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  1. Oh I saw the Viera and thought it was. Oh well. The other game btw was Vagrant Story on PS1.
  2. Isn’t 14 on Ivalice? Playing 12 Zodiac Age on Switch and falling in love all over again with that world.
  3. And how much is it a month to play?
  4. Still very, very, verrrrryyy slowly reading Malazan 9 and New Sun 1. Now I have also picked up Prince of Thorns which is going much faster. Thats all rereads.
  5. Getting back to Xenoblade 2 full time over Sekiro.
  6. Forgot just how boring some arcs are in DoD. Ughhhh I just want this whole thing finished already. 2 yrs now and I still have more SE and ICE to finish up. Problem is I’m stubborn as hell so I won’t just put this down and come back later.
  7. RIP Peter Mayhew.
  8. Nope! I passed the test when Thrawn came out which was my biggest hurdle. I’m one of the movie only fans I used to make so much fun of.
  9. I’d say you have a problem if you don’t put 100+ hrs into an RPG. That problem being not you but the game.
  10. I still like the NJO stuff. Did not like LOTF near as much but EU’s last series FOTJ really was fairly solid and very interesting things were happening. i will never buy another SW book though. Not risking having another axe drop after 20 yrs and 1,000’s of $. oh and Resistance SUCKS! I don’t even recognize it as a Filoni project like TCW and Rebels. It is just dumb.
  11. Hmm I can’t really help with tips on how to approach his works. They most certainly require way more focus then your average book and you definitely have to be in the mood to give him that focus. Hell the only tip I could say is to use his death as motivation to try either one again asap while his passing is fresh. If your not in the mood for the Sci Fi of New Sun or the Fantasy of Wizard then I’d say to try his Latro books has a feel of Historical Fiction(though it’s not that) with a main character that has amnesia in Ancient Greece that writes and reads his daily journal which may sound boring AF but is anything but that. None of his books to me were any easier then the others to try, they all require that extra bit of focus devoted.
  12. Throughly gutted with a blown mind about Gene Wolfe dying. i won’t repeat the story but it’s rather freaky. It’s in Reading thread. I am so sad. Been dreading that news for about 10 yrs now. His work ain’t for everyone but if it was then you are feeling what I am feeling today.
  13. You have no idea. I can’t type my actual reaction to this heartbreak I woke up to on this forum, let’s say it contains a lot of Fbombs and tears. it was quite something that I happened to read exactly the 1st 2 pages around 11:50pm yesterday before putting it down for bed only to wake up and find I started this glorious reread on this word masters death day. So sad and freaky!
  14. It will be epic if we get an unblemished Palps(ugh since GL made the Force corruption null with that stupid lightning crap in Ep3) clone. Just Sith yellow eyes. Wow yes please
  15. Kudos to the effort of the thread but I myself really couldn’t get into or care about Bee/Fitz 7-9. I found them to be utter disappointments compared to how great Fitz 1-6 were. Fitz 1-9 are the only Hobb’s I’ve read. I was legit sad I had such a negative overall reaction to Fitz 7-9.