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  1. I might actually be able to make it - I'll have to see if I can get work off, but I'll try
  2. Due to not having internet yet at my new place, I think I might need to withdraw my offer to pinch hit atm.
  3. I'll sign up as a pinch-hitter. Like Bard, if you don't have 25 players by the end of signups, I'll join the game.
  4. Hope that you're alright with the tropical storm moving through.

  5. Welcome back @TwiLyghtSansSparkles! Even those of us who have been inactive in this RP since before you left have missed you! Glad to hear that things are working out for you.
  6. Yep, I started doing that later. But it was still hit-and-miss. BTW, you getting logged out of your account happened because I changed the password on it. So, as long as passwords get changed before the new cycle is posted, nobody will have access to accounts they shouldn't have. It's still good to establish that before the start of the next game, so that players will expect that they might be randomly logged out of their anon account at rollover because they got bodysnatched.
  7. I'm glad you all enjoyed this game! Normally, this is the point when I would post my retrospective, meditating on what went right and what could be tweaked. But in this game, I don't think that I would change a thing if I were to run it again. Of course, part of the fun was with the blackout setting, but I think that this game has replay value. I will say that I really enjoyed the limited signup size - I feel that it really helped with activity levels in this game. Even at the end, when there were very few posts, we still had just about everybody participating. Nobody went inactive, and we didn't start having activity problems until the number of players dropped so low that it was difficult to maintain conversations - especially across time zones. And that is something that no mechanic or filter can help with, so I'm not concerned at all. In addition, we had a large amount of quality RP - a huge shoutout to everyone who participated in that. I loved how that interaction started playing into things - along with great participation in the dead doc. I recommend reading through it; we had a great deal of fun there. I also think that the account switching/bodysnatching/kandra mechanic was a definite success (at least in this limited implementation). As a proof-of-concept for the more complicated kandra games that are almost certain to be coming up as you creative game creators start exploring the possibilities opened up, I can safely say that this is a thing that can be done well. A note to any future GMs that wish to try it, however - rollover will be especially tricky if players are waiting for the new cycle. I recommend establishing expectations as to how notification that a player's body has been taken over will be communicated well before it actually happens. This will help protect against newly taken players posting on their old accounts before they realize that they no longer should be doing so. And, by the most important metric of any of these games, it looks like everybody had fun. So, thanks for joining this experiment with me, and thank you all for making it a successful game! Finally, thanks especially to @Fifth Scholar for co-GMing with me. I look forward to the next game I'll be GMing, and I hope you do too.
  8. Please note that, although the cycle will end at the same time as always, the rollover will be delayed by several hours.
  9. MR30: Cycle 6 Liseran could not face them. The instincts, garnered in another world, screamed at her to run. Flee from the madness that arose when distrust and fear became second nature, when former friends and shipmates turned on each other, slaughtering indiscriminately. But of course, there was nowhere to run. A few yards of ship, with six of fourteen remaining, stood between her and oblivion. Three of the six wanted her dead, and the gap between her and oblivion seemed to narrow considerably. Running, however, was not an option. Besides, she knew better. To flee? Now? When she had taken part in the same killings, committed so many murders? Of course not. Liseran shoved the bothersome influences down, refocusing on the task at hand. To fight. She saw how the others were executed. One by one, thrown out of the airlock by willing hands, hurled into cold airless space. There would be no coming back from that. Trepidatiously, she took up a position against the far wall, pressing her back to it with her hands in front of her. They came. V attacked first, moving in a standard wrestler’s pose, preparing to grapple and pin Liseran. She let him get close, then neatly sidestepped, delivering a rapid kick to V’s stomach as she did so. He doubled over, winded with eyes watering in pain. Denesta and Tuatara were behind him, advancing slowly in a pincer to surround her. Liseran cursed. In a broader space, she could easily outmanoeuvre the two, but the cramped spaces of the transport made the required movements impossible. She instead feinted towards Denesta, and as she recoiled, Liseran quickly slipped between her and Tuatara. They closed the gap and advanced again, pushing her back towards the airlock. Gritting her teeth in annoyance, Liseran lunged at a Scorpion, who was approaching her, pinning him to the ground. Feeling her muscles give a sudden burst of unexpected strength, she hefted him and flung him towards Tuatara, watching the two collapse in a tangled heap. Facing Denesta, who alone remained standing, Liseran stood with a length of rope in one hand and a long dirk in the other, both taken from her belt.. “Grab things,” Liseran intoned, flinging the rope at her opponent’s face. Too surprised to retaliate, the rope struck Denesta squarely on her forehead, then bounced to the ground. Denesta frowned. “What was that supposed to accomplish?” Liseran cursed again. Nothing was working, and Denesta was coming at her, a wooden baton slicing through the air, nearing her head. She desperately parried with the dirk, and the dagger’s keen blade sliced through the wood, leaving Denesta with little more than an oak stub in her hand. Slowly raising her hands, Denesta said, “Okay, we’ll leave you be for now, even if we’re still suspicious that you’re putting those skills of yours to less savory purposes.” “I’m sure you will,” Liseran replied curtly, too exhausted to reply with much more than that. She walked away from Denesta towards her alcove, which had grown in size after all the other birds had “left.” Flinging her knife down, she collapsed on the tiny cot, seeking sleep. The next morning, Liseran was still lying on her cot, her dirk embedded within the chest of her corpse, which lay faceup, eyes gazing accusingly at those gathered around it. She was innocent, and even less time remained to find the ones who were truly guilty. The alcove would remain deserted for the remainder of the journey. Deserted, but haunted by the spectres that remained. The spirits of the birds cried out in a soundless yell from another realm, reunited at last in the final destination of death. --------------------------------------------------- Vote Count: Amber Vulture (6): Amethyst Scorpion, Azure Mouse, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel, Mauve Crocodile, Indigo Weasel (1): Amber Vulture, Amber Vulture was lynched but survived! Amber Vulture has been killed! They were a Refugee! The Spec doc has reached their win condition of having all of the anonymous bird accounts dead! The game is not over, though, so you should still keep playing. Cycle 6 has started! It will end in roughly 48 hours.
