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  1. It’s 12:36 AM so I’m really hoping today is the day I finish and start 2. Probably gonna play not long after I wake up.
  2. Seem to be at the last stages of CS1. Will push onward in this new area at 4pm. I got on way earlier and spent about an hr reading all the book chapters I had stock piled. I like The Elder Scrolls books much much more. These were kinda basic seen it coming tales. Only thing I really got any kinda of “oh snap” on was I was directly in one the highlighted areas at one time this game.
  3. Ugh did it in one rusting cook after that to... ive used them all multiple times but it kept not landing on it till now. kudos
  4. To avoid spoilers. I got a huge bomb on xenoblade thrown at me when I was more then halfway done and it was a doozy that wrecked something. I shall not look up game info. and I can’t figure it out, as I said I’m kinda stumped cause I ve used everyone and still can’t get the thing to pop up. I’d like to get it done before I push on past festival day 1 to turn recipes in.
  5. I have one thing left to cook and I have used every single member multiple times. It’s the number 4 item of custard pudding... so I’m kinda stumped and I sure ain’t gonna look it up. I learned the hard way not to do this on Xenoblade 1.
  6. Jeez just moved from noon to evening and reset everything again at festival. Turned off after 26 minutes. Ugh I just haven’t been quite as keen on the game since that Kylo disaster set me back. I imagined a huge power play through. That is in question now.
  7. I suspect I know the answer but it is there a Cold Steel that cuts down here on the dialogue blast even just a tad? i turned on twice now before 4pm session just to get through the noon time reset and I still didn’t get done. Sigh. Going back now it’s normal game time.. want to be done already but I get burnt with all the talking and turn off after a few.
  8. Only doing when I’m outside and confetti is falling. Just makes no sense since the game so far behind the tech it’s playing on.. anyway yep more dialogue rounds. I don’t have the patience tonight so I ll start fresh at 4pm. Going to read my book now.
  9. This festival wearing me down lol. I’ve got all dialogue done up to right before my and I’m kinda pissed because for some reason I don’t know why since this is PS4 it’s really glitchy now.. this game is way to simple to be taxing a PS4.
  10. Finished Red Rising today and started Golden Sun.
  11. It was extremely time consuming but I did em all and went back to Emma afterwards before pausing the session. None of the others besides Millium added anything interesting in dialogue.
  12. Going through each bonding skit on bike. Only 2 more to go...phew. So far my 1st choice of Emma is remaining the most impactful one. Millium was certainly entertaining though.
  13. That’s what’s thrown me off. Even with Rean they never had this reaction till now for me and yeah I noticed the huge difference with scent equipped. No exp gain barring that other characters master quartz I mentioned. This has all been so strange all the sudden. Thought this had to be some end game perks deal.
  14. Got something strange going on in schoolhouse that I ll tag. i have no clue what’s going on lol