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  1. I‘m glad they call her „Stump“ as Arshqqam doesn’t sound fitting in German. *giggles*
  2. I have a question concerning the Shin. It is always pointed out how different they are - in looks and in culture. In this chapter too. Yet, if I understood correctly, Shinovar was the land that was given to the human refugees from Ashyn. But the humans got greedy and took over the whole planet. So, how did it happen that you have two different human peoples? I‘m very curious for book 5 (and 4,6,7,8,9, and 10 of course ).
  3. I re-read the passage - you are right, it doesn`t sound like Odium at all. And Truthwatchers do have Illumination. Still I'm puzzled that Renarin would use that in this way on purpose (or it it was a first time, he doesn`t seem to be aware of doing anything). I need the whole book really badly!
  4. I'm sorry, English ist not my native tongue, but why do you think Renarin made an illusion? To me it was clearly Odium trying to get Kaladin, and only when he (it?) vanished, Renarin came through to Kal.
  5. I don’t know what to think about Leshwi - is it a sign of honor that she lets Kaladin go to the civilians or did she position him there so it will be him going to Moash, not just any other Windrunner?
  6. I'm sorry, if this has already been mentioned, but I'm in my reread, right at the beginning. Dalinar relives a vision, at the end he sees a brilliant light and a figure with nine shadows. The Stormfather says: "Nine shadows? The Unmade. His minions, ancient spren". Dalinar assumes, the figure is the Champion. That might be a red herring though. But if it is the Champion - could that mean the champion has to bind all nine unmade? It says on the back of WoR "(Surgebindings) they can brace a broken soul, but they can also widen its fissures" - widen it enough for more spren?
  7. I am wondering what Marsh means in AoL "he does my brother's work, and that is something I feel inclined to encourage." while giving Marasi the book about Hemalurgy. a. he doesn't know Kel is still around and speaks about justice/fighting against the Set (not very likely after M:SH) b. Wax is unknowingly working towards Kel's doings (whatever they are, maybe fighting the Set on the Cognitive Realm or with a new body in the real world) But still, it is not "our work" and "feel inclined to encourage" is not like "I will help with all my power", so Marsh is doing something else - what could that be?
  8. Ati

    Ah, okay. So it is "he doesn't know how to splinter one of the other Shards" and not "he doesn't know how to splinter one more". Thank you.
  9. Ati

    English is not my native tongue, so I'm not quite sure I got that right: Khriss says "Ati doesn't know how to Splinter another Shard? Or he hasn't the strength?". To me it sounds as if Ati has splintered a Shard before. Has Ruin been to another planet then?
  10. Well, I a m dissappointed. Of the whole afterlife arc. Kelsier is a wonderful character and I love him. Usually, when authors let (main) characters die, I am furious because in most cases it is just a cheap trick. Kelsier's death made sense, it was a perfect conclusion. And even though I was devastated, I still felt it was right. When he returned in HoA and later, I felt/feel betrayed. Secret history is a wonderful book and a wonderful Kelsier. But it a wrong book for me, as for me it belittles his arc in LE. And that makes me sad.
  11. I thought about the Conventical of Seran - no windows, bunkerlike
  12. I'm not convinced. Dalinar is almost obsessed with his brother('s death). He changed his whole life, lives according to the principles of tWoK, fights this war, doesn't take the throne etc. The last message from his dying brother was "find the words", and when he found them, he wouldn't think about his brother? That he succeeded, that he did find the words (and spoke them)? edit: I don't think, Gavilar was a Radiant. He had a super-duper life. He wasn't broken.
  13. First post + no native speaker = please be easy on me. I wondered since I finished WoR about the most important words. The Oaths? So, can anyone who just speaks the ideals/oaths become a radiant? (And some orders don't require special wording). I don't think so. Gavilar couldn't know, Dalinar was/going to become a KR. Or is it important that the oaths are spoken by everyone, as a means of protection against the desolation? Is it "man" as opposed to "woman", or meaning (human) being?