  10. Fifth has completed another excellent writeup for your perusal!
  11. MR30: Cycle 5 Day broke, and eight souls remained aboard the Pride of Terris. At least one was a killer. Close to completion of a great work. One of the souls was a Swan. The Swan had, in its mind, said enough to the others. So the Swan said nothing when three members of the crew stood up and claimed to be cops. The Swan said nothing when the cops, with a few others, dragged the Swan to the airlock. And the Swan said nothing, except a few bars of Mongolian throat-singing, as it was tossed into the vast, cold emptiness of space. One of the souls was a Dingo. During the night, nobody saw or heard as its soul was extinguished, but everyone found the corpse, suspended from the ceiling above the old stewpot where Bailey used to cook. Neither soul was a killer. Day broke, and six souls remained aboard the Pride of Terris. At least one was a killer. Closer to completion of a great work. You can thank Coral Swan for suggesting the idea of Mongolian throat-singing, even if that’s not strictly a thing on Scadrial --------------------------------------------------- Vote Count: Amber Vulture (1): Amethyst Scorpion, Amethyst Scorpion (2): Amber Vulture, Melon Dingo, Coral Swan (4): Azure Mouse, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel, Melon Dingo has been killed! They were a Refugee! Coral Swan was lynched! They were a Refugee! Cycle 5 has started! It will end in roughly 48 hours.
  12. Cycle is over! Sorry if the countdown was broken - I never noticed it.
  13. Writeup has been edited in. Thanks again to Fifth!
  14. MR30: Cycle 4: A Stew Long-simmering After a night fraught with fear and paranoia, the occupants of the Pride of Terris were relieved to see their shipmates all alive as they began to each wake up. Bailey was slower to rise, having spent half the night with one eye half open, fighting sleep to watch for any intruders. Groggily, she finally got up, nodding thankfully to V as he passed out rations of bread. Fortunately, their food supply would last them until they reached Scadrial, if they were frugal. Unfortunately, the reason for this—four fewer occupants on board the ship, and no closer to finding any killers—was not looking close to being solved anytime soon. That didn’t mean the refugees wouldn’t try. In what had become a sickening custom, they all met in the commons area once again, and began once more discussion on who among them was a killer. Accusations were particularly strong against a Penguin, whose coloration was an odd shade of yellow-green. V was one of the first to present evidence. “After looking through the papers of the man in emerald, it looks like he was carrying valuable information. And yesterday, you said, and I quote, that ‘I find the risks of leaving you alive too great’ when you accused him. That looks mightily suspicious in light of what we found Falcon really was.” Penguin bit his lip, wobbling slightly from side to side. “That’s...fair, but how was I supposed to know Falcon was working for the cops? As I recall, you were one of the more vocal supporters of us chucking him out the airlock, and you took part in it, too!” Bailey took his side. “Yeah, V. You have been mighty helpful in letting me fetch ingredients, but how do I know you’re not just using that as a ploy to gain my trust? You could well be a killer, along with people like Scorpion. However, I’m more suspicious of that lizard over there.” He pointed an accusing finger at an albino Tuatara, which merely shrugged. “I’d rather kill Penguin, personally,” it said flatly. More debating ensued, but eventually, for whatever reason, the group eventually adjudicated that Penguin was more guilty. Some had cited the desire to never have to say the word chartreuse ever again, but most acted in self-preservation, or a desperate sense of hope, that this time the killing would work out. The Penguin attempted to squawk out a final plea, but one of the crew cuffed him in the mouth with a well-thrown punch. More ensued, and Bailey averted her eyes as Penguin was buried under a flurry of vicious hits. She turned around, revolted, and had left the room before a shuddering cough, and then silence, announced that Penguin had drawn his final breath. Disgusted with her fellows aboard the transport, she stalked towards the stewpot and began to mix ingredients. Venting her frustration, she poured and boiled water with a vigor and restrained fury that she had never felt before. Adding the necessary ingredients, she stirred the stew violently, causing some of the hot broth to splash on her forearm. Cursing softly, she spun around, springing away from the stewpot. And straight into the knife of her killer. A short time later in the commons area, the crew had found no evidence of Penguin’s guilt anywhere on him. In addition, several had begun to grow nervous, not having seen Bailey in a while. Was she really still mixing stew? It should have been ready an hour ago. Eventually Liseran stood up. “I’ll see what Bailey’s doing,” she said, moving into the other room. She returned soon after, looking pale. The others didn’t need to question her to figure out what happened. Bailey was dead. In the corner, a pink swan preened its feathers, trying to not appear concerned. A flightless bird dead, and a flying insect. With the rest of his fellow birds lying dead, that didn’t bode well for him. --------------------------------------------------- Vote Count: Amethyst Scorpion (1): Chartreuse Penguin, Chartreuse Penguin (5): Azure Mouse, Cream Tuatara, Mauve Crocodile, Melon Dingo, Cream Tuatara (3): Amethyst Scorpion, Indigo Weasel, Ivory Dragonfly, Indigo Weasel (1): Coral Swan, Melon Dingo (1): Amber Vulture, Ivory Dragonfly has been killed! They were a Refugee! Chartreuse Penguin was lynched! They were a Refugee! Cycle 4 has started! It will end in roughly 48 hours.