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  1. Why can't Marsh take the Atium that was produced and mix it with electrum to make nalatium (Era 1 Atium) and live that way
  2. I've actually been posting here since... *checks notes* 2014? But basically like 2 posts a year, and never introduced myself! I got into big time theorizing by joining Theoryland back in like, '06. Huge WoT fan, and got into Brandy Sandy himself by picking up Mistborn in whatever year it was announced he was taking over for Wheel of Time. A few notable hot takes from me: I think Mistborn is his best work so far*. Kelsier is not a good dude. I share Adolin's view of Dalinar. Anyway, hi whats up hello, long time frequenter reader, formally introducing myself! *this however is largely because it's fully finished and I love endings, especially if done well. the arcs of Vin, Elend, Spook, etc are done and through, and the story of that stuff is /done./ whether it remains the best post SA front 5, or the conclusion of MB Era 2, remains to be seen
  3. I read the first few pages of this thread, and the last, and all I'm gonna say is: Idk if anyone brought it up but Gideon the Ninth and the sequel Harrowhark the Ninth feature lesbian main characters and it's a AWESOME sci-fi fantasy story. Just a kick ass read with a lot of fun combat and as it was described to me, a "resident evil-style murder house" Apologies if this one has been mentioned already
  4. I really dislike most of Sandersons comic relief characters and also moments. Not that he writes bad, I've just come to a sad conclusion that he and I must have different comedic tastes. He's very blunt with his humour, whereas I grew up reading WoT and kind of learning to love RJ's very subtle almost anti-comedy. I found Lightsong irritating for most of Warbreaker (ironically, though, I identify with Lightsong probably the most of BS' characters). I cannot stand Lift at all (hopefully he gives her more characterization later) and anytime Wayne is being 'eccentric' I want to just skip past it (Wayne, however, has moments that make me love him so I won't actually include him on the list) SO, I'd say Lift is easily my least favourite. Lightsong a very close second.
  5. When Faile makes Perrin confront his sadness about his entire family being dead and she just strokes his hair, and as RJ wrote, each stroke brought more tears from him. Then, when he meets a distant cousin of his who's still alive, and he's young and mentions how girls are 'gross' and 'weird' and Perrin muses to himself that that will change, in time. There's a scene in Winter's Heart where Rand gets cornered in an alleyway? Or similar, in Far Madding. And without his ability to channel, he still takes the fight directly to the enemies (I haven't read past book 8 in a long, long time) by punching one guy in the throat, pushing him down, rolling over him and drawing that guys sword as he does so and challenging another guy. Truly awesome. When Rand meets with Tam after his epiphany and breaking down apologizing, and saying he has someone very important to introduce to him [Min] and Tam says "I've already met her" and Rand says "But I haven't introduced you"
  6. I got Seeker, which actually, I'm cool with. I wanted Thug or Tineye though
  7. My favourite scene is Kelsiers death, specifically the writing around how unaffected by anything the Lord Ruler is, getting impaled by spears twice, and then ripping one out and stabbing Kelsier through the chest. But the cherry on top that makes it my favourite scene is TLR's single line after killing Kell that punctuates the scene in a way that gives me chills every time "Let the executions begin."
  8. This is by far my favourite relationship, romantic or otherwise. When he dies, and Vin is so angry in her internal dialogue at him for abandoning her, and then she reads his note left to her, how she's the groups Mistborn now, and how he doesn't say it but simply said "Mare would have liked you. She always wanted a daughter" I cry every time
  9. Is there a WoB saying that the Heralds are tortured by Odium? What is the arrangement, and why are they tortured by Odium? Are they released to face the desolations, and then "strung up" again?
  10. Ohhhh, so like Allomancy and Feruchemy and I'm guessing then there's theories about a third set of 'binders?
  11. Alright, so if there are 10 Radiant Orders, and in the above quote it was said there are 30 Orders, what are the other 20? I feel like I am just not grasping this at ALL and I truly apologize if I am making anyone facedesk
  12. So Kaladin is a part of 1 order, and has access to 1 surge, which gives him multiple surgebindings? EDIT: or is it multiple surges for 1 Surgebinding?
  13. And I thought my score was pretty good...
  14. 2948.
  15. I was reading in the Coppermind Wiki forum about Surges and Surgebinding In a thread about wanting to update some things, I came across "Second, we need an infotable for the three types of Surgebinding, the ten Surges, and the 30 orders." I thought there were 10 orders? And what is the difference between surges and surgebinding?