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  1. I would say that WOT is not for the faint of heart. It’s long. Might be a good idea to get into the swing of things with shorter books. But WOT is also awesome. So, up to you.
  2. Are you a fast reader? Then WOT is 100% worth it. Are you a slow reader? Your mileage will vary. The most valid criticism about WOT is that it is bloated - there’s too much world building that isn’t necessary to the plot. You go through a ton of stuff that really shows you how real and well realized this world is... but it slows the books to a crawl at several points. If you, like me, are a lightning fast reader? Not a problem. You blitz through those, love the world building, and get right back to the key plot sections. If you are NOT a fast reader, then you have to ask yourself this question: do you enjoy worldbuilding enough to let it slow down the plot? Because if you do, you’ll be just fine. There’s a strong argument to be made that WOT needed trimming. It would probably be a better series if it were 2-3 books shorter. But I love it anyway.
  3. I read new spring first. I recommend people read Eye first. New Spring is very tonally different, and spoils some surprises from Eye. However, it still works if you read it first (and hints at the tone of the later series if people find Eye too LOTR).
  4. Ugh. Now you guys are gonna make me reread this again. Come on! Aren’t I allowed new fiction? I loved Mat’s military campaign to escape the Seanchan + protect Tuon. It was fantastic. Well laid out, well written, and loved the characters. While I was a little disappointed with Brandon’s ‘Mat’ voice, I loved him in Towers. Storming the Tower? Brilliant. And poor Farstrider. Also, Nynaeve in the whole end sequence of books. Especially ‘will he ride alone?’
  5. This is likely what’s going on with Odium/Passion. Shard intent originally something to do with justice/wrath/righteous anger. Through the lense of Rayse, it became Odioum - but Rayse himself claims it’s just passion. Or maybe we’ve been deceived.... or maybe there’s more to it.
  6. Just gotta burn my way into the future! The very near future. As in, a few seconds in advance in order to predict your attacks. You foolish would-be murderer.
  7. Thing to remember: ‘Looks Shin’ to a Rosharin means ‘light skin and no epicanthic fold’. It’s usually a good way to tell off-worlders; because many of them ‘look Shin’.
  8. Curious? I’d be horrified. I don’t want to see an innocent Spren permanently destroyed Cuz I reckon Nightblood would destroy a common shardblade. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s probable.
  9. Syl has a face in shadesmar. It’s commented on, and she hides it. It’s almost certain that Shallan reminds Kaladin of Tien - who may have been another proto-radiant. Rysn is an interesting possibility!
  10. While the death rattles do show glimpses of the future, I am fairly confident that they do not exclusively show glimpses of the future, just primarily show glimpses of the future (as that’s more relevant to the story, the ones we’ve seen will be mostly future). It makes far more sense, magic wise, for the rattles to be glimpses of the spiritual realm, and thus could be future, past, or far distant present. All time and space is blended together in the spiritual realm; I don’t see why Moelach’s Connection to the dead would only show the future - that doesn’t seem to make sense with the magic? Rather, I think what they see are ‘truths’, as the Shin sailor so aptly named them. I could, of course, be 100% wrong.
  11. Hmm, I think it’s pretty clear that Shallan still has a loooong way to go, and it will end either in tears or in a Crowning Moment of Awesome. She hasn’t had that yet - unlike Kaladin/Dalinar. On Adolin with Shallan. He’s not fixed her, and he’s not fixing her. He’s not her cure - he’s her Tylenol. He helps her, makes things hurt less, and makes things better/easier for her, but he doesn’t and hasn’t cured her. As Tylenol, he’s both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he helps her understand, function and survive. A curse in that she doesn’t need Tylenol, she needs surgery and she needs to want it. Adolin may take away her need/desire to actually heal, as she’s able to function around him. This is very dangerous. I suspect that Shallan has a lot of work to do, and will get her CMOA where she actually confronts and deals with her problems. And it won’t be because of Adolin fixing her. (As much as I like Adolin. Not as much as @maxal, but I think he’s pretty great and want to see more of his own character growth).
  12. Could it be that Dalinar actually said three oaths here? I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man. I am Unity.
  13. @Sunbird - went to the coppermind. Spinners are lucky. And unlucky. In equal measure. Spinners are chromium ferrings. Not gonna lie, being a spinner could be handy.
  14. So, it was pretty nice to be Wyrn the King. But now I’m a Spinner? I.... don’t actually remember what that is? This is a first. I’m stumped.
  15. Like the girl who looked up, I think this is a story that echos strongly in our myths and legends, but isn’t quite drawn from one of them. It’s unique to Roshar, but echos throughout humanity.