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  1. That’s what I heard but I also heard they were rolled up into something else. That’s why I said people associated with. Will be most hesitant in future.
  2. Did something today that I haven’t done in over a decade. Traded in a game. Forspoken. *shudders I will be very hesitant to ever buy another Luminous product/people associated with, after that game and FF15. They look pretty but they are not good games. Problem is they took some time to realize how much they sucked. Only got $15 for that $70 2 month old game. Idk if that standard or if its because the game sucks.
  3. Really? Well guess I saw all then so that’s good. On Final Day segment now but I’m going to do the massive dialogue round before pressing on with quest but good news is that I’m back playing as my main now that Hogwarts lost its charm and I have straight up deleted Forspoken. Ugh I’m gonna go trade that crap in for sure and use it to knock off some for FF16.
  4. Finished the hearts. Eventide stuff
  5. Sooooo I think I have all the options viewed or am going through the process now barring CS4 Eventide spoilers Back to it now.
  6. If I get impatient I may ask y’all to link certain ones so I don’t get spoilers in my feed.
  7. This is going to take quite awhile and many reloads if I want to see these heart sequences. Bit overwhelming atm.
  8. Finished up reread of Night Angel 2 and started 3 yesterday. I should finish in time for Night Angel 4 release next month. Im so bogged down in my rerereread of WoT 10 after getting to Perrin the Whipped sections. Only have managed about 50 pgs the past month. It was smooth sailing before I saw that rusting wolf image on title.
  9. Also I’m not sure what happened but I didn’t get any cool item for sending a gift to Claire after Stella shrine. It auto sent the gift. Didn’t get the typical little phone skit with it. ed: daughter went to a party so I stayed up and am doing dialogue rounds to get in place where I can do the bonding events. Likely will be starting those later on during reg 4pm session. It’s 2:20am now.
  10. My lord I got a huge dialogue round to get through now. This is going to take me days most likely.
  11. Oh hellllllll no… I’m coming for you Rufus. Believe that…
  12. I had to quit Forspoken for now. It really is pretty and fun to zip around but it’s a very dead world. Also if you are going to play it be sure to turn Cuff on minimal… I didn’t know this till the day before I stopped which was way to late for my sanity… I got sooooo tired of hearing the same bits of dialogue 100’s of times in the 24 hours I had clocked.. Am now playing Hogwarts Legacy as of about 3 hours ago. Looks great so far.
  13. Oh I thought Forspoken hit the 29th but it was the 24th.. I got it today and have been playing around on it. Very pretty so far!
  14. Omg HBO dropped Babylon 5…. I’m furious.