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  1. It's actually an Attack on Titan reference
  2. It's actually me. I'm not actually trying to poison anyone though, I'm just a really bad cook. I'm getting better though, I promise!
  3. Like, what is the context of this? Do I just summom them to where I am right now, tell them 10 words, then send them back (or vice-versa?). If we're talking at any point in the story, I'd tell WoK Dalinar "The Parshendi Leader is ready to surrender, sue for peace" If we're talking Words of Radiance, I'd tell Kaladin "dude, just show Dalinar that you're a Windrunner" If we're talking Oathbringer, I'd tell Dalinar "Taravangian made deal with Nightwatcher, randomized intelligence, will betray you" If we're talking about the current point in the story, I'd tell Dalinar "Sja-Anat may change sides. Also, that listener is a willshaper" Oh who in damnation am I kidding, I'd probably just give Lift some cooking advice.
  4. The vast majority of the missing blades are probably just buried. Maybe they fell in the ocean, or dug themselves into the ground. Remember that Oathbringer had started digging itself into the planter. A lost Shardblade would probably put itself completely underground given enough time.
  5. That sounds highly unsanitary and like a terrible logistical problem.
  6. Flying cities always sound like a great solution to everything, but I have to ask... where does the poop go?
  7. That one in the second picture is totally a colossus. Definitely a piece of Dormin in there.
  8. Still better than T. Every title starts with T.
  9. So we're saying that due to having a mix between transportation and cohesion, the Willshapers can affect stuff at a spiritual level at a distance. And that this process is likely related to shaping the wills and spirits of other people and objects. Oh my god. All this time, Brandon's only been building up to one thing... we all should have seen this coming...
  10. Is there a problem with that?
  11. Sure he can. Brandon's described him as a "Robot Spren", and I possess a skillset that nobody on Roshar shares: Computer Engineering. Give me 2 hours with him and I'll have him running Skyrim easy. Give me a day and he'll be in the cryptocurrency mines.
  12. I agree with you, it's probably not significant. Clearly the dashes are something else, or maybe just overall not important at all, especially if Cheomarish ends up being sentient. I'm just not sure if this disproves the basic idea of the theory, and a question more tailored resolve that. Plus it's just a good idea in general to get a better idea of what the unmade are. But yeah, like I said before, I still think they were Heralds or Dawnshards. Maybe ask how many Dawnshards there are/were?
  13. If that's the price I have to pay, so be it Granted, but to gain information about a good book series, you must gain information about a bad book series. You now have the entire Divergent series memorized, and can never forget it. I wish for an RTX 2080 TI.
  14. @RShara Man, that's unfortunate. Adds a point to Dawnshards then. Thanks for asking about that. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I guess another good question to ask would be "You've said that you can map the Unmade to Radiant Orders, and that the missing order would be the Bondsmiths. Can you do the same for the Heralds? And if so, what Herald would be missing?" A no on that would definitely put the theory to rest. A "yes, Taln" answer would basically confirm the main gist of it. Though knowing Brandon, there's about a 50/50 chance he'd RAFO the question either way.
  15. Granted, but you can only communicate in binary. Hope your tongue's strong, you're gonna be doing a bunch of Morse Clicking. I just want a good Berserk anime adaptation.