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  1. My hope is that this will become a complementary thread to the Bad Day/Rant one. So, let's get this party started... One of my regular rants over in the other thread was about my job, mostly the terrible work environment, where people like to point fingers and generally place blame, even for things that are not under anyone's control but happen in a matter they're handling. So, I've been submitting my application for job openings elsewhere since the beginning of February and have had two in-person interviews and one phone interview. The first interview in February went well, but they basically decided I'd be a great fit for a position they didn't yet have hiring authority for, so it took some time to hear from them. In the meantime, I interviewed at a closer place and also had a great interview. That was this past Monday. On Tuesday morning, I got two job offers. The place I saw in February, I'd already decided that commute would be too crazy, and so I had to graciously decline. The second offer for the closer place, I totally took it! So, I'm out of this crem hole of a work environment next Friday and heading into a less stressful one (I know because my husband works at the new office, he's just in a completely different group. Also, I will have virtually no phone calls to deal with or interruptions of the nature I have in this office on a daily basis, which is where most of my stress originates.) on April 6th!! Woo hoo!! Now, you might be tempted to ask, "Traceria, what do you plan to do now that you're going to be starting a new job in about three weeks?" My answer would be, "Thanks for asking! I'm going to Disney World the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!" So, if any of you happen to be at that park in about two weeks and see a blonde woman wearing a Ravenclaw Quidditch t-shirt, that's totally me. My in-laws live in Florida, so my mother-in-law is having me down for the better part of a week, and we're going to enjoy Universal, mostly for Harry Potter stuff.
  2. This is just a quick question and probably overdue in the coming. I apologize if someone else has already asked it, but I couldn't find an obvious topic that answered it in my search. Real quick: Is the rewritten scene at the end of the book now part of the audiobook version of Words of Radiance? Thanks all!!
  3. We just finished watching The Crown. It.Was.So.Good. I hope they do a second season...I should check into that. Other than that, watching the X-Files and in season three. There is no way I'm getting through it before it's taken off Netflix, though. So sad.
  4. Thanks, Ammanas! My husband was thinking of doing his reread before Oathbringer by audiobook until I mentioned not knowing if the scene had been rerecorded. May he'll listen up to that point and then pick up our paperback copy.
  5. You know Starswirl and Celestia were totally an item at some point....
  6. Okay, so I haven't been around in awhile... Don't discount my anime recommendations just for that fact. I LOVE Iron Blooded Orphans. I'm an old Gundam fan anyway. Like Quiver, Gundam Wing had a major effect on me - it and DBZ turned me into an anime fan back in the late 90's. Iron Blooded Orphans does have some of the same Gundam troupes, but these guys have guts, man. My husband is a pretty picky anime watcher, but he is totally hooked on it, too. It's gritty, political, has really interesting characters and, of course, cool battles. There's not much to dislike. Maybe Kordelia's impossible hair? Nah, I wish I could have her hair! I've got this huge queue of shows in Crunchyroll and plan to at least give them all a shot. Konosuba is funny, but I'm only in the first season. I think things like fighting cabbages are only funny on certain days. I've watched a bit of A Certain Magical Index and like it well enough, but I keep waiting for something more in the main plot to happen. Naruto Shippuden is always on my to-watch list. After finishing Iron Blooded Orphans, we plan to watch season two of Bungo Stray Dogs. I miss that show and can't wait!
  7. Okay, that's pretty clever! (One of these days, I WILL get my husband to watch that movie. So classic.)
  8. If you loved the movie (I do, too!), read the book sometime, too. Both are excellent in their own right, which doesn't often happen with book and move adaptations. I love that show, too. Anything related to elemental abilities definitely gets a bending reference. We loved Ant Man, too! He's now one of my favorite Avenger verse heroes! Er, don't you mean that your mental image of Kaladin matches Aragorn's description/appearance? Brandon Sanderson is my living favorite author, but Tolkien is just classic. I've been watching Mr. Selfridge via Amazon. Same time period as much of Downton Abbey, but not quick as much angst. Still a good show. Also watching a lot of anime lately via Crunchyroll - Naruto, Lost Village, Re:Zero, Akame ga Kill!, and, I blush to admit it, Sailor Moon Crystal. Oh, and definitely keeping upwith MLP as it airs on Saturdays.
