I can miss every one and pull up a horde of loot or hit every one and come away with scraps. I don’t get it honestly.. Blades are another tricky thing at this point. I don’t get it with the boosters. May break and look this up but I ll be risking seeing spoilers which I sure don’t want to see. Ugh
  3. Where you at on the list now?
  4. Taking advantage of this cold weather and grilling some burgers and sausages. I ll take standing over this grill in 40’s any day over doing it in the 90’s...
  5. Little over 100 pages into Inheritance 1. I must say that I’m enjoying it but it doesn’t hold a candle to sheer lvl of love I had for Broken Earth by that point. I would very likely be much further in by now but I have been devoting most of my free time to Xenoblades 1&2 past few days.
  6. Skies was so great. Every few years I hook up my Dreamcast just to fly around for a few minutes. Loved that game. So pissed it ll never have a sequel... was holding out hope that X would come to Switch so I don’t have to buy a U but I will if I have to. combat in X2 is both simple compared to X1(I’m so used to having those 9 cycles in battle)and yet more complex. Still only in early X2(so please watch spoilers lol) so auto attack is the main focus in fights. Getting some beginner tutorials now on combos. Oh and another of my favorite series is/was(? been so long since last one hit) Grandia esp the 2nd.
  7. Hmm interesting news. I still don’t understand why my only bookstore BAM(ugh) doesn’t carry ICE.
  8. I tell ya what it’s still going to have to sit with me but the game could very well top my favorite RPG Skies of Arcadia which I’m still soar about to this day will likely NEVER have a sequel. I mean Final Fantasy is my favorite series of RPG but both those games blow any entry away. This was my 1st Xeno completion. I had around 60 hrs of Xenosaga Ep 1 on PS2 and just stopped one day. Recently I have restarted (and found Ep2) but man I remembered how brutally long sections from save point to save point could be. X2 is nice so far. Started ch 2 today.
  9. Nope. Not falling for it!
  10. Getting some sweet sweet revenge for Louisiana tonight! Bye bye Rams I’m glad you lost! I hope to never ever have to root for Pats again.
  11. Finished Xenoblade 1 around 12:30 this morning. Omg this game was absolutely worth the $50+ it still is/I paid. Brilliant beautiful game. Wish I had a U so I could start X today but I ll just have to settle for starting X2 instead lol
  12. He really handled it well. Aside from the tech/geography lectures and the massive pg counts of internal monologues you really can’t ask for better good guys always beat guys(who have a habit of turning into good guys) series. i would definitely go into bk 10 asap once available. It had been quite awhile since I finished and it took its toll on my who’s who memory esp on more minor characters. I will say that that’s probably a reason I didn’t find 10 as good as I struggled to remember this large cast and who is in circle or out and what nation or campaign they were part of. Def easy to see the turning of 2 of the characters coming and the way the people were completely worn out of the fighting after all those years and the ending of Clinton was satisfying to read. after bk 1 my favorite was bk 5. Remember I said it starts down some dark stuff? I was referring to Gwlym Manthrys arc. That was some brutal stuff that he went through and everyone watched happen in the circle live and were powerless to do anything about.
  13. Cracked open the beast that is The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms omni. Only 1400+pgs. My hands are going to hurting over the next month or so.
  14. Just going by covers I have found only 20% of these actually having any correct representation. Those being bk 4 with a naval battle and bk 7 with the addition of a certain someone. All others are kinda just there for inaccurate eye candy. And despite my overall negative reaction to this entry there was definitely some “oh rust” moments that actually had to happen eventually and with this structure the story unfolded with.
  15. I hope you disagree with me afterwards lol. I can understand what he was going for in this book but it was dreadfully long and boring. We will talk about all this stuff later. i think I’m correct in my suspicions about something for sure now. I had mentioned upthread that if it wasn’t brought up after something else was brought up I would likely have been right all along. It’s actually something that you have brought up but I’m not saying what till you have finished 10.