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  1. Hey, I hope you all had a great time. Some ... things came up on thursday and so I've been away from everything for a while. I'm quite gutted that I missed it.
  2. Kinda sad I'll have to miss this. Just got back with my ex after an extended break and have other plans for next Saturday. Hopefully there'll be another meet in the not too distant future. Good luck to those who are still attending though. Hope you all have fun.
  3. I was half asleep when I realised this so I thought I better post it quick lest I forget by morning. I scanned the thread quickly and saw no mention of it so far. I think Gavilar's Sphere contains Midnight Essence, the vaporous creatures Dalinar fought in one of his visions. The one where he was protecting his family, fighting with a Poker and then the Radiants turned up, in WoK. Or at least if not the creatures themselves, then the means to bringing them back. Although i tend to think the creatures are in the sphere.
  4. Meanwhile, the cremling
  5. There was the incident with the Mist in Mistborn. Those powers manifested through illness. That was preservation. And Preservation is only a step down from Cultivation. Also cultivation wouldn't be selective in what it cultivates, but it does have a positive aspect so turns cultivates the negative (disease and illness) into their exact, positive, opposite. Also wasn't there something about Cultivation having given up on the humans and left? Does that include the Ashyn humans or just the Rosharans?
  6. If any species were to be created by Odium it seems logical to me that they would be a lot more violent internally than the Parshendi or any other species we've seen so far except the Koloss, but that's the wrong planet entirely, and they don't even truly fit the bill.
  7. New iPhone screens are locked in at the same size as the old screens apparently. (Some news article I read yesterday. I don't have sauce I'm afraid) I've got a Samsung galaxy S4. It's a pretty good phone. Good enough that I don't get too frustrated at having to use it as my only Internet connection. I would definitely buy another Samsung phone when this one dies. It's awesome quality.
  8. Seems ok to me. Welcome to the forum
  9. All the magic systems are related and can be 'hacked' to use any magic to power any other magic under certain, as yet unknown, conditions.
  10. It's a fantastic book, I'm surprised he's giving such a gem away for free. I'm buying it anyway. I thought it was gonna be half arsed and read it mostly because I wanted back story on Nightblood but was really surprised by what i found. Best character was Lightsong. All the characters were great, but he stood out a little more. I liked his sarcasm even though he wasn't particularly funny. And as GreyPilgrim said, his arc felt the most complete. Conclusion: Brandon, you keep churning out free books and I'll keep on buying them full price!
  11. I expect for a few of them at least, finding out their oaths aren't completely broken will lead them to some kind of redemption, taking up their honourblades again. More than one of them I fully expect to go all crazy bad guy though.
  12. The other Heralds all gave up their honourblades willingly. They wouldn't have done so if they knew of any side effects like that i think. Plus the Heralds we've seen have seemed normal. No signs of instability described. I think he's just broken from millennia of being tortured. You've got to figure that the force behind it has ten times more energy and time to focus on Taln after all his buddies left him, and is probably pissed that they did so. So Taln is understandably broken mentally. And what Brandon said about him being "the man who calls himself Taln" could mean that Taln will recover but without any memory of who he is. So he calls himself Taln now, but soon he'll be a new, fresh man.
  13. Szeth's killed a lot of people but iirc when (warbreaker spoiler)
  14. That would probably be too broad in scope and get RAFO'd. Maybe something like how many names have you reused on different characters?" Somewhat vague but probably more likely to be answered when phrased like that. And the answer could still tell you a lot.
  15. http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Ten On Rasharkin at least ten is hugely significant. It could be more significant than we've yet seen throughout the rest of the Cosmere too.