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  1. Im currently re-reading this series, about 200 pages into a wise mans fear, and just wondering with book 3 hopefully coming out next year, once that brings us up to kote/kvothe's present day is there any details on whether there will be a present day continuation of kvothe's story? Or is day 3 and the telling of kvothe's past the end?
  2. like deddinty said Yeter'el is a fallen angel and father of thr nephilim mentioned in the book of enoch, as for reference i dont no how to do links but in the book Encylopedia of demons in world religions and cultures page 333,is where i found him, andfallen angels are all associated with possessio,its a long shot i admit
  3. Could Yelig-nar not be Yeter'el? He was one of the fallen angels in christian theology? He possesed people which would possibly go with Yelig-nar consuming people, since when your possesed your essentially consumed by something else?
  4. U assume all that was set in motion? The way i read it was he put them into prison denying them a trial because they would win the inquest? So therefore the fault lies with Elhokar
  5. Adolin wants revenge/ vengence for what happened at the tower as well. What Kal wants is retribution for Amaram killing his friends, i dont see how you can say Kal is wrong and Adolin is right. Its still Elhokars fault, being ignorant, naive or too trusting isnt an excuse for causing the deaths of two elderly people, morally Moash was right for wanting retribution, i dont think that can be questioned, did Elhokar deseve to die for it? no, but was the only justice Moash could ever get, because he was a lighteyes and a king, A mistake that caused the deaths of two people isnt punishible? When the mistake was to arrest them and leave them rot in prison til they died?
  6. Ym

    We see a few Thoughts about him not wearing his glasses by Adolin and Dalinar i think? About him trying to be more soldierish? i might be wrong. if he has a mild prescription than yes i could see him not needing them. But wishing he didnt have glasses doesnt seem enough for his eyesight to heal, perception is how u see yourself not what you wish for. Therfore if he had glasses for a long time they would be part of him and part of how he percieves himself. Im not sayin its a big thing just strange imo. The definition of learned is " a person who acquired much knowledge through study" i wouldnt consider collecting street urchins stories as that, but it fits the second ideal of the Edgedancers, You make some good points though. Although i dont think Kal needed to learn leadership he seems a natural leader.
  7. Personnally i dont think Adolin was wrong to kill Sadeas in the slightest, Sadeas had betrayed Dalinar trying to get him and Adolin killed and being the cause of 6000 deaths(roughly i think) of Dalinars men. He also attempted to have Dalinar assassinated, there is more than enough reason for Adolin to rightly kill Sadeas, Was it legal? No. But it was Right For what Sadeas had done in the past and for what he would do in future. Adolin thought of killing Sadeas a number of times the breaking point came when he realised that Sadeas would never stop causing strife, and disent amongst the Highprinces, while it was done in a "i lost my temper" type moment it doesnt change the fact it was righteous retibution for past crimes. Sadeas was very likely to powerful to ever be legally prosocuted aswel hence why the initial attempt at getting him to duel Adolin in the first place and not just arreasting him. On kal which i saw a few people mention he had as much reason to kill Amaram as Adolin had to kill Sadeas,maybe more in truth, since Amaram basically robbed him, killed his friends and put him into slavery, On Moash, i dont blame him for wanting vengence on Elhokar either, whether through incompetence, naivety or whatever he was still responsible for the deaths of his grandparents, so if justice was justice then Elhokar should of bin punished regardless, but he wasnt. Graves used Moash wish for vengence to manipulate him in my opinion. The Alethi lighteyes are fairly corrupt and darkeyes dont seem to get justice. If Kal killed Amaram and Moash killed Elhokar it would be wrong legally but morally i dont think you could truely say they would be wrong to do so, in societies where the criminal system favours one group over the other than people must seek there own justice Righteous retribution really. This will probably not be a popular opinion but i think each is justified on the grounds that they cant have justice any other way. Therefore they are faced with the person getting away with it or doing something about it themselves. Legally right and morally right are not the same thing.
  8. Ym

    First think i thought of when we first seen Kal heal himself was I wonder can he heal others or if different order of Knights could, so to me was a logical step. You dont think about your glasses but you know you need them, the hole routine of waking up-putting on your glasses is ingrained in you and a part of who you are, you dont think deep down "i dont need glasses" and as such same applies to Renarin, Do you see what i mean? He didnt see a vision of the future like Renarin but Tanavast showed him the future he feared which is a possible future, just like Renarin(presumebly) sees a possible future. Thats the only point i was trying to make. And i agree having read your points in this post that there was more evidence than i at first thought, but fact remains an there is equal arguable evidence that he is possibly an Edgedancer. Since its not confirmed/canon then if he is in the truthwatcher section as u described there than he should also be in the Edgedancer section in the same vain, since both sides could actually be argued, or else in neither, thats all im trying to say. Personally i believe he is a Truthwatcher but there is the possibility that he isnt,
  9. Ym