  9. I hope you still read them. I love the appendices. For audiobook, I'm listening to Mad Ship, the middle Live Ship Robin Hobb book. For paperbooks, I'm re-reading the first Alcatraz after having just finished the second book from The Sorrowful Mysteries with Brother Athelstan by Paul C. Doherty. I am also reading a poker book.
  10. I think I'd want mine to be the most epic and never ending Adventure Game (with puzzles). Something where death is not an option and you get to endlessly solve puzzles and uncover mysterious connections the further you go. My best nighttime dreams are like this. I wake up and wish I could go right back to some of them (usually I have to get up, as work beckons).
  11. Kaymyth, sounds like you have an ambitious Con schedule! BronyCon will only be the third I've ever gone to. We're quiet geeks, but I'm really excited. Have fun next weekend! Quiver, thanks for sharing the fandom music! I really liked Spirit of Fire particularly. Can't say I've delved too much into it, but I'm really looking forward to the room that will be constant fandom music.
  12. Hey, it's been so cold and wet where we live that the Hearth's Warming ep fit right in. We still have our heat on. My husband is a huge Dash fan, and he was so, so tickled by her episode. I basically can't dislike any of the musical episodes, and I really love that we have a pony adaptation of The Christmas Carol now. I have to agree that all of Starlight Glimmer's episodes have just been awesome. Anyone going to BronyCon?
  13. Agreed! It hit all the right places for me. My brain was intrigued, my compassion was tapped, and my expectations were totally fulfilled in the ending. (Also, it got my husband hooked, which is a feat.)
  14. See, I just watched the latest Naruto episode today (only just made available earlier this week on CrunchyRoll), and I'm totally okay with filler so long as it's the backstory kind. I love me some backstory. Sorry if this was covered on an earlier page (I haven't been on 17th Shard in a while), but anyone else loving Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans? I'm not caught up yet. The reason is that I got my husband caught on it, and we had to start back at the beginning and only watch it when he's around (he's not a binge watcher like me). We're at around episode 12 or 13 right now. Edit to add: Thanks for talking up ERASED. I don't think I would have stumbled upon this without a recommendation, but the idea intrigues me. (Also, if you like that sort of thing and want to play a board game, check out Tragedy Looper.)
  15. Man, I'm so bummed I missed the signing this time around. I was at the one at that store the last time (the not snowed out one) with a couple friends. I've been MIA on 17th Shard for awhile for computer/work reasons, and didn't see the date until I already had plans booked elsewhere. So sad... The illustrator from Alcatraz was there, too?! Ack!
  16. Hi! I know, it's been forever, right? I can't get online at work at all, and our laptop died almost a year ago (recently replaced ), so I just haven't been able to be around. Besides missing and also neglecting you all, I missed getting notice of the signing in Philly until it was too late thanks to my absence.
  17. Every year there seems to be some movie that comes out around my birthday, and usually I drag my husband (last year it was the Peanuts movie...I am a Peanuts fan from way back). In 2017, it will be this: MLP Movie 2017.
