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  1. Know No Fear isn't just a good Warhammer 40k book, it's also a genuinely good book on its own right. Great introduction into the grimdark universe.
  2. You'll never see this, but happy birthday!

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      *bows* Thank you, thank you, please drop your coins in the hat by the front door.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to you! 
    Happy Birthday to you!  
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    Happy Birthday to you

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  4. Happy Birthday Jain.

  5. Once again, I must profess my sincere apologies for my spate of inactivity. I was called away yet again yesterday, and will be so for most of today too. I will most likely be able to contribute again tomorrow. Panda signing off.
  6. Originally, blue text meant out-of-RP or game-related discussion. If you look at some of the earlier games of Sanderson Elimination, you might notice that a large majority of the posts are written in blue text. This rule has somewhat been loosened up, and now black text is acceptable for in-game discussion (although it technically has always been so, it was just that blue text made things more distinguishable). Some players (generally the "older" ones) still adhere to that rule. Ahh, blue-text. Brings back memories.
  7. I'm back. Vote Tally (Even though we're late into the Cycle) Phattemer: Lopen (1) Polking: Clanky (1) Creccio: Zas, Lopen, Venture, Ripple, Feligon, Elkanath (6) On a similar note, you could also go to the search bar, make sure the area of search is "This topic" and search a player's name. This pulls up every mention of that player's name, and makes Inquisitions much easier. I believe it's also possible to pull up every post a certain player has made in a certain thread via the search bar, although I've forgotten how. I habitually highlight pages for this reason.
  8. (Twitch) (TWITCH) Thank you for the TL;DR, Adavantos, although I prefer to go over a post by myself. Words cannot describe my tears of gratitude when I saw your vote tallies. Switching playstyles isn't that easy, from my experience. You'll find your SeriousSTINK will still have traces of SillySTINK all over it (For example, your point 2. If you wanted to play the game seriously, you would have held on to your cards longer and not revealed your role, especially not just for the thrill of it). It took multiple games and a couple of throws before ErraticJain finally started stabilizing. I'm rather undecided regarding STINK's reveal. He hasn't exactly given us much in terms of explanation (admittedly, I do have Wilson-thesis level expectations), so there really can't accuse his reasoning, although we certainly could accuse his lack of it. For now, I'll just put it down as a game-opening gambit. STINK's long post seems somewhat inflated to me. 3 of its paragraphs (The WGG, Radiant and Protection one) are rather unnecessary, or just stating the obvious. To me, you're attempting to look like a helpful and contributing member. Your motives are up for debate, of course, although I won't judge you for them just yet. What intrigues me is how Hellscythe and STINK jumped on Creccio. Their reasons of accusation mainly appear to be A) Creccio is attempting to not die and Creccio is being suspicious. Reason A) Is understandable. Wanting to stay alive is perfectly normal. I mean, I know the service and community in the dead docs are great, but it just doesn't beat being alive, you know? We shouldn't be condemning a player to death just for suddenly having a spike in survival instinct. Sure, Creccio could be trying to stay alive since she had just gained an important role, but it's equally possible that she's fed up with dying early so often. Also, Hellscythe and STINK's reasoning are also rather hypocritical. Both have been suspected, targeted and voted for. Attempting to bandwagon Creccio just for trying to stay alive doesn't appear to be very selfless to me. As for reason , you could slap anyone in the game for that one. For now, I'm willing to buy Creccio's "Lost" and "Trying to help" stance. I advocate that we give him/her some time to prove herself, and make judgements then.