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  1. It is pretty odd how many people transfer between Texas and Colorado. If I'm talking to someone from out of state there is easily a 33% chance they're from Co.
  2. I'm from Texas, but I do no actually use the word "Howdy." Sorry for disappointing tens of you with this information. I'm not remotely new to the Sanderson fandom, having picked up Elantris and Mistborn the afternoon following his WoT announcement from Harriet. But I'm done a crap job at keeping up with the fansites, theories, and I never migrated here from his original forums. Although apparently I DID make an account here in march of 2014. So now I'm ready to play catchup on years of not finishing some of the smaller books, forgetting details, etc. Now who's gonna win invisible internet points for posting the best welcome message?
  3. Event was a total success! Brandon instituted an "express line" that cleared out probably 3/4 of the signees within 2 hours, so the bookstore was cleared out before 9pm. Had a really good time. And I met pagerunner ^ who inspired me to finally come post here.