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  1. Finished rereread of WoT 3 last night and started rereread of WoT 4.
  2. Have watched all 4. I’ve just been considering this show is taking place in since way early into ep 1 and it works that way.
  3. Downloading Kingdom of Amalur on PS.
  4. Bought Tales of Arise ultimate edition online for BF PS sale.
  5. Popping in CS4 Act 1 stuff Also I noticed that U mats finally break the 99 limit.
  6. Popping in CS4 Act 1 stuff.
  7. Been having some jaw movement past few years that has now left me with difficulty biting into food. Had to get braces at 41 years old 2 days ago and omg it SUCKS! Hurts to even have air move across my teeth. Big adjustments I’m having to make. And the McRib is back and I want 5 or 6 of them and can’t. Im so hungry but even macaroni makes me scream right now.
  8. Having a difficult time playing right now. To into a rewatch of Shameless and reread of WoT 3 to want to play even at 4pm. Only getting on for 2-5 minutes before meh hits and I shut off to continue one of the others. Hopefully this ends soon so I can get back to it.
  9. Popping in CS4 fishing stuff
  10. Popping in Getting pretty pissed off at the control setup. There is a number of tabs in CS4 menu where the analog stick doesn’t work and I have to use d pad. It just makes things clunky and it just feels so off after the mostly smoothness of 1-3.
  11. Popping in CS4 prologue stuff
  12. Finished Cold Steel 3 yesterday and started Cold Steel 4 right afterwards. It was a long 8 months over those 280 hours but it was worth it.
  13. Popping in CS3 ending stuff