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  1. It wasn't a stroke of luck, it was pure skill. As much as I'd love to return for this game, I have finals coming up this month. I'll take a link to the spec doc, though.
  2. I think that from a physics standpoint, under makes more sense though. You're going to naturally pull the paper towards you, and you have the underside of the roll providing the friction to make a decent tear.
  3. I, like any sane person, have seconded "under".
  4. Look, under normal circumstances, I'd be unlikely to believe that you'd be able to manipulate that many people myself. But you're saying that Wilson, a player who tends to be very knowledgeable of the rules, decided to protect a player who she knew to be Arrested, when the rules state that all actions targeting an Arrested player fail. Which would include her own protection ability, as well as all kill actions. If she was ambiguous about this, I'm almost certain that she would've brought it up with Joe. (Emphasis mine) From what you've said, Wilson willingly left herself completely open to attack, in order to protect a player that she couldn't have even ended up protecting in the first place. While I find the possibility that you manipulated Wilson into doing this doubtful, the possibility that she willingly did so herself seems even more doubtful.
  5. I voted for you because things seem far too convenient right now. You're saying that Wilson believed that Magestar wouldn't be protecting you, but that still doesn't quite line up. If you weren't Arrested during the Night, Wilson should've just waited for you to say something in-thread as confirmation. And despite the fact that Jaime apparently had quite a bit of trust in you, she did not trust you when you said that you'd be protected during the Night? And in addition to this, you had no codes or anything set up to confirm to Wilson that you were being Arrested in the first place? After all, you were in a doc with Magestar, and you could've quite easily passed on coded confirmation of your Arrest so he could post in-thread. This just seems awfully uncoordinated.
  6. I can't know for sure, but there's several very jarring pieces of evidence. One of which to comes to mind is that Magestar seemed rather certain that Aman was being protected last night, and considering that Mage is a Legionnaire and was killed, it makes sense that Aman was the one who was attacked. Edit: Also, according to Wilson's trust list, the only players she likely would've protected are Aman, Eol, Emerald, and herself. Wilson clearly didn't protect herself, and I highly doubt that Eol or Emerald received that many actions.
  7. Alright, I’m slowly sifting through all the game’s contents. I mean, it’s great that we’ve had a lot of discussion, but there’s been so much irrelevant discussion that it’s really making it difficult to determine what is actually important. Though I suppose that I will give my take on the game so far, especially with regards to the Night kills, in case I end up dead after tonight. Okay, so one of the Night 1 deaths was Straw, which is fairly self-explanatory: this was a ChayShan warrior that claimed to Aman. Given that this player targeted a highly-voted player and revealed their role fairly early in PM, I’d say that it is likely that they are a Citizen (or at least neutral); though, there’s always a possibility of them being converted by the Jeskeri. The other Night 1 attack was on Ecthelion, as a religious-philosopher person. On one hand, I’m inclined to believe this is a serial killer, because the write-up seems to imply that the person who killed Ecth was also the same who killed Conquestor, and Conquestor seemed inactive enough to not hamper any eliminator plans. On the other hand, it could just be the same eliminator performing both kills, and it is very unlikely for the eliminators to forgo a kill action (unless someone was protected by a bodyguard on Night 1 and the bodyguard hasn’t revealed this). One of the N2 kills was on Conquestor, killed by the same religious player/faction that killed Ecth. Con's been pretty inactive, even after being attacked, which makes him an odd target for the eliminators/SK to hit, unless they’re going for low-profile targets. This could perhaps mean that the eliminators/SK were already aware that there were a number of protective roles in play. Either way, I think it would be beneficial for us to know whether @Conquestor revealed his role to anyone, and why he’s still been fairly silent after being attacked. Alvron was attacked despite not talking at all on N2 (implying that he would be Arrested), which likely means that the killer was either really scared or suspicious of Alvron, or believed that he wasn’t actually Arrested. The latter of these two is certainly an interesting possibility, but would again likely involve some private information that I am not privy to. Finally, Emerald101. Unless he’s lying (which I doubt), he was attacked and protected on N2. I feel that this is a ChayShan kill, considering that Emerald was a pretty high-priority target, which doesn’t really give us any clues as to his alignment. It does reveal that there is a second ChayShan warrior (assuming the one that talked to Aman wasn’t lying about not killing anyone N2). The interesting thing to note of all of these kills is that they have all been on relatively low-profile players, or players that have previously been discussed as possible lynch targets. Unless there are some other blocked kills that haven’t been publicly revealed, this means that the eliminators and neutral players/factions have been playing it safe with their kills, or were wrong with some of their role-reads on some players. What this ultimately means is that if this trend continues, we may end up with a well-protected trust group of players, which I usually tend to dislike, but find extremely dangerous in this particular case, where there is a faction with a conversion ability that could potentially infiltrate this group if we aren’t careful. At this point, it is difficult to tell who might have performed any of these attacks, but given that we seem to have quite a few protective roles in play, I’d be cautious about immediately clearing any player who gets attacked by an eliminator team.
  8. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of this conversion plan. Not only would we be volunteering to have the entire citizen population massacred, but we'd be handing control of the game to a team whose win condition could very well be benefited by forging an alliance with the eliminators. Edit: I have some time now, so I'm starting to work on an analysis of players and kills, which I should hopefully be done with tomorrow.