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  1. Started The Obelisk Gate.
  2. And that was indeed special. I blew through bk1 and started 2. Beautifully written.
  3. Tell ya what I’ve hit the mid 40’s and I’m utterly compelled with this exp. it is some kind of brutal though esp just coming off the often brutal elements an Outlander bk can bring. this is going to be special I feel.
  4. Impossible to say ha. Will definitely be buying it right away. Hopefully I can keep myself to only 2 books at once but I have done 3 in the past. Definitely won’t be doing Outlander 5 anytime soon. That’s gonna wait till show time and a recharge of battery. That thing is 1400 pgs..
  5. I’m only 6 pgs in but it’s a super interesting reading style. Reminds me a bit of Grace of Kings in that it just reads different then your standard bk sort of way.
  6. I finished a long time ago yeah. It’s a super fun though often frustrating grind in middle bks. To much info in long 20+ pg info dumps but when the story is moving it’s moving. That said I have vowed to never read any other Weber series barring this one if it ever went past bk 9. I’ve heard to many horror stories and I never want to experience the same kind of grind I went through with the worst of Safehold. I’m to invested in Safehold to call it quits after over a yr spent read 1-9.
  7. Started Broken Earth 1 today.
  8. So I finished up Outlander 4 earlier this week(fantastic btw) andvowed that I would finish up SW in a solo and NOT cave in to multi read Broken Earth 1... I succeeded for 3 whole days. I caved today and am now multi reading again lol
  9. Got 160ish pgs left of Outlander 4. So ready to end this not because it’s bad but just because it is so big. Bk 5 is even bigger and then bk 6 even bigger then that. Probably won’t start bk5 till that season gets close to airing next year on Starz. This woman is brutal in her writing. So good.
  10. Medal of Honor, holy rust this is HEAVY viewing and S2 of Black Mirror.
  11. NFL fans I hope y’all watched that historic Monday night game tonight. i wished the other had won though. easily the game of the season thus far for me.
  12. I meant NOLA. Been a good while since I last heard anything. Your just a traveler. Lol
  13. Oh I see Twi is back. Did you wind up staying in that city or go back?
  14. Rusting dealership... I realize they need to make $ but this is pretty dumb. I went in today to see what kind of bow tie emblems(Chevy) they had or could order for me. I wanted either a pure silver or a two tone black and silver for my new silver truck. They informed me that they don’t carry them in either but they’d be happy to paint it for me for $60 each emblem(2) plus the $60 installation with the purchase of the emblems at $150. I asked “well if y’all have to paint will you just paint the 2 that umm came with my truck for $180?” I got told no I’d have to buy new ones cause the more they are taken off and put back on the more likely they will break. This makes sense sure but should that not be my rusting choice to do? They just want the extra $150 for all new emblems...
  15. Excelsior!