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  1. As far As I understand, and don't take my word as gospel, Roshar does get eroded. But crem flies with the storms and deposites itself all around so the continent, through the ages, changes shape. I saw someone equate this as being a "slice" of a 4D object intersecting with our 3D world, like the transformation through time is planed and not random, but cannot find the proper thread to link to you right now. EDIT: Also, Welcome to the Shard!
  2. I have had this in my mind since way back when we learned that healing mostly depended on the self-image of the healed person (at least with Stormlight). Does this mean that if for some reason, call it magic, call it brainwashing, or the super-power of extreme self-delusion, you had a Radiant believe that he is phisically different from what he is, he would "heal" into that new shape? You convince a tall man that he was short and should be short, or convince another that he was changed to a man by evil magic but he was instead a woman... Would they eventually "heal" themselves until they are a short man and a woman, respectively? Or maybe it wold only work with less drastic changes, like change of skin tone, gain/loss of muscular mass, minor alterations in facial features, etc... Is this possible to "heal" into something/someone else if you confuse enough the mind that's supposed to filter the investiture? Possible cons: I do remember mention of a "perfect version of self" stored in the Spiritual realm, that the cognitive aspect uses as a template for healing, but that "perfect version" ought to be modificable, or else no matter how Kaladin sees himself, his perfect version wouldn't have scars and he would not heal them back.
  3. I thought that meant he was seeing into Shadesmar like all the other Radiants have done. It's always described with a small, distant sun, and I thought he meant that.
  4. But Harmony himself knows what Rashek did with the power of Preservation instinctively upon picking it up. He actually writes (or makes appear already written) a book with all his findings. He knew exactly why and how did Rashek alter Scadrial and it's people. That suggests that shards do contain a "log" of what's been done with them and who did it...
  5. Huh, that's weird. I usually don't check the WoB, as I prefer to RAFO, and when he clarifies nothing he is giving an info that's not really on the books. I dunno why but I feel like it's a little bit like cheating. (THen I come here and discuss everything and learn it anyway, but we humans are so weird anyway...) At first when I learned about the Ire I thought that they were from a distant future in regards to Elantris. I remember that Elantris is set waaaaaaay before Mistborn, so my conclusion was that these Elantrians were post-Raod, not "pre". Even if they looked old and ancient... Because (in my mind at least) wouldn't they have fixed Elantris city if they were around at the time? Wouldn't their powers be broken as much as anyone else's? Again, I guess there is WoB confirmind that they are from before and that's why everyones agrees on it, it just goes against my first conclusion on the subject.
  6. Oh I got it, really! I mentioned that it isn't a surge because it got mixed in my head with all the other info about the other surges, but anyway I thought (and still think) it has merit on it's own as a different thing, either a new unrelated power or just the especial mix of surges. I've might not been clear enough in text but that's what I wanted to express
  7. As said Unity is not a surge. But I think you are not totally wrong. After all wind runners have 3 lashings. 1 feels like is Gravitation, the second is Adhesion, and the third feels like a mix of both. It could be that this specific power is a mix of Tension and Adhesion.
  8. What? I thought she just had not tried to breath in Stormlight. Regarding Jasnah, I think she would be incredibly annoyed at having that extra task on her when she has mysteries to unravel. One of two things would happen, she might be extremely good at it regardless, or relegate it to the back of her mind while all rust hits the fan and sooner or later decide that she cannot keep being so many things at the same time (radiant, scholar, queen), and choosing what she wants to do and do it properly. The second feels more interesting to read
  9. So they were using a similar magic system... I can't gel the disease=magic system with the medieval-esque humans in roshar though :S But I'm sure he'll manage to make it feel natural, as always. I assumed humans were voidbinding in Ashyn because allegedly Odium was their patron shard there, wasn't he? It was the humans that brought Odium to Roshar and then the parsh changed teams. I mean, maybe when Odium got trapped with Honor and Cultivation that colored how his magic system worked, but it should not be that big of a change. And whatever humans did on Ashyn wasn't powered by Honor so it had to be powered by Odium , or with no shard it would have been one of the weak magic systems, incapable of something like destroying a world...
