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    Reading, obviously. Quite a bit of gaming as well. Movies...basically anything that involves storytelling really. Basketball. Wolves, most beautiful animal in the world. Role playing.
  1. I don't know if this is a controversial opinion or not, considering the backlash, but I really don't like much at all from the new Star Wars movies. TFA very much feels like a re-skin of A New Hope. What they did to Han Solo is just criminal. At the end of Return of the Jedi he has accepted his greater responsibilities, has really grown as a character, and TFA comes in and completely reverses everything about him. I don't mind that he died, I know that they have to make way for new characters, but completely character assassinating the original ones is not the way to do it. They did the same thing to Luke. Most optimistic person in the universe who refuses to kill his father who is the second most evil dude in the universe because he feels a shred of good in him, is going to turn around and possibly kill his nephew who 'might' turn to the dark side? No, I don't buy it. And then he goes off to do the Yoda thing in self imposed exile? Cutting himself off from the force? No, I don't buy it. You do not have to so seriously screw up good characters to make way for the new ones. The whole trilogy honestly feels like we are doing the Empire against the Rebels all over again. They might do a few different things, but it honestly feels like we have been here before. Then we have Rey. You know, at first, I actually really liked her. I did. I thought she was interesting, intriguing, and fun. Then she mind tricks a storm trooper, or whatever they're called now, I don't remember, without ever having any training. That's when she started downhill. Then she managed to beat a highly trained Force Sensitive in a lightsaber battle without any training whatsoever. I don't care that he was wounded, there was no reason he shouldn't have won that fight. It's like...Michael Jordan with a bum leg taking on Lebron James before he has ever touched a basketball. Lebron might be a prodigy, but I'll take Jordan with the bum leg every time because you still need to train. The whole Force creates a balance thing feels like lazy writing. Luke was tried, he was tested, he suffered, he failed, but in the end he perservered. In the end, he earned his place as a hero. Rey has earned nothing. Every situation she encounters she just seems to be able to plow her way through. It's a shame, she really started out being a fantastic character. Then she nose dived into being a Mary Sue. TLJ as a whole just feels like it's poorly written. The pointless chase through space, with the mutiny that would never have been if commander lady had just explained her freaking plan to Poe. Speaking of Poe, he was a cool character in the first one, and made to look like an idiot in the second one. Leia's Mary Poppins thing. If she was trained in the Force by her brother, then make reference to it and I'll be fine. The pointless casino planet stuff. What they did to Luke. Seemingly tossing a potentially cool villain like Snoke, silly name notwithstanding, to the wayside. I was really hoping the fan theory I heard of that he was actually Darth Plagueis, was true, that he was pulling all the strings since the prequel trilogy. Ah well. Force ghosts can now apparently lightning blast things on fire, and what was Yoda doing using a power that until now was only seen being used by Dark Siders? The only thing I really like about the movies anymore is Finn. He is the only character they have managed to not ruin for me. I think all the people trying to yell that these movies are SJW propaganda are idiots. So that's not why I don't like them. I don't like them because they are just not...good. I loved Star Wars. Maybe if I had never seen the originals, I would like these new ones more, but I have. I even like the prequels better. I even liked Jar Jar. Yes that's right, I said it, I liked Jar Jar. Sorry everyone, lol. This is actually the first time I have ranted about this...well...online anyway, guess I am having a rough morning and needed to vent about something to someone.
  2. Dishonored 2, with a little Fortnite on the side.
  3. I finally got to see it the other day, and gotta say, it was mostly all that I have been hoping it would be. A couple of things. At first, I wasn't really all that sure I liked Thano's motivation. The idea that there are to many people in the universe for the limited amount of resources to sustain seemed like a weak reason for him to do what he did. I mean, with all the stones couldn't he just make more? But then he talked about what happened to his home planet, how it was devastated and his reasoning made more sense to me. Still though, I think I would have liked his comic book motivation a little better, that he was courting Death herself. He was a fantastic villain though, and they brought him in like a beast, beating down the Hulk the way that he did. That was awesome and shocking. I can't think of a better way for them to really bring home just how much of a threat he really is. So many people are so down on Star Lord for what he did. Firstly, it fit his character perfectly. He's always been a little immature and he still has a few self centered tendencies. Also, he and Gamora were finally getting something started. More importantly, think of this. Dr. Strange saw over 14 million different possibilities, and in only one of them did they prevail in the end. Does anyone really believe that there were not versions where they got that gauntlet off and they still lost? So Dr. Strange probably manipulated things to get them where he needed them to be, and that included Star Lord pitching his fit and foiling their plan. I gotta say something about Thor though. Will they let that man show some emotion and grieve a little for his losses? It was the same thing in this one as it was in Ragonorak. He loses someone and several minutes later he's cracking jokes. I like the character, but jeez, he seems like a bit of a cold heart to me at times. I know he's not, but he seems that way. I was really pleased with how it ended, Thanos getting off his snap, and so many characters dying. It was a gutsy move on Marvel/Disney's part. Even though the majority of those who died already have confirmed sequels on the way so it's obvious they're coming back. There are still characters who are going to die permanently in the next movie, and I think Captain America is going to be one of those. Good chance for Iron Man as well and Vision. I'm thinking Nebula to. All the pre-snap deaths will likely stay dead, except, hopefully, for Gamora. Maybe since her death involved the soul stone there is some hope of bringing her back. Dangit I really wanna see that Star Lord/Gamora romance! Same. It was almost completely non-stop from the get go. It grabs you and just refuses to let you go.
