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  1. I agree with Djarskublar, that was a great response. Nwhiles' explanation on the variability of emotions such as love makes sense. Nuanced emotions may have a hard time being personified, sprenified, sprenpomorphized, whatever. I think I finally found a question I would ask Brandon if i ever get a chance to though. So i got that going for me, which is nice.
  2. So I was chatting with my sister just now and saying how I love Syl. Thought for a bit and realized that there haven't been any love spren. I mean there is anger spren, why not love spren? Thought a bit more, there are no adoration, lust, or embarrassment spren. It isn't that there wasn't ample opportunity for them. Sadeas's lust for a shardblade, Renarin's adoration of Adolin, Adolin explaining how to defecate in shardplate, etc. Could you imagine, the sequence of spren that you would attract if you saw someone you secretly loved, causing lust or love spren to appear, that person seeing your spren and attracting disgust spren, and ending with you attracting embarrassment spren. I think we are missing something here.
  3. Perhaps it is like hoids statement referring to the axehounds. They use the term hound, but there are no hounds. It may be that there used to be hounds, like there used to be lions or rather things that resembled lions. The word "soil" could have found its way into language from a period where soil covered all the land and then stayed. then over time changed without anyone really knowing that it specifically should refer to dirt, used interchangeably instead with territory, lands, country, region, realm. Maybe?
  4. A couple years ago my sister read Warbreaker. She enjoyed it, but wasn't really hooked on the Brandon yet. She tried to start Elantris, but said is was pretty dark and confusing at first so she set it aside. The Wheel of Time turns and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called a couple of months ago by some, A sister picked up Mistborn. This was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings to becoming a Sanderfan. But it was a beginning. When she began reading Mistborn, there was a new spark in our relationship. Recently I had a falling out with a childhood friend of 20 years, a friend who shared all my tastes in books, shows, and games. This new shared interest in the cosmere with my sister 5 years my senior has increased our communication exponentially. As she experienced for the first time everything that was fading from my memory as it has been years since I consumed Mistborn last, there was a profound moment when I realized, I am the teacher, she is the student. A role reversal that has rarely been a part of our lives. Many times it was my sister who was the first to do something, to introduce me to it, or the like. She was after all, my older sister. Now she was coming to me with questions. and for a change, I had the answers. It was a rare treat to see her get excited about an event that happened in the story, or angry that something bad happened. It was very much like when watching a favorite movie you have seen dozens of times with someone seeing it for the first time. You watch the person to see if they are reacting correctly at the right times, laughing when your favorite joke is said. And after a short time it was apparent that she was. It renewed my interest in the series and I redownloaded it on Audible to listen to it again. It was a challenge to answer her questions without giving any spoilers. It was more challenging because now with this common interest I had so much to share suddenly, and only a small valve opening to release it through, but I soldiered on as best I could. I wanted her to finish the first series so bad so that we could discuss all the things that we couldn't because of spoilers. The third book took a little while longer than the first two because it was much darker and bleak. It was easier if one only reads a few chapters at a time then allow yourself to recover for a bit before dipping in again. But in the end she was satisfied with the ending, and both agreed that it was a good one. There were a few loose ends but not many. I encouraged her to move on to the Wax and Wayne series as it was a lot lighter and generally in better humor, especially compared to the darkness in The Hero of Ages. She started it and began to fall in love with the new set of characters. Enjoying the return of the many characters from the first series, and finding the comedy of the book uplifting. She still texted me her outburst-like questions about why something happened, making me chuckle each time because it is resolved only a few pages later. She has now finished Bands of Mourning and is reading The Secret History, a book I have held off reading myself, waiting for her to catch up. Now we are at the same place and while I have more cosmere related knowledge than her, in this case we are at equal positions. All told we have sent each other probably 600-700 messages combined in the past few months. more than ever before all added together. When we get together, we inevitably end up starting to discuss the books which pretty much excludes everyone else in the room from our conversations. She has went so far as to think up a costume idea for a mistwraith, even though she has never cosplayed anything ever before. She wants me to make her a Soonie Pup for her (yes, reversible from wolfhound to mistwraith and with spikes). The void left by my falling out with my best friend doesn't feel so deep now. I have someone to share one of my favorite past times with now. And somehow it has brought me closer to my sister. Thank you very much Brandon. We all love you and your work.
  5. Confession 1: I only started to read Mistborn because I heard he was going to finish Wheel of Time, and wanted to see if he was good enough to not screw it up. Confession 2: late in the evening after listening to WoR for about 4 hours straight, in the dark, on my couch, all alone, let's say 2 am, I actually fist pumped when a certain thing (in a very passable Sulu impersonation) greeted a certain someone near the end.
  6. There was also Allrianne Cett who after that Catacendre gave speeches about femininity and work. I suspect she had quite an impact on propriety. She could be quite persuasive after-all.
  7. “I write these words in steel, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted." It sets the tone for the whole series.
  8. You can find aluminum in rubies, sapphires, emerald, garnet, topaz, and other gemstones. Is it strange that Aluminum is present in 4 of the 5 gemhearts/gemspheres being that they are investiture storage tanks and are in 5 or 6 of the 10 gemstones for the 10 essences? Also, since crem is seen used like clay, then it should be noted that most clay minerals contain aluminum. Of course extracting aluminum from anything is extremely difficult without electricity so...Aluminum, Aluminum, everywhere, but not a bit to burn. Yeah, just soulcast the storming stuff and be done with it. That's the easy way out.
  9. I am a big Lift fan, can't wait to see more or her.
  10. This was my favorite scene in both books. The fight scenes at the end of TWOK and WOR are exciting but this scene... this scene changed two characters at once. I loved it so much. My favorite characters are the spren. I love pattern as he tries to learn humor. I love Syl teasing Sygzil. I love the voice work from kate and michael for them when pattern was same the keyhole was "dark" or when Syl was telling kaladin "you're weird". Just...awesome.
  11. I don't have the book in front of me although I am fairly certain that dalinars plate was so badly banged up that light was leaking everywhere.
  12. Good points. And it is a good question too. Because its answer may come when we eventually find out how shardplate is made/come-to-be.
  13. Elit, yes, I remember that one, he had plate, did he ever hit Adolin with the hammer? There simply is not enough data. There is too little unassisted blows to shardplate. In my mind, in order to compare shardblade verses hammer, I would need to eliminate the other variables. Since I do not recall reading about even one unassisted account of a shardblade damaging shardplate, I cannot determine if the damage was caused because of the shardblade or because of the strength. Furthermore, I only remember seeing the effects of many, many blows from unassisted mundane weapons on shardplate. Do I think that a shardblade has a bonus? From what I have seen no. Because I have not seen anyone damage shardplate with a shardblade alone. Based on too little evidence I could equally draw the conclusion that shardblades have a penalty, that would also likely be more appropriate thematically. I am reserving my right to change my mind once more data is available.
  14. Interesting. I understand how you feel, not with Lift, but rather with Szeth. I have little interest with him at present. On rereads I skip him altogether. I suspect that will change, especially when it comes to his new toy and his eventual own book. I am curious though, How do you feel about the book that highlights her later on? I personally don't mind the prospects of Szeths book, because it will come with other viewpoints and plots. I would have a hard time skipping a novella based on him as well however. I simply couldn't pass the chance up for more information on how things work or really anything at all.
  15. Why would you have to skip it then?