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  1. 114+hrs of Death Stranding. On ch 7.
  2. The original Roots.
  3. Really enjoying OST
  4. 96 hrs on Death Stranding on Ch 6. Continues to be an utter masterpiece of a game.
  5. Made it to ch 5 of Death Stranding with 71 hrs played so far. I got rather emotional at the start of this chapter. First time a game as made me cry in sadness. This game is a masterpiece.
  6. Just got to ch 4 of Death Stranding. My head has exploded... also the end of Ch 3 was just BRUTAL to watch. So good I actually dreamed about it last night. This game is going to go down as one of the best games I’ve ever played if the quality keeps up.
  7. Really really REALLY wish my Saints hadn’t decided to play so horribly a week ago throwing away our season but LSU just winning this 15-0 season in NOLA definitely helps the sting. Cant wait to see where Burrow will wind up in NFL. Def party night in Louisiana. Fireworks were blasting all over my hood.
  8. It’s such an amazing game and yeah all I’m doing these past 20 hours or so is trying to get 5 stars at all locations and not advance any story at present. Totally addictive gameplay being a mailman.
  9. 43 hours on Death Stranding and I’m only on Ch 3 still. Love this game and love seeing structures go up other players build. I just wish they would fix the dang highway in this one rocky section in Central region to make my life easier ugh. I’m the only one putting in material I think so it’s gonna take awhile I suspect. Oh and last week I exploded a small BT with a grenade in a fine red mist! It was glorious..
  10. Cracked open Lightbringer 5. Not sure why I punish myself reading 3 books at a time but I’ve done it again ugh. Anyway on pg 50.
  11. Hmm I have 1&2 in TPB which is all I thought they released as. Guess will have to wait then but my BAM doesn’t even have the HC in either.
  12. Has anyone gotten Licanus 3 in trade paperback?
  13. Not reading any spoilers just wanting to know if you got hardcover or trade paper?
  14. What is the deal with Licanus 3?!? My BAM still doesn’t have it and I’ve been up there once a week for 3 weeks now. Today I finally get fed up enough to just order from Amazon and they don’t have it either. What’s the deal? I want to start this series but not till I have that last book at home.
  15. That Dust of Dreams reread killed me.. 9 months. Only took 2 weeks or so 1st time