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  1. Umm ok consider me surprised to learn we getting Ep 9 on blu Ray tomorrow. Did the corona give us a month earlier release? Was expecting late April.
  2. Can’t go wrong with some Mobile Suit Gundam. So many to choose from.
  3. Oh my... these graphics are so crazy enhanced! Going to have so much eye candy to take in. I was blown away in 2018-19 all those years later when I played this because I legit didn’t know the Wii was even capable of putting out the lvl of graphics this gem had. It rivaled even some PS4 landscapes. 1st timers are going to be in for such a rusting treat with this. I would totally buy this again if it had been like 5 yrs ago I played this but it’s only been a year and I still had to spend $50+ at the used store cause the game was so rare. Totally worth every cent to...but I can’t bring myself to purchase this no matter how much I want to.
  4. I remember very little about it but I still have it. I was all over it for awhile when new but didn’t finish it.
  5. Was that the Game Cube one?
  6. Being as I only just finished Xenoblade last year I won’t be getting new release but I ll definitely be watching YouTube for the “new” stuff. Rolling onwards with Xenoblade 2 on ch 8 with 186hrs logged. Really want to start Cold Steel 1 but I’m not till I finish this game. Still need to buy a Wii U for Xenoblade X disc I bought.
  7. How is the game, open world or linear?
  8. And these pics y’all posting are from H or CS4? CS1 better hook me once I finally get to it so I ain’t lost as much on all these post lol. So it has a lot riding on its 1st impression to franchise.
  9. Man I really hate my tpb Ed of this book. It’s massive so I thought it was gonna be bigger then OST. Nope it’s actually about 20+ pgs shorter...pgs are just thick as rust pushing the finished product to be close to a 1/3 thicker spine. It’s so stiff compared to the other 4 which felt so nice and light to hold. This is reminding me of some of the larger Shadows of Apt 5-10 bricks.
  10. Rosario is a great choice. I’m hoping this is a lead in to her own show. I’m not getting my hopes up to see her till last Ep and likely towards the end of it to. Will be so great seeing her interact(hopefully) with baby Yoda. Then again they could be taking the plunge and making Gus Freemen a Force user with Darksaber and to much for Mando to handle alone needing her to help over several eps to defeat him. Better hope corona don’t rust on post production and delay us to 2021 before we find out.
  11. Aww I didn’t connect that Barathol was forging them. I thought they were working on yeah sorry my ambien was hitting last night. I went back and read the S&L bit
  12. I actually didn’t catch the arrow thing other then they seemed to be valuable enough for them to gank lol. I ll pull it out real quick and try to find it to reread. Were you talking about the “smoke” and the guy afterwards I can see that I guess now but that was really little to pick up on for me. Or did I miss them spelling it out from sometime earlier in the book? Yeah I just clued in on they got sticky fingers for something shiny lol
  13. It’s making a great experience doing it this way but had I never read og I wouldn’t be going this route. Man new readers are both lucky and reallyyy unlucky. They have it all now for an epic power read but dang they missed out on the pure joy of finally getting the next entry published and the excitement it unleashed on the community!
  14. Blood and Bone. Pushing on Malazan trek.