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  1. It’s an older game now, I think an expansion is coming for it soon.
  2. Oh I’ve had a blast so far and I’m only 160 pgs into it. Very witty writing so far.
  3. Is no one else doing Gideon? We are really pushing it on Malazan board hardcore. 100 pgs in and really enjoying it so far.
  4. Easy nuff to check..let me go fire up PS2 12 gambits and gameplay pause on command inputs. Same.
  5. There are 12 combos/gambits you can assign that will auto play out if you have the slots unlocked unless you manually stop them. Other then that you are manually entering commands every action unless you are attacking which plays out till the end of battle. If you are entering in a magic or technique command the gameplay completely pauses as you scroll through your options so the enemies aren’t getting in any shots on your characters.
  6. For those not wanting to do gambits(which help with the tedious stuff) umm just turn them off... ha
  7. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. 35 pgs in and so far so good.
  8. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir.
  9. Finished those remaining pages the day after that post. It was by far the most pgs a day I made on DoD. So happy to be done with that one finally after all these months. Now I’m just hoping TCG doesn’t take me forever like that did. 6 days has only gotten me to pg 38 though.
  10. On The Crippled God.
  11. Do you know how to increase weight capacity? I’m still at 300lbs max at lvl 7.
  12. Finally within 99 pgs till finish. Still got so many Malazan to go after this to and I think I ll hit 3 yrs total read time in April easy before I get done. DoD just kinda undid me. Have spent 9 months of the 2 years and 5 months since starting GotM on it. Crimson Guard took awhile to.
  13. Ok. Greed Fall I’m really digging this game! Despite its many janky flaws(please patch!) this game is excelling in the story telling/world building department. I’m absorbing myself in every quest I come across. I haven’t even set foot outside the walls of the 1st city on the island and I still have things I need/want to do before I do. Happy with this buy so far. just needs some patch work done.
  14. Atleast you left... i cant. this thingy has stopped me multiple times at the dock. ed:well finally! That took about 7 times I think.
  15. Really wonky camera and atrocious mouthing and teeth but otherwise it looks really pretty. Some slight graphical glitch on leg when wearing trench coat. Very wordy quest dialogue really flesh it out! Hell I haven’t even left Serene yet.