    i didnt say she was different because she heals i repeatedly pointed out she is different because she is in the cognitive realm, thus Yms interlude is to highlight how different she is because of that. And i dont agree that healing some1 else is a huge stretch from healing we see in WOK, its a logical progression. Yes he could of, but he becomes histerical screaming we are all gonna die, if he didnt see there deaths than by common sense there was a chance for survival, and if thats the case wouldnt of screamed we are all gonna die and maybe of been more use at the oathgate, so logical thing is he saw them die. No i dont think anything Renarin sees will definately happen, being honest if the Truthwatchers do possess forsight i would think they glimpse the voidbringers/odiums( since we are constantly told seeing the future is of them) plans/ goals and try interpret them to find hidden truth in them. Lopen also made rude gestures with his missing arm so easy to see that happening, and with renarin why would the blood weakness be part of him an not his eyesight? Waking up every day and putting on his glasses for how many years? And there not part of his self image he doesnt see himself as needing them? Bit much in my opinion. At the end of WOK(i think) he gets a vision and asks is it the future and the stormfather says its what he fears but he isnt good at seeing the future thats more Cultivation. That is a vision of the future, the future Tanavast feared, worse case scenario of the future. @ maxal It fits the second ideal of the Edgedancers too, which is why i dont think it can be used as evidence he is a Truthwatcher. This is a good point. When we see lift she has mastered friction but not progression(healing) and at the end we she her use it thus the link to Ym and how very different the ability of being partially in the cognitive realm makes her. Arguement can be made either way. I couldnt see him in any other order either personally i dont think he should of been made a radiant atal, yes it was the only progression of the character but because of how it was done/revealed it felt like a bit of a let down (same as dalinar) it just fell flat, was a oh for gods sake moment. As for his blood weakness definately something funny going on there, as for his autism hes barely on the scale and no one would of noticed if not for a WOB. Im not arguing Ym isnt a Truthwatcher just dont think there is enough evidence for it to be on the wiki yet.
  10. Ym

    You make a good point here i agree with bits of it as for the end of it about her stayin etc who knows? His belief in his religion doesnt make him esoteric, its the irali( spelt wrong i think) religion meaning a whole peoples religion so dont see how that makes him esoteric. I term learned refers to scholorship etc so i dont see that the same as you, Yes but as i said in the previous post we saw healing(oneself) early in WOK so healing some1 else isnt a stretch, so no real need to show Ym do it before Lift really, Second part i see what you mean but couldnt it be done to show how special/different Lifts ability is forshadowing that? We see Renarin yelling we are all gonna die or something similiar which would imply he saw them die or saw them not surviving which is the same thing so not a stretch to say he saw them die, also strange we didnt see his spren u have to admit? And as you said we dont have enough information which is why it shouldnt be on the wiki yet. Renarin constantly states how his blood weakness stops him being a soldier etc he seems to mope about it quiet actively so when he sees himself like that yet doesnt see himself as needing glasses? Doesnt fit in my opinion. I also wear glasses an see them as part of who i am i have had them since childhood and wouldnt ever see myself as without needing them. Dalinar also had a vision(s) of the future, Renarin had access to all the information regarding Dalinars visions Therefore his ability to see the everstorm isnt without precedent and since his father had them and trusted them yet Renarin didnt says something more i think then religious taboo.
  11. Ym

    I no it came from in-world text i was pointing out how lift doesnt fit it so saying Ym doesnt isnt a confirming fact that he isnt an Edgedancer, because he doesnt fit the in world text about Truthwatchers either in my opinion if i remember correctly it says he always has 5 spheres in that drawer, does that mean thats all he has?? he owns a shop so in my opinion easy to infer that he obviously has more, that just how much he leaves out for viewing when the urchins, also says was robbed twice which means he replaced them as many times and didnt seem like he struggled to do that did it? So you think that makes more sence then showing how different/special Lift is? We were introduced to healing early in WOK, so showing it as healing some1 else isnt a stretch so no need to show Ym do it before Lift. As for Renarins glasses i dont see how his eyesight healed being honest as healing via stormlight has to do with perception and dont see how Renarin saw himself as not needing glasses after years of having them. Renarin saw them all dying, hence his histericalness and generally lack of usefulness at the oathgate.If he could see him and all Dalinars men dying doesnt it stand to reason that Ym would see his own death? He certainly seemed more advanced and more in control then Renarin if indeed he is a Truthwatcher? I understand where your coming from but Renarin also had dalinars visions( some in the past some the future) so wasnt without presedent really, it doesnt explain away his lack of trust toward the spren in my opinion but until we get a POV we wont no for certain.
  12. Ym