  18. Without rehashing, I'm just going to put in my vote with Pathfinder's explanation of things. Here are a few independent but not necessarily connected thoughts of my own: 1) I really liked that one of the messages you could take away was what David says, that humans are inherently good. But on top of that, Megan adds later that it doesn't mean they don't have free will, and thus, are still able to make bad choices. It's one of the reasons why I liked the small twist with Obliteration at the end. He wasn't battling the darkness and hadn't been for some time, but obviously he was still human and perfectly capable of making terrible and misguided choices. There's a reason why the saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" came to be. 2) I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Q from Star Trek, or the Ancients from Stargate. 3) Larcener's behavior down on the planet (whether it was his actual body or a projection or whatever he called it), seems totally in line with what he tells David about stimuli being overwhelming/grating. In fact, he even mentions it when he's chilling with the Reckoners, and it's why he takes over a room of his own and seeks peace and quiet in each of their hideouts, complete with sound-cancelling headphones. He's also way more emphatic about those disgusting, inferior humans than any Epic whose given into the darkness. When he makes those comments, it's with more disgust than anger. He can't stand to be around them, but it comes off as laziness. To my mind, anyway, it's like he knows he's superior in and of himself, where the Epics let the power that was given to them get to their heads and don't shun humans out of hand.
  19. I know there's already a topic about what folks do when they're sad and need a pick-me-up, but I figured, for those of us who sometimes need a Good Rant before we can return to what passes for normal, I'd start a new topic specifically for the purpose. So, please loose your Good Rants here! Those replying to rants should feel free to offer condolences, snacks (chocolate is definitely acceptable), encouragement to have a stiff upper lip and so on. And if I see any references to First World Problems (Weird Al lyrics or otherwise), well, I at least am not going to give you a tough time. After all, you're already having a bad day! So, to give you an example, my rant from yesterday would have gone something like this: I can't even say I got out of bed on the wrong side. I was sleeping on the SOFA thanks to the incessant snoring of my husband. No matter which way he turned, it WOULD NOT STOP. Finally, after getting terrible sleep from the interruptions caused by the snoring, I finally gave up and went to sleep on the sofa at 5:30 AM. Thanks to moving around and doing things that required Mental Power like setting the alarm on my phone, my brain woke up just enough to not want to go back to sleep. So I ended up laying there for another 30-40 minutes (at a guess) trying to fall back to sleep only to have disturbing dreams. 7 AM came too quickly. Then work was TERRIBLE. I work in a law firm, so we keep a time sheet all day, every day. Usually I bill something between 5-6 hours in a work day, but yesterday I ended up billing over 7 hours. Now, consider that of the 8 hours I'm here, one of those is for lunch, so in essence, I billed more hours than I was actually here (we bill by tenths of an hour, which are six minutes a piece, so if something takes only ten minutes, it will actually be billed as 0.2 hours or 12 minutes). By the end of the day, I had about five partial files open on my desk, each one having interrupted work on another, and was just plain sick of getting phone calls and emails and having to be PLEASANT since we work for these people or at least don't want to alienate them. So that set me up for a nice long semi-nervous breakdown last night, which, in retrospect, actually ended up as a good thing because I felt much better after crying and yelling (as in, talking very loudly and quickly but not with malicious intent) at no one in particular while making a good effort to use up half a tissue box. And that, folks, is yesterday's rant for me. Feeling much better after my evening rant, this sample one, and a better night's sleep. Take it away, anyone who is having a horrible day!
  20. If it makes you feel better, my husband realized the other day that we have more pony cards than any other card game currently in our game collection. He got one of our male friends to play it with him last week, and the guy really liked the game mechanics.
  21. That was definitely one of my favorites of the season so far. Loved All the Parts, but I seriously lost it in a fit of giggles during Gummy's existentialist thought monologue. XD
  22. This fandom never ceases to amaze me. A small contribution:
  23. A fine idea! Also, it's quite fun to mimic the laugh of Grand Nagus Zek.
  24. Star Trek: Deep Space 9. We're in the final season, and we totally drank a bottle and a half of wine between the two of us last night and laughed our heads off during a Ferengi episode. We're not geeks at all...nope. I think we'd both had a long day at work. And it was really good wine. On my own I've been watching Inspector Lewis and have really been enjoying it!
  25. Congrats! Are you a lawyerly type or a good solid paralegal like me? (My husband is an attorney, so we cover both.)