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  1. *raises hand* Might as well start the series. "The Eye of the World" has been sitting on my To Read pile for a while now. It'll be fun reading it along with everyone here. I just hope I can keep up.
  2. I've seen it. Turns out, it's not Steampunk after all. The critics are trashing it, but I actually enjoyed it. It's by no means a good movie, but it's very entertaining. Then again, I only watched this because of Logan Lerman and Matthew Macfadyen, so it's easy to be entertained. But seriously, I had fun. And Paul W.S. Anderson made a campy and cheesy take on a classic and he ran away with it; I can respect that.
  3. Lance Reddick (Broyles on "Fringe") might make for an interesting Sazed.
  4. Ooh! Fun lines are the stuff of my Goodreads reading status updates. "No, no assassins yet. I guess I've already got too much chull sass of my own." -Wit, WoK p.326 UK ed. "You're so conservative that even your socks are more traditional than the rest of us." -This one's from Elantris, but I forgot to note who said it, and what page number. "I hope you Free Kingdomers aren't too put out to discover that dragons didn't come and bow to me at my birth. I wasn't tutored by the spirits of my dead Smedry ancestors, nor did I kill my first Librarian by slitting his throat with his own Library Card." -from Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians "Now I've already spoken about foreshadowing (a meddling literary convention of which Heisenberg would uncertainly be proud.)" -Also from Alcatraz #1 "You see, that is the sad, terrible, sorry thing about sarcasm. It's really funny." -Again, from Alcatraz #1 “War is far worse. At least where politics is going on, there are usually nice hors d’oeuvres.” -Warbreaker
  5. Re: The Hunger Games (Silus/Ryan)
  6. And if people haven't read the books, they will predict that Marsh will die because he's played by Sean Bean. But hey, David Wenham! Unconventional choice for Kelsier, but it can actually work. Hrmmm... There's also Kevin McKidd. He appears in Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch that, but I've seen him in some movies. He might also work as Kelsier.
  7. @Silus: Like I said, the first book is the strongest book.
  8. I'm 25% into The Way of Kings. I hope Brandon doesn't kill Wit, I kinda like him. (Don't spoil me!)

  9. Hi, Ryan! Welcome to the Forums. You're lucky to be attending the Alloy of Law signing. I'm still wishing Brandon will fly to somewhere near my country. At least somewhere in Asia that's easy to travel to. Take it easy on the Brandon books! Next thing you know, you'll be plowing through Wheel of Time. (Not that that's a bad thing. )
  10. I was expecting that Warbreaker would have the best cover in the UK style, but... ummm... I kinda see Hermione now, Chaos. And here I was wishing it'll be good so I can get one so all my books will match. Oh well. *shrug* I think I'll stick to looking for the UK Elantris.
  11. I've gotten over the awe and intimidation that The Way of Kings inspired, and I'm now about 275 pages in. Loving it so far, though I'm taking it slow because I want to make sure I understand all the details there. It'll be a while before I can get over being intimidated by Wheel of Time, though. Maybe after WoK? I've heard that there are indeed some pretty good Sailor Moon fanfics out there, but I only personally read Harry Potter ones, and I'm actually looking for a good long one right now. I haven't heard of Methods of Rationality yet, but I'll look it up. Thanks for mentioning it. I still think the first book is the strongest in the series. Katniss is not very agreeable for most of Mockingjay, actually. It's just fun seeing Collins up the ante in the last book. I'm curious to find out if you'll like Peeta's characterization in Mockingjay, Silus.
  12. Ben Barnes actually ages down easily enough if need be. Good choice! Also, Jamie Bell for Spook... I like that idea! Eddie Redmayne may do well, too, especially as the character gains a bit more gravity come The Hero of Ages.
  13. I'm catching up on Episode 2 of the latest season of FRINGE right now. Fun!
  14. I have the Mistborn Trilogy and The Way of Kings in this UK edition. However, my Elantris is the US cover. I think I may go looking for this edition because I can be a little O.C. with my book collection. I admit I do like the art for the US editions, but these have a minimalist appeal.
  15. Ooh, it stars John Cusack! Sounds interesting. There's a movie still of Cusack as Poe HERE (USA Today). So we have Sherlock, then a Perry Mason also with Robert Downey, and now a sleuthing Poe. Maybe Hollywood has finally gotten tired of fairy tales?