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  1. Has anyone considered that maybe he got the boon and the curse completely backwards? He fluctuates between intelligent and compassionate and has used the intelligence as his route to saving the world but what if compassion is what was needed. For that matter he was given what the night watcher believed was required and we have been given no evidence that it is omnipotent so the night watcher could be mistaken about what's necessary.
  2. Rlain is also a bit of an oddity in that he is a member of bridge 4 who seem to be taking on the whole squire role. If investiture works by filling in the cracks left in someone's soul (not exactly precise but I hope you all know what I mean) then I would think once one thing is there it's not so easy for another to take effect. If Rlain is already being changed by his association with Kala din maybe there was metephorically no space left for a one of the little devil spren to fit into him
  3. Does anyone know anything about medically induced comas? I think I'd like to be put in one until November 2015....
  4. Just noticed that Mr. Sanderson has updated Shadows of Self as 100% done on his websites current projects. Just the first draft I assume but still a reason for excitement and I hadn't seen it mentioned yet. Personally I'm very much ready for a new cosmere novel and the new Wax and Wayne book is one I am very much looking forward to. Perhaps the only release I'd be more excited about would be Stones Unhollowed.