  4. Absolutely. I think 'Deep Impact' is pretty good. Helps that it had a pretty star studded cast. 'The Day After Tomorrow' ain't bad. 'Twister' was pretty good. 'Dante's Peak' and 'Volcano' aren't terrible. Disaster movies actually scare me a lot more than horror movies because it's stuff that can actually happen.
  5. I am not a Shallan fan or anything, but I have to say, if her character seems less substantial than Kaladin's....well, it is probably because she doesn't even know who she is anymore. She may never have known. Her mental instability and her multiple personality disorder make that extremely difficult. It seems to me that people's problems with her may just be because they are expecting to much from her to soon. She's got a loooong way to go I think.
  6. First thing is to probably lay my hands on the most powerful gaming computer I can find. Your all going the wrong way though with the Sanderson stuff. I would find his computer, and install a hack that not only let's me read all his current secrets, but lets me see everything he writes in the future. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything for anyone else though. And I would still buy a copy of his books when they come out, because his amazing work deserves recompense. Hmm, other than those two things, I am totally on board with planting things in people's houses whom I despise. There are a few people at my place of work who really abuse their authority and should not have their jobs. Yes, I know, I am a terrible person, but I can live with that.
  7. Is it really being a criminal though when there is no one else in the world?
  8. Harry Potter Dragonlance Mistborn So not really anything new from me. Others already said those but...those are definitely my picks.
  9. I think it will be really good, though I think it would have been better if they had kept the next two movies Infinity War and Infinity War 2. Something this big should not be wrapped up in just one movie. Cap's probably going to die. Maybe Iron Man. Definitely Vision. One or two of Dr. Strange's buddies maybe. I think all of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be safe, except Nebula. They should probably not have announced what movies are upcoming after this one though. Kinda gives it away those characters will be alive. Like Spider-Man and the Guardians.
  10. Gotta love Joker and Harley Quinn. Two of my all time favorites. Batman just has the best rogue's gallery period. In video games...hmmm, Sephiroth comes to mind. As does Andrew Ryan, and Handsome Jack. Darth Sidious was great, he was just brilliant. In books, Taravangian, he's absolutely fascinating with such a unique concept. Artemis Entreri, oh and Raistlin Mejere. He was only technically a villain for a short time, but it counts. I have others but I should give a chance for other people to name some.
  11. You are of course entitled to your opinions and I respect that. But man oh man I couldn't disagree more on some of this. The others have already described the three realms concept better than I could have. I will just add that I find them absolutely fascinating. In the first and second book I wasn't sure how I felt about Shadesmar at first. It seemed a bit weird even for me. Then I read Oathbringer and I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the extended stay in Shadesmar. It is a fascinating place to me especially once it starts to delve into the societies of the spren. I very much hope that we get to see more. The spren I feel add a great deal to the story. They do not allow for people to hide their emotions, which makes interactions with people so very different in this world. No doubt it affects the day to day life of the various peoples. The traders for instance, they more than most would need to become masters of their emotions, or else lose advantages in their deals. The more intelligent ones are even more interesting of course, and knowing Brandon, we will learn a lot more about the spren and the reasons and meaning behind their existence. The things that you don't like about the characters, well, these people are all broken and damaged people. If they were not, then they could not form the Nahel bond. Kaladin has become one of my all time favorite characters. Yes he is often broody, but I would not expect someone who deals with as much depression as he does to be any other way. The fact that he is able to function at all with all of his emotional baggage is impressive and shows the depths of his strength of character. Even so he is still flawed and struggles so hard with trying to decide who needs and should have his protection the most. This is a guy who perhaps cares far to much, and is one day going to have to find a way to temper that or it is going to destroy him. I hope it doesn't because if the day comes that he decides he is happy, it's going to be beautiful to behold. I am not all that crazy about Shallan either, but her wit is enjoyable to read, and I always find characters who deal with multiple personality orders to be at least interesting, even if I don't particularly like them. Dalinar was not sadistic, bloodthirsty, or addicted to killing. If he was any of those things, then they would have carried over to his life even when he was not in battle. He still got himself into fights but he was not killing people in those. Well, at least not usually. If he was sadistic he would revel in the pain that he was causing people, but his weapon is a Shardblade. It kills instantly, if there is any pain, then it doesn't last very long. Quite simply he was a man who didn't feel alive unless he was in combat. It was combat that he truly loved, not the killing itself. If that was what he lived for, he would be a serial killer outside of war. There were flashes of the man that he would become during those days. Such as his habit of sparing some of his enemies to join his elite fighting group if he deemed them worthy. Small flashes, but they were there. Dalinar did some truly terrible things yes, but he was not completely without conscience. He pulled back in his destruction of that city. And later it clearly haunted him. So while he was at one point a terrible man, he was not evil, and so I can't call him irredimible.
  12. Doom. Freaking awesome game. Old school shooter with some modern flair. Grabbed X:Com the other day for $10. Think I'll try that next.
  13. Just finished watching 'Troy: Fall of a City' today. It was alright. Follows the myth pretty close with a few little tweaks here and there, but it's not going to surprise you in any way. Wonder if they're going to do 'The Odyssey' next.
  14. I don't think it was used as a platform at all. At least not for rights or grievances. If anything, I would say that the movie's message is that black people of wealth and influence should be doing more to help their lesser privileged people. But it really is a fantastic movie. One of the best in the MCU as others have said. One of the best superhero movies period, right up there with The Dark Knight. When I heard all of the praise that it was getting at first my thoughts were that it was because of the current political climate and that no one wanted to say anything bad about a movie that was comprised mostly of black people. I thought Wonder Woman for instance was a little over rated. Much to my very pleasant surprise, Black Panther though was really, really good. Definitely a must see.