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  1. I think any fantasy fan should attempt Wizards 1st Rule and make the choice to drop or go on from there. I dropped. Goodkind is a running joke on Malazan boards. Not to many well read people finish him. Probably much better fantasy beginner books then genre familiars. You likely won’t miss anything if you skip him but if you like WFR then kudos continue onwards. He does have fans out there for sure.
  2. I just need no stupid magic flask or regional summons. Give me my MP or draw counter and the summon of your choice. Im also concerned about the lack of a shown party battle. I don’t want a single player action game.
  3. Terry Goodkind died today. Only read his 1st book. Never bothered with the others.
  4. I’m pretty excited for FF16! I wasn’t expecting anything for a longggg time but here’s hoping we don’t still have a few yrs to actual release. I’d love a shot at 2 new FF’s on PS5. One early life one end life. Just have to hope the other ain’t one of those mmo’s though I have a feeling FF17 probably would be one.
  5. Woot I’m back in my favorite CS1 location! Nord lands!
  6. Woot I’m back in my favorite CS1 location! Nord lands!
  7. Went to 2 bookstores over here in Houston today and ran across The Dark Defiles by Morgan which I snagged as my BAM back home never stocked it cause they suck.
  8. Back in Ymir on a free day. Only just now starting today’s session. Bit of a headache so I’m 45 minutes late and likely won’t play long. Theory time combination of things I remember from CS1 and what I saw the other day on CS2.
  9. *sad face weak follow up on today’s session..I could only get a tad bit of dialogue going as my tv is set up in my nieces bedroom and she here for this weekend. I really wanted to advance after that wonderful session yesterday.
  10. Yay big session so far! FEELS SO GOOD! CS2 Act 1 stuff
  11. Loved it. Curious how you take it
  12. So I sent my 65in tv with old man and sis n law a few days ago back with them to H town. Now I’m back also and today I have my nieces bedroom set up so I was able to meet my 4 pm session today yay! I have beaten the optional palace rooms available. Went and got the party poison resistance accessories and was 2 lvls higher then I was when I 1st entered and got spanked a few days before Hurricane Laura destroyed our lives. Felt great sailing through it! Afterwards a skit hit.. CS2 Act 1 stuff
  13. Dp. Phone bugged out
  14. My favorite Dresden. Ive read very little the last 2 weeks since Laura hit while still reading every day. Doubt I’ve read more then 3 whole pages in both my books combined.
  15. Is this English or Japanese only? I’ve avoided watching or reading most of what y’all have said about it. If Japanese only I suspect a lonngg wait till English yeah?