  10. I'm not sure if I need to mark this as spoiler or not, Oathbringer has almost a year already but just in case I wrote a non-assuming topic title. I have been talking about Sanderson with a coworker, trying to hook him as I think he will like all his works as I do. All that talking resparked my interest and I've rereading the books, I went through Elantris, The Emperor's Soul and Warbraker in three days.... Now that I am "back" into it (not that I have ever been away), I was sitting at office with no much to do and wandering through memory lane when I got a doubt that I had never considered. We know thanks to the Stormfather saying literall so in the book that the Recreance happened when the Knights Radiant learned humans where the original Voidbringers, and that their powers had broken their old world, and would break Roshar too. But it doesn't make any sense. There was no surgebinding, and no Knights Radiant before the Heralds took their Oath, and that would have been way after the humans arriving at Roshar, when their papers as victims / voidbringers was already swapped with the parsh. Honor created the Heralds and the Honorblades then. The knights radiant appeared later, when some spren decided to imitate what Honor had done. So, what broke the human's original world if not surgebinding? Where they voidbringing (whatever that is?)? And If they weren't surgebinding in their original world, and it wasn't surgebinding what destroyed it, the Knights Radiant being surgebinders didn't pose any danger to Roshar, it was another thing that destroyed the original human world... I guess this have been discussed but I haven't found any threads debating this specific issue... Do any of you have any insight? Or maybe a relevant WoB? Thanks!
  11. Hi! It's been a while since I last read Mistborn but after a friend asked me to clarify some things (I didn't, because it was spoilers! told him to RAFO!), this came back to my mind. While I was reading era 1, I painted in my mind a different distribution of Metal Arts and Shards. I think the Arcanum describes Allomancy as "End positive" because power is gained, and links it to Preservation; Hemalurgy is linked to Ruin as it is "end negative", and Feruchemy is neutral, balanced, so it's a mix of both Preservation and Ruin. That goes totally against my headcanon. Yeah, it's headcanon so who cares, but still... IMHO it should be: - Feruchemy - Linked to Preservation: No power is lost, no power is gained. Metalminds are never "used up". Everything is preserved. - Hemalurgy - Linked to Ruin: Power changes "hands" but some is lost in the process. The spikes degrade by themselves too. - Allomancy - Linked to both Preservation and Ruin - Power appears from nowhere, and as payment metal is consumed, disappeared from existence. It is known that Leras and Ati joined because their own powers didn't allow them to create, but it was the mix of both that gave them that ability. Allomancy looks like that, you create a surge of power where there was none, in payment some metal is consumed. Feruchemy gains nothing, what you use is what you saved earlier; and hemalurgy is a lossy power, you get a diminished, stolen power. Sanderson links Allomancy to Preservation and calls it "End Positive" because power is gained... But preservation by itself couldn't create... ANd in the process you are destroying metal... I dunno, it doesn't make any sense to me. Not like it matters much because I'm not the one writing these fantastic books but its an itch I hadn't scratched yet... Does any of you think something along these lines? Or has another viewpoint that helps me see this as Sanderson does?
  12. Sorry for hijacking the thread but I feel this is related. I understand why the stamp, as is, doesn't attach permanently. Souls and investiture and everything that was explained in the Novella and here in the thread is pretty clear. What I don't understand though, is why even "create" a soul for the Emperor. When she stamped the walls of her cell, she made it so it had been used in the past by someone important so it had all the pretty decorations. Same with the table, or when she wanted the floor to sink, she made it so it had been affected by a flood. In none of those cases she had proceeded to describe how the paint and the art was, or how well treated the wood of the table was, or the structural flaws of the destroyed floor. She just changed an event in their past. With the emperor, it was as easy as "The wound was moved a few centimeters to the side, not hitting anything important, and help came in time so he healed properly". No need to describe a whole soul. Just change the past a little... Why go over all that ordeal then?
  13. This is similar to how I explained to some friends some time ago. All shards have an infinite tank of water. Water never, ever runs out. But some have a garden hose, and Sazed has a firefighter water cannon. Or more precisely, two water hoses but they are entangled together and they are quite hard to aim. As per the difference in power between Preservation and Ruin, when both have an infinite of a similar magnitude, the small differences are what count. If Preservation invested more (his hose was a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle smaller), he would have eventually lost against Ruin. Using the Atium sent the investiture back to the system, and way from the planet, so temporally, Ruin lost some measure of grip on the planet. Just a tiny bit, but enough.
  14. Like Kaladin before? "I'm not gonna tell because they will take this from me" How exactly Kal??? How!?!? >_< Honestly, I totally get why people keeps quiet. Kal's trust was so thoroughly broken and he had been sl mistreated by lighteyes that trusting one of them, even the one that gave up a sharblade for him, was extremely hard. Shallan is traumatized to the core. Adolin feels shame for what he did. I get why they keep silent, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. And I scream the book 'cause it's there. If i could meet up with the characters i would 1) melt down 2) scream some sense into them until my throat gives up
  15. Adolin being honest with his father about Sadeas' death ASAP. I REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY dislike arcs that revolve around people not talking to each other. It makes me scream to the book pages: For the stormfather's freaking sake, talk you morons! /rant mode off