    I understand what you are saying and why but that is at odds with Lift the known Edgedancer as much as it is with Ym, Ym was a "noble" but lost his wealth,so quiet likely he is refined and likes expensive things, i dont think we see enough of Ym to say he wasnt how you describe. I didnt get this impression of Ym atal, seemed to me like a successfulish buisnessman (cobbler shop) who gives bk by helping street urchins, An old man trying to make things better for the forgtten kids. I think that was more in line with the second ideal of the Edgedancers and his religion than it is with the attribute "learned" of the Truthwatchers, I dont see any similaritys with Renarin being honest. And which makes more sence writing Yms interlude to show how Lifts ability is so special/different? Or to have a pointless interlude showing a truthwatcher before Renarin claims to be one? There is no forshadowing in that, but with lift there is, at least thats my opinion, And if he was a Truthwatcher would he not of saw his own death coming? If foresight is a ability of theirs? Also does it not say something that Renarin doesnt trust his spren thinking its all in his mind and that Ym imediately does??
  13. Ym

    Where is it said Edgedancers like luxury and elegance? i must of missed that. Ym did plenty of talking in his interlude, and explaining (the one religion) I dont see how you can say Ym is an outsider see little evidence of that. The boy found it strange that Ym didnt charge for shoes probably thought it was a trick an Ym wasnt as he seemed,going to take advantage of him or something like that, which would explain why was uncomfortable an at the end the boy doesnt seem uncomfortable or that Ym is strange atal. Being a cobbler is his profession i wouldnt say that limited his interests, plus having limited interest doesnt fit with him gathering stories from children but fits perfectly with the second ideal of the Edgedancers " i will remember those who have bin forgetten" and whose more forgotten than street urchins? I take your point with Rock but think he would of mentioned it to Kaladin.
  14. Ym

    The way they move is similiar in my opinion, think described quiet closely. The lights as i said could be the crystals Lift sees on wyndle. We actually have no idea how Lifts ability to see into the cogitive aspect changes how wyndle is viewed/seen. Evidence suggests they are totally different in either realm as Swimmingly noted. I agree with aleksiel here which is why i feel the chapter icon is important. The Truthwatchers are described as learned and givng which would fit Ym but learned to be me would mean scholarly. I dont think he was hard to understand and his religion wasnt as weird as vorinism its actually a pretty simple concept. I dont think this is an arguement that he couldnt be an Edgedancer, Lif is a child with an interesting view of the world. And at the same time Ym is nothin like Renarin. I would actually say he is more like Lift then Renarin. Im not saying he is an edgedancer and not a truthwatcher i just dont think there is enough evidence for it to be on the wiki. Interestingly as well we dont see Rock comment on Renarins spren which is off topic but strange in my opinion. Also think it makes more sense if Yms interlude is to highlight just how different and special Lifts ability to see in the cognitive realm is rather then anything to do with Renarin claiming to be a Truthwatcher. Has any1 asked Brandon about Yms spren?? Ps i dont no how to do the quote things properly sorry
  15. Ym

    QUESTION Does each specific order have their own spren that they would bond? BRANDON SANDERSON Yes. Each order has a spren that is distinctive. All Windrunners come from wind— from honorspren. Why does this discount the possibility that they are the same spren? Lift is partially in the cognitive realm which allows for the difference. Ym's spren is described as "specks of light" WOR pg 171, on the same pg it says " it moved across the surface of the workbench, slinking closer. When it stopped, light crept upward from it, like small plants growing or climbing from their borrows. When it moved again,those withdrew." On pg 177 says "the little spren moved along beside him" ".. a thin, twisting trail of vines grew out of the darkness and approached Lift. It looked like a little stream of spilled water picking its way across the floor. Here and there, bits of clear crystal peeked out of the vines, like sections of quartz in otherwise dark stone. Those weren’t sharp, but smooth like polished glass, and didn’t glow with Stormlight. The vines grew super-fast, curling about one another in a tangle that formed a face." They move similarily no where does it say Yms spren "floats" it says slinks across the workbence which is the same as wyndle. Yes the crystals dont glow to Lift but she is in the cognitive realm partially, sinec Ym isnt that might be how the spren is seen in just the physical. " And, conveniently, the Truthwatchers have Illumination and Growth, and Ym's spren is a growing light." If this is accurate shouldnt a glowing light be more relevent to Lightweavers? Pattern doesnt glow. As for your points Chapter icons can be important though. I dont think that fits with the truthwatchers atal Lift isnt "a thing of beauty" nor articulate either. Where is the evidence Yms spren wasnt confined to the ground? Ym does not seem esoteric atal. Esoteric is defined as "Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest:" and "only taught to or understood by members of a special group : hard to understand" That could easily of meant to mean use the stormlight tho Edgedancer. Dont see how illumination would of helped him against "Nalan? Darkness" givien how "Taln" reacts to Shallen using